Comic Con: The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Trailer

I have a love hate relationship with The Vampire Diaries, it dips in and out of being really brilliant and then really dumb and lacklustre.

But the Season 5 trailer of TVD premiered at San Diego Comic Con this weekend made for some exciting viewing. As well as a recap of Elena’s two loves – Stefan and Damon. We get to see a sneak peek of *spoiler* Silas as Stefan, worming his way into the town of Mystic Falls and putting the people under his spell it looks like scary stuff, and the worst thing is can he be stopped and will they ever find the real Stefan buried deep under the water locked in a vault?!


FALL TV: The Crazy Ones (CBS)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer just celebrated the 10th anniversary of the season finale (May 20, 2003) and it appears to be Sarah Michelle Gellar’s biggest accomplishment as we know so far her return to television in CW’s Ringer was not success.

Speaking to Huffington Post at CBS Upfronts last week she was gobsmacked to learn it had been ten whole years:

“Wait, wait. Hold on. Really?” she replied when The Huffington Post told her the 10th anniversary of the “Buffy” finale was upon us. “Wow. God, you just blew my mind.

“I’m incredibly proud of that show — proud of everybody on it, of what we did … You can’t be prouder of that show. It still holds up in reruns and I’m blessed every day … I’ve been pretty lucky.”

Yes Gellar you have been lucky, ten years later Buffy still holds up and is the basis of supernatural lore on other shows, I can’t tell you how many times shows like The Vampire Diaries et al quote the show or rip parts right out of it.

I managed to watch about half of Ringer before I got bored, initially it was a good idea but unfortunately it just didn’t attract the audiences it needed and was cancelled. So long SMG I thought but wait, she’s back and this time she’s forgoing drama and turning to comedy.

SJM and Robin Williams The Crazy Ones

The Crazy Ones comes to CBS in the fall, and SMG will be starring alongside Robin Williams. That’s right ROBIN WILLIAMS. He’s coming to television and when I heard his name announced I was unsure, I don’t necessarily enjoy his movies (apart from Mrs Doubtfire) so I was apprehensive of this show.

SMG and Williams star as father and daughter team of advertising executives, and in the trailer for the pilot we see them about to be fired by McDonalds but they have one last chance to get a big named celebrity to be the voice of the next advert in one day.

The trailer is pretty funny, but as we know trailers are made with the very best bits of the show so will it hold up in a full series, we shall find out. The pilot looks promising with guest star Kelly Clarkson as a weirdly sex obsessed version of herself, SJM climbing on a table and singing, and for those of you Gossip Girl fans out there you will recognise Amanda Setton (Blair’s minion Penelope) as Lauren.

Trailer: Superman Man of Steel

Man-of-Steel-Official-Poster-Movie (1)

I’ve kept my excitement level firmly at neutral for the latest incarnation of Superman and that of course has a lot to do with the the Bryan Singer Superman Returns of 2006 starring Brandon Routh.

I feel sorry for that guy he took on that role, and the movie just sucked. It didn’t have any impact whatsoever and of course seven years later paves the way for a hopefully better version of the most powerful* superhero to be made (*he’s an indestructable alien with only one weakness this isn’t open for debate).

Man of Steel sees British actor Henry Cavill stepping into that blue lycra suit (minus the red undies) and red cape. First impressions last year when the first promo image was released, was that Cavill was BUFF. He’d put everything into that role including beefing up to resemble a god-like superhero so kudos to him.

The director this time around is Zack Snyder (300, Watchmen, Sucker Punch), and the big pull is the screenplay/story penned by David S Goyer (Blade, Dark Knight Rises and the Godzilla 2014) and Christopher Nolan who is also a producer. You cannot possibly wonder if this movie is going to be bad when Christopher Nolan is attached, his body of work is outstanding and even just considering his work on the Dark Knight Trilogy means he has more than enough knowledge of how to resurrect a superhero and make him intense, dark but heartwarming.

In the trailer we see Russell Crowe as Jor-El Clark’s Krypton father, sending his son to earth where he will “become a god to them”, as their planet is blown to pieces by enemies. Kevin Costner as Clark’s earth father Jonathan Kent, and not seen in the trailer is Diane Lane as his mother Martha Kent. Not forgetting Amy Adams as Lois Lane, who I’m not as excited for hell knows why!

I’m most excited about Michael Shannon (Boardwalk Empire, Take Shelter)  as General Zod, the character can be played in so many different ways and hopefully he will be unlike Callum Blue’s pathetically British Smallville version, which I’m guessing by the trailer he is absolutely not. Yey.

After watching the full length trailer June 14 cannot come soon enough, the story is familiar to me and with flashes of Smallville (I still think that television show did so bloody well for 10 seasons it cannot be discredited for being part of the Superman history!), I hope Snyder, Nolan and Goyer have done the unthinkable and given Superman a new lease of movie life that Bryan Singer failed so spectacularly at in 2006.

Are you excited for the new Man of Steel movie? What do you think of yet another Brit taking over a superhero role in Hollywood? Will it be better than the Superman circa 2006? Will Russell Crowe be the best Jor-El yet?


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Trailer: Romeo and Juliet (2013)

The problem with Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is that the story is so well-known, to do another movie version means it’s not going to be that much different from any other versions already out there.

The most popular – and one of my favourite ever movies – Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet is the benchmark and I think it would be pretty hard to beat.

Italian director Carlo Carlei is the latest to take on Shakespeare’s star-crossed lovers with screenplay from Downton Abbey scribe and Oscar winner Julian Fellowes. According to IMDb this is Carlei’s first foray into a big production, previously directing foreign-language and television movies.

Hailee Steinfield and Douglas Booth

Hailee Steinfield and Douglas Booth

The trailer itself is basically the whole movie, it puzzles me why some companies do this because it doesn’t necessarily entice an audience to want to pay to watch something when they know the story so well that it is laid out in the trailer. However, Romeo and Juliet was filmed entirely on location in Italy, just like the original Oscar-winning Franco Zeffirelli version so what will be different about this movie?

Well for starters the main cast are a mixture of veterans and hot newbies; you have Douglas Booth as Romeo cheekbones and eyebrows at the forefront, the very young already Oscar-nominated Hailee Steinfield as Juliet, Golden Globe winner Damien Lewis with a super dodgy haircut as Lord Capulet, Oscar-nominated and the simply great Paul Giamatti as Friar Laurence; along with the dashing Ed Westwick (most familiarly known as Chuck from Gossip Girl) as the main antagonist Tybalt.

Can this fresh cast bring something new to the Shakespeare tale that has been done so many times before?

Will the controversy surrounding the sex scene between 16-year-old Steinfield and a 20-year-old Booth be a hindrance or overlooked for the authenticity?

Only the box office totals will tell us the answer after it is released in October later this year.

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Trailer: The Great Gatsby

I was always going to be a lover of a big glossy blockbuster movie adapted from a classic novel. I do admit, however, I’m only halfway through F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby after giving myself the task to read it before it was released, so I’m not entirely sure of how it ends.

Baz Luhrmann’s latest extravaganza looks set to be his biggest and best movie since Moulin Rouge and not forgetting the beautiful Romeo+Juliet. I mean don’t get me wrong he has had other projects in between, such as Australia, it’s just those two movies are what he’s known for.

The great gatsby

With Leonardo DiCaprio the leading man, images of his perfectly portrayed Romeo flash before my eyes, but now he’s left his boyish charms behind and is the ruggedly handsome man playing the titular character, Jay Gatsby. DiCaprio stars alongside Tobey McGuire, whom I’ve always felt kind of blends into the background so it will be interesting to see how he plays his character Nick Carraway; Carey Mulligan (who I find really annoyingly wet) the flapper girl and original love of Gatsby, Daisy Buchanan, who is now married to big bad Joel Edgerton’s Tom Buchanan.

There are some big name stars in this movie but it will be all eyes on DiCaprio for me, I genuinely love the anticipation that comes with a DiCaprio movie and I’ve been dying for The Great Gatsby release ever since it got pushed back from a Christmas 2012 release date to May 16, of this year.

With the movie set to open the Cannes Film Festival, I am dying to see who will be walking that glamourous red carpet. Jay-Z is at the helm of the movie’s original soundtrack, and we’ve already heard a taster of what the music will be like so I am expecting Beyonce to accompany him if they attend. And I am expecting big things from Carey Mulligan red carpet wardrobe, we know that Muiccia Prada designed her Gatsby costumes so I would imagine the press tour to be full of high-end pieces with dash of couture thrown in for good measure.

Here’s the new full trailer for The Great Gatsby, featuring original music from Florence + The Machine, Lana del Ray, and Beyonce and Andre 3000’s (some may say) controversial Back to Black cover:

A zombie romance for Valentine’s Day: Warm Bodies

Nicholas Hoult as R in Warm Bodies, out February 8, 2013.

A zombie romance may not be for everybody, but Warm Bodies is definitely something I would go and see pre-Valentine’s Day.

The movie, starring Nicholas Hoult and Teresa Palmer was to be released in August but was pushed back by Summit to February 8, 2013.

The movie, based on a novel by Isaac Marion,  is about R (Hoult), a victim of a recent plague leaving those infected undead drooling bodies. He lives in an airport terminal trying to ‘survive’ on human flesh with his best friend M (Rob Corddry), when they go out looking for food they get ambushed and after R eats the brains of one of his victims something strange happens.

R starts to feel again inheriting the memories of the brain he ate and falls in love with the victims girlfriend Julie (Palmer). He strives to protect her from his fellow zombies and the scary Boneys, and slowly starts to become human-like again.

From the trailer it looks like the consequence of R falling in love may infect the other undeads and it could be a cure of the plague that spread. As Julie sneaks away from R to return home so his father would know she is safe, R is heartbroken and goes in search of her disguising himself as a human as long as possible to see his new love.

Throw in John Malkovich as General Grigio and Julie’s father, hot newcomer Analeigh Tipton (of ANTM fame and Crazy, Stupid, Love) and  the not as famous Franco brother (but hotter) Dave Franco and you’ve got a definite hit.

The Definition of EPIC: Dark Knight Trilogy Trailer

Could there be anything else at the minute that doesn’t give you shivers like this epic Dark Knight Trilogy Trailer not to mention the flying Batmobile!

I am at Inception excitement level for 8pm tomorrow evening…