Are trailers ruining all movies ever?

I went to see The Amazing Spider-Man last week, which I enjoyed and was pretty flabbergasted the major plot point didn’t get spoilt. Although as my movie going companion pointed out it happens in the comics so it was eventually going to happen in the new reboot. Well, as much as I like comic book movies I don’t read them just like the other 87% of people who go see them as well who would have been as shocked as I was. (The below trailer contains spoilers – watch at your own peril)

But the point of this little tale isn’t about the movie it’s about what comes before the main feature – the trailers.

I’ve read and talked about this topic until I get blue in the face and I know I’m not the only one. Maybe you haven’t even noticed but trailers these days are just the best parts of the movie and more often than not the whole movie condensed into two minutes.

I can hear you saying but that’s what they’re supposed to be. I know this, but have you ever been so disappointed about a movie you thought was going to be bloody hilarious only to go see it and be like ‘well I already know that joke, it was in the trailer’ – I’m looking at you Hangover 1, 2 and 3 – so you can see my point, it’s about finding that happy medium and leaving a little to the imagination.

The bigwigs in the office want you to go see their movie, but they’re scared if they don’t show you something good will you care enough to go see it? So they shove it all in, all the explosions, all the funnies, all the baring skin shots, the surprise cameos, and even the sad parts to make you emotional even if it’s just a second or two of each just to ‘keep you guessing’.

But they’re not keeping us guessing, they’re not even giving us fair warning that they are spoiling the whole movie.

Are trailers ruining your movie going experience? Back in 2012 Total Film put their list together of 50 Trailers That Ruined a Movie and you can take the time to click through that if you so wish. The highlights being Free Willy (duh), Carrie (the original), Lord of the Rings: Two Towers where Gandalf dies and is resurrected in the same two minutes, Castaway the plane crash and rescue, Avatar and so on.

So the answer to the question above is a resounding YES.

There were three trailers released for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 – an official trailer, an official extended trailer, and a final spoilery trailer. What about the deluge of X-Men Days of Future Past trailers, international trailers, teasers, clips and character wikis? Is there anything we don’t know about the movie?! What about the ton of press all the stars have done and they haven’t even started the official promo tour yet!

I knew as soon as the second X-Men was announced I was going to see it. Just like when Bryan Singer announced X-Men: Apocalypse on Twitter that I will be seeing that in 2016 and that’s without any teeny bit of footage just that villainous name.

And then a whole different level of spoilery arises with the question of how do you market a movie based on an historical event that everyone knows what happened?

Pompeii has that one large problem. And I’m not talking about the size of Kit Harington’s biceps. On the one hand the movie execs have put the of-the-moment television star as its lead – Kit Harington. For those of you who are still like WTF who is that? To those wiser ones he is none other than Jon Snow Bastard of Ned Stark from uber-hit HBO show Game of Thrones.

He’s so pretty it hurts. So probably guaranteed a few hardcore female GoT fans buying a ticket.

Kit Harington

You know nothing, Jon Snow.

But then on the other hand, what exactly can you bring to the table that is new when we all know that Mount Vesuvius erupted and eradicated the town and its people? And not to mention the trailer which I saw with a few nice shots of Jon Snow and his prettiness, show the major action sequence from beginning until end. The only question remains is does Jon Snow survive? Well my friends I can answer that for you, no he doesn’t. Because everyone living in Pompeii died under a shroud of ash.

So thanks but no thanks. Sorry Kit Harington, I know this is your first major movie but I don’t need to see it when I can happily spend hours some time searching the lovely internet for pictures of your abs.


What  do you think about trailers? Would you avoid them altogether so you were not spoiled? Or do you soak up what the bigwigs are throwing at you and still spend £10-£15 to enjoy the cinema ‘experience’?

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Comic-Con 2011 (spoilers)

So it appears my tickets got lost in the post this year, maybe next year…

Instead I spent some (I won’t say most or all because this would be lame) of the weekend monitoring Twitter for Comic-Con updates, so easy when people hash tag or you know specific users that were there. My favourite being @cadlymack a writer for television/movie site Zap2it, I was directed to her through a fellow (US) tv lover, she has a dog named Pacey who is adorable and that may say everything about her (loves Dawson’s Creek obvs) and she is like best buds with all the cast in the Vampire Diaries so cool.

A little Pacey-aside, that was the Funny or Die video that Josh Jackson did at last year’s Comic Con. But once again if you’re not a fan of Dawson’s Creek I’m afraid you just won’t GET IT.

Right on with it…

Fringe – At the end of the last season we effectively see Peter disappear. As in he no longer exists. WTF was my reaction after the season finale but at the Comic Con panel Josh Jackson reassured the fans that he had plenty to do whilst dressed as an Observer… Perhaps as this is the only way he could exist outside of time? (See the very end of the video below)

Supernatural – I massively gasped at hearing Alona Tal was returning as Jo, when we all saw her die in Season 5… Although we did get a glimpse of how life could have been with Ellen and Jo still alive in Season 6 episode My Heart Will Go On. Jared Padelecki talked about how difficult it was playing Soulless Sam, Demon-blood Sam and the recovering normal Sam and how Jensen Ackles is like Dean only in the way they both “air-guitar all the time”. J-squared banter I. Love. It.

Vampire Diaries – What’s in store for Tyler (Michael Trevino) and Caroline (Candice Accola)… Ian Somerhalder replies with “Puppies… little vampire puppies”. I switched my allegiance from Stefan to Damon half way through the last season (or is that from Paul Wesley to Ian Somerhalder after I found out the former was married to Torrey deVitto aka Melissa PLL) and so I’m dying for an Elena/Damon hook up but as it’s reported at Comic Con they are too preoccupied with finding Stefan who has gone on a bloody hunt with Klaus boohoo.

Ringer – Sarah Michelle Gellar returns. Yes one of the newly scheduled shows for the Fall Premiere season, is Ringer a show about stolen identity. It looks so good I’m already addicted and that’s only from the trailer, and an extended version was shown at Comic Con. My favourite line being: “Siobhan we have a problem, Bridget’s still alive”. Oooo cannot wait.

True Blood – Apart from witches, Eric losing his memory there’s THAT shower scene. The one from the book with Eric and Sookie together at last, no more Bill (woo). And if you’re watching TB as it is on in the US, you will have seen the near naked torso of Alcide (Joe Manganiello) and the near naked torso of Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) in the same scene *faints*.


So that’s a bit from television, now for the movies. My first “oh well that’s not what I expected” comes in the form of the posters from  Snow White and the Huntsman, featuring Kristen Stewart in full body armour and holding a sword. A SWORD? No red lips and short people whistling while they work in this movie… Unlike the rival movie Snow White featuring Lily Collins as the damsel in distress, which one are you going to be a fan of? When I first heard Kristen Stewart was to be cast as Snow White I think smoke may have come out of my ears, but now seeing the posters and the way the film looks I think I could get on board, maybe its the sickly sweet look of Lily Collins that’s putting me off.

Kristen Stewart as Snow White

Lily Collins as Snow White

Kristen Stewart was at Comic Con along with all the cast from Twilight, there to promote part four of the series Breaking Dawn Part 1. A lot of love went out to Kristen, Rob and Taylor obviously, some questionable looks coming from Rob’s half shaven head and Kristen’s usual lack of making an effort. Some of the honeymoon scenes were shown from the movie, I don’t want to hunt them out myself as I’d like them to be a surprise for when I turn up at the midnight showing of the November release (geek). I’ve seen an image of the honeymoon, with Edward and Bella in the water near a waterfall… don’t remember that being mentioned in the book.

The official ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ trailer was premiered at the Comic Con panel, I watched it and felt strangely transported to 2002. Yes the new reboot seems serious, less Toby Maguire-comical more Andrew Garfield-moody with a pinch of Emma Stone-delight thrown in. But it still looks the same. The same suit, the same backdrop, with a slightly different way of Peter Parker getting bitten by that elusive spider. There is no way to really change up Spider-Man once it’s already been done, this seems to be a “re-do” of the Toby Maguire series that it will inevitably be compared to. Hopefully the sequel will head in a different direction if Gwen Stacy is the main love interest and the villain is different? I’m not entirely convinced, but I will still go and see it. (Also the beginning of the trailer eludes to Peter’s parents and why they had to leave him, maybe potential side plot?)

Cowboys and Aliens had its world premiere over the Comic Con weekend, all the stars turned up for the show and some critics thought it was a “crowd-pleasing summer movie with more wit than most” whilst others were not so appreciative of all the cowboys and aliens in the same film together “[it has] a clumsy touch and zero feel for the intangibles of classic movie westerns”. Now I’m not a fan of westerns, the nearest possible one to the genre I have watched was Wild Wild West with Will Smith and we all know how that played out. It annoys me that a film associated with the name Speilberg should be a reason to go and see it so I’ve been looking for a reason not to go and Robbie Collin (former employee of NOTW) gave me a great one: