Promo Tour: Lily Collins for Mortal Instruments

Lily Collins may have just executed the best promo tour ever in the history of promo tours.

She has spent the past few months promoting The Mortal Instruments and every single look has been pretty spectacular. From casual day time talk show looks, to photo calls, premieres and magazine parties, Lily Collins and those amazing eyebrows have been everywhere.

Here are some (all) of my favourite looks that Lily has worn to promote her new movie, alongside her ex-boyfriend Jamie Campbell Bower and Kevin Zegers.


I say these are casual looks mainly because they are during the day time. But Lily knows how to still work that girly/sexy vibe depending on her make up and hair.

The first outfit is Stella McCartney, she has this amazing sixties vibe going on here with a slightly teased beehive and cute natural make up. This could be a difficult look to pull off with that extra layer but the show of legs makes it work.

The Paper London shorts and crop combo at Comic Con is just one of many crop tops Lily Collins has been sporting during this promo tour. Perfect for the event keeping that relaxed look with messy beachy waves, a slick of pink lipstick and a flash of abs.

I adore the Bec & Bridge look Lily wore for a meet and greet. So fresh and girly, the soft waves in her hair keep it sweet as does the hint of pink lipstick. Love the chunky necklace which sets everything off nicely.

Lily Collins casual Promo Tour

Stella McCartney // Paper London // Bec & Bridge

Lace – sexy and angelic

Here Lily is wearing two very different looks by Houghton. The custom made red design she wore to the Madrid premiere is stunning, the retro waves and amazing red lipstick complements the dress perfectly. The white backless Houghton dress she wore to the Toronto premiere is very angelic and the make up and hair is in keeping with the whole theme – two very different looks, both amazing.

Lily Collins Houghton Promo Tour



I wondered how dark Lily Collins’ eyebrows can go. Well here in the Maxime Simeons look – very dark. This is one of my favourite looks of the whole tour, it’s so easy to pick a pretty dress so I love how she has kept things fresh and gone over to the dark side. It’s so hard to pull off dark lipstick, dark brows, thigh high boots and a red sheer shirt without looking like a hooker. Well done Lily.

This tuxedo dress is fast becoming one of my favourite new styles this season. This Alexander McQueen version isn’t as fitted as the Dior version so I like how Lily has kept things to a bare minimum not overloading with jewels and wearing smoky make up with curly hair.

Lily Collins chose Rouland Mouret for the Flaunt magazine cover party. Another crop trop, but if you have abs like that I’d wear them all the time too. The top is a deconstructed shirt with a collar and buttons and pleated bust, the black skirt completes the very popular monochrome trend, and to top it off a bright red lip and a tousled up do.

Lily Collins vampy Promo Tour

Maxime Simeons // Alexander McQueen // Rouland Mouret


Lily definitely has a fondness for monochrome during this promo tour, either wearing black and white, all black or all white. I can’t get enough of Cushnie et Ochs at the moment, their cutouts are to die for and if I could get my hands on one of their uber sexy designs I would wear it until it fell apart! Lily’s vampy make up works so well against the stark white of this cutout dress that she wore to the LA premiere of Mortal Instruments, it would be so easy to just pick a pink or red lip but this dark red colour and slicked back hair is something I wish I could pull off.

Then you have a complete 180° for the Teen Choice Awards where Lily chose a gorgeous nude make up palette to wear with her Fausto Puglisi gown. I love the palm tree print paired with a black tee, I think it would have been overwhelming for her to wear the print head to toe so this high-low skirt works well.

Then we are back to Lily’s sexy best. Smoky eye make up, chunky jewels all against an all black look. Another up do this time with more of a quiff than the beehive but I like that she kept it tied up to show off that necklace. I think the crop top trend is here to stick around for a little while longer if Lily Collins’ wardrobe is anything to go by!

Lily Collins white and dark Promo Tour

Cushnie et Ochs // Fausto Puglisi // Paper London & Halston Heritage


Ashley Madekwe already has a new job, at Glamour magazine!

So the news broke in May that Ashley Madekwe would be leaving Revenge, her character Ashley Davenport could possibly appear in a couple of episodes to wrap up her departure at the beginning of season three, but bosses said the character has been taken as far as it can go.

I mean at the beginning of season two when it turns out Ashley had started dating Daniel after Emily ditched him was a bit of a leap, but kept her at the forefront of the storyline. Then she was forced into betraying Daniel and was outcast but still managed to claw her way back into the Grayson manor clinging on by her manicured nails.

I didn’t hate the first half of season two of Revenge but it was no where near as good as the first season, and it wasn’t until mid season we even saw the return of Emily’s infamous red marker. And after the departure of creator Mike Kelley I’m hoping for something epic for season three, otherwise the ABC show is in deep shit if it can’t keep me entertained!

But Ashley Madekwe is a girl of many talents, her blog Ring My Bell showcases her passion for mixing designer and high street and as well as being featured in Glamour UK last year her next step to fashion domination is being asked to be the new style columnist for the magazine.

I read her very first column in Glamour magazine and it was exactly what I wanted, a look behind the scenes of her and her style and beauty team getting ready for the MET Gala. She was a guest of Topshop and had a custom made gown made, I love how honest she was not simply saying I loved the dress straight away, she had reservations she even liked another dress they made for her too.

Ashley Madekwe in custom Topshop at the MET Gala 2013

Ashley Madekwe in custom Topshop at the MET Gala 2013

The process of getting ready took a good few weeks and the end look at the Met Gala 2013 Punk: Chaos to Couture as we all saw was gorgeous, I loved that wig a great way to change your look without it being permanent!

If you are as obsessed with Ashley Madekwe as much as I am I would definitely suggest picking up the August issue of Glamour.

Ashley Madekwe in an amazing red blazer and shorts set from BEC and Saint Laurent sandals with a Topshop cami.

Ashley Madekwe in an amazing red blazer and shorts set from BEC and Saint Laurent sandals with a Topshop cami.

Cannes Film Festival 2013: Sharon Stone

In lieu of Diane Kruger this year, my favourite star on the Cannes Film Festival has been Sharon Stone.

And yes every gown she has worn has been Roberto Cavalli who normally I find tacky and over the top, but Sharon Stone at the age of 55 looks drop dead gorgeous. I’ve never seen so much Cavalli on the red carpet!

Sharon Stone at the amfAR Gala 2013 in Cannes wearing Roberto Cavalli

Sharon Stone at the amfAR Gala 2013 in Cannes wearing a white Roberto Cavalli with a gold snake accent

Sharon Stone Roberto Cavalli Bauer Griffin

Sharon Stone in a stunning electric blue Roberto Cavalli gown at the Behind the Candelabra Cannes premiere

Sharon Stone in Roberto Cavalli in Cannes at the De Grisogono Party

Sharon Stone in red Roberto Cavalli in Cannes at the De Grisogono Party

Sharon Stone in Roberto Cavalli at the Roberto Cavalli Dinner

Sharon Stone in a three piece white Roberto Cavalli tuxedo at the Roberto Cavalli Dinner

Coachella: Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson

I like to call these two love birds the King and Queen of Coachella, they are there every year looking perfectly loved up and just super cool.

I didn’t think Diane Kruger would be attending considering she’s been promoting her latest movie The Host, but lo and behold there she was attending H&M Loves Music Coachella party alongside her long-term boyfriend and my favourite TV star Joshua Jackson.

I mean who else could pull off slouchy black suede boots (£59.99) and a Mick Jagger tee? A pop of lip colour with matching earrings and some jazzy graphic print shorts (£12.99) it’s no wonder her street style is so sought after. (All from H&M)

Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson at H&M Loves Music Coachella Party (Image from H&M Facebbook)

Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson at H&M Loves Music Coachella Party (Image from H&M Facebbook)

You guys...

You guys…

Also spotted at the H&M party was Sophia Bush looking just adorable in a cropped top and trousers. (Image from H&M's Facebook)

Also spotted at the H&M party was Sophia Bush looking adorable in a cropped top and trousers along with some stunning DanniJo jewellery they call the ‘bring’.
(Image from H&M’s Facebook)

Sophia Bush and Diane Kruger at the H&M Loves Music Coachella Party (Image from H&M's Facebook)

Sophia Bush and Diane Kruger at the H&M Loves Music Coachella Party (Image from H&M’s Facebook)

And here are Diane and Josh from Coachella in 2012 and 2011:

Diane and Josh back together. Diane is wearing a Stella McCartney Palm Print Dress, £170 and those Dicker boots.

Diane and Josh back together. Diane is wearing a Stella McCartney Palm Print Dress, £170 and those Dicker boots. (2012)

The return of my favourite couple, Diane Kruger and Josh Jackson looking very much in love. Diane ever the style queen is rocking a nude maxi a great look for a music fest and that classic trilby her favourite goto accessory.

The return of my favourite couple, Diane Kruger and Josh Jackson looking very much in love. Diane ever the style queen is rocking a nude maxi a great look for a music fest and that classic trilby her favourite goto accessory. (2011)

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Images from Facebook H&M and JustJared

Shopping: Next

As a woman who is addicted likes to shop I have been trying to curb my ways, I’m currently “saving” but then I bet about 99.9% of us are always saving for something. So on an unplanned trip to Kingswood in Hull, which by the way would never be classed as a shopping destination because there are only a few shops, I ended up spending a pretty penny.

Now I can’t be the only person who categorizes their shopping trips, and there are plenty: going out, casual day, casual night, work wear, gym wear, coats, jeans, shoes, specific item shopping that will go with everything in my wardrobe etc…

This shopping trip was really just for gym wear, which when you think about what it’s for it doesn’t count as shopping really because it’s more of a necessity. I managed to find some new running leggings and a new top and have put them to good use already!

I have to admit I used to class Next as a ‘mum’ shop, my mum always wanted to go in and I hated it with a passion. But then as I matured (ugh) and my fashion taste changed I started noticing how much better quality it was than say Topshop or New Look. This trip was no different, after my recent splurge at Zara  I decided that I wasn’t buying anything but walking around the Kingswood store was just to tempting.

I find it interesting how different stores of the same brand have a different affect on me as a customer, for example I visited the Next store in Scarborough and walked around it within seconds bored at its dark, unorganised store, the Kingswood store was airy, light and organised by clothing categories I couldn’t help but pick up several items.

As I walked round and put outfits together in my head, I had to stop myself from picking up more and more. I went through a phase of buying pencil skirts to wear for work, purely so I could wear tights all the time as the climate is so cold inside and out, but I’ve been looking for that pair of black trousers for so long that I couldn’t believe my luck at the ‘ultimate capri pant’. I know Victoria who has a great blog over at Lily loves Lola was looking for a pair of the perfect black trousers and these are definitely mine.

Ultimate Capri Pants, £38 // Laser Cut T-Shirt £25 // Snakeskin Print Blazer £36

Ultimate Capri Pants, £38 // Laser Cut Top £26 // Python Animal Jacket £34

I used my new Zara shoes as an example but I wore these with boots as the cut is just fitted enough to wear with them, and it sounds silly but my feet get so cold I can’t wear ballet style shoes for long without my feet getting ridiculously cold which is another reason for not wearing trousers so often!

My full outfit consists of a white laser cut top (which also came in a lovely cornflower blue) and the best lightweight blazer ever, it caught my eye because of the python print and skinny fit. As soon as I put this on in the changing room I knew I’d be walking out with it all, the perfect work wear outfit and its all monochrome with a nice bit of texture and print what more could you want?!

And just because I couldn’t help myself I also bought another pair of trousers, that are an absolute perfect fit and length and such a nice subtle print. Seriously, Next is my new place for trousers without a doubt.

Black and white checked print pants £38

Black and white checked print pants £38

Side detail: pocket love.

Side detail: pocket love.

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Tattoo: Finished Mermaid Back Piece

Tattoos are not for everyone, some people love them and have lots, some people love them and don’t have any, some people hate them and always say when you’re an 80 year-old wrinkly woman you’ll regret them. I say when I’m an 80 year-old wrinkly woman and look at my tattoos they are memories of my younger self which I would have trouble remembering by then!

I was, however, stupid when I was 16/17 and got a really shit tattoo which I did regret some years later and have always wanted a custom piece of artwork designed uniquely for me to cover the atrocity up.

Said atrocity with filter to make it less horrible.

Said atrocity with filter to make it less horrible.

I originally wanted some for of 40s pin-up woman but then researching tattoos I really liked the idea of a mermaid instead, slightly inspired by Fearne Cotton’s back piece, I asked Penny Wood who is amazing at drawing vintage style women to create a mermaid for me and back in October last year I had my first session.

First session - outline with some shading.

First session – outline with some shading.

The healing period wasn’t long at all, after about a week it was fine with a two a day application of Bepanthen, and around a month or so later I was back in for my second session this time with the colour added and the darker shading to cover up my old tattoo.

Second session - colour detail

Second session – colour detail

Due to the way my old tattoo was done, it was very heavy and dark so we made the decision to turn the smaller parts of it into a sleeve for the mermaid and rework it to look much better with the addition of clouds and dot work. I always had in mind that I would like my mermaid to have red hair, as we all know the Disney Ariel is the original mermaid and I wanted her to be an inspiration which Penny agreed with.

With the hair a flaming red, the other colours had to complement it so Penny chose a light blue, turquoises, purples and white highlights to make it work. I was back in for my third session in the new year, with more shading completed on the scales of the tail which were the most painful part due to the darkness needed to cover up the old tattoo. I must say that took a while to heal as my original tattoo was scarred so it was basically going over scar tissue. Major ouch.

Third session - detailed colour shading

Third session – detailed colour shading

After a longer break between the last session, I was ready to get it finished. With more detail added to the rock and with waves splashing against the rock added, as well as the skin shaded and more white and blue highlights added my mermaid goddess is finished. It’s a shame my tattoo is on my back really as I don’t see it often enough. Like I mentioned before tattoos are an acquired taste, I don’t mind if you don’t like it and think it’s huge, it is big but I love it. She’s a beauty.

Finished Mermaid.

Finished Mermaid.

New store launch: & Other Stories

There’s been a lot of buzz around the internet for the launch of this new brand from the team behind H&M, & Other Stories launched simultaneously in London, Berlin and Copenhagen last week as well as online.

As soon as I saw the site I fell in love. The look of the homepage is more like a Tumblr page, very visual with a ‘story’ for certain themes and collections that links through from the one item of clothing or beauty you are looking at and shows you the other features in that same ‘story’. It’s so easy and accessible you could get lost looking through each and every picture.

And Other Stories

Online shopping has become so samey and boring that when a new website like this comes along you want to lap it all up and blow all your money on every delicious thing you see.

& Other Stories hasn’t just started with clothes, it’s launched your whole wardrobe. From a minimalist sleek Ready-to-Wear collection brimming full of dresses, tops, knitwear and trousers; to shoes, handbags and other accessories. And all of it looks like it belongs on a designer runway. Some of the prices reflect the quality of the pieces, and for anyone thinking that’s a bit steep, why are you still paying upwards of £40 for jeans at Topshop?!

There is even a beauty range which will give Topshop’s make-up collection a run for its money, created by make-up artist Lisa Butler (who has worked as consulting colour director and Prada and Helmut Lang) it includes gorgoeus lip colours, glosses, bright blushes, serums, body creams, pearly eyeshadows, oils, popping nail colours as well as foundations and concealers. The list is endless, and you could really find yourself adding more and more to your basket as you venture through the whole of the site, you even get a free sample of body lotion with your order.

Below are some of my favourite beauty picks, the lipstick promises to be long-lasting and matte but still moisturising which is always a plus for me, the blusher has a cute inscription on it “Go girl, seek happy nights to happy days” I mean I don’t think I’d want to get rid of that, the pigment in the creamy eye colour is so bright and promises to be long-lasting with a “lustrous effect”, and I’m intrigued by the concealer quad because there are so many different tones in our skin it is nice to be able to mix our own perfect shade.

And Other Stories make up

Calamanco Coral £12 // Ecarlate Pink £12 // Moreen Blue £7 // Concealer Quad £15

There are so many things on this site that I love, but the things that are already on my to buy list are the grey marl panel top (£39); the plain yellow cotton t-shirt (£12); this very risque contrast knit dress (£45); and the go-with-everything Clare Vivier white python clutch (£55).

And Other Stories clothesI expect to see my bank account looking very unhealthy when payday arrives… Go check out the store now it’s a refreshing change from trawling through ASOS and Topshop!

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