Cannes Film Festival 2014: Blake Lively

We’re only a third of the way through Cannes and so far it’s clear that the show has been stolen by actress Blake Lively.

She was announced as a L’Oreal girl in November of last year, a perfect match because of that beautiful long luscious blonde hair. And becoming a L’Oreal girl means automatic attendance to the Cannes Film Festival, their one sole job: to bring the glamour.

Blake wowed us at the opening ceremony which also served as the premiere for Nicole Kidman’s royal biopic Grace of Monaco. She wore a two-tone maroon Gucci Premiere (the fragrance which she is also the face of) fully pleated gown, that was absolutely flawless. I love the hair and make up on this occasion which just brings the look to another level, the messy high braided ponytail and smoky eye make up just left her smouldering with sexy. It reminded me of her amazing promo tour run for Savages a couple of years ago when she just knocked it out of the park time after time.

Blake Lively Grace Monaco

Blake Lively in Gucci Premiere at the Grace of Monaco premiere in Cannes 2014

The following evening we saw Blake change it up completely in a Chanel Couture dress with that familiar nipped waist silhouette. We’ve already seen the likes of Keira Knightley and Rihanna wear this dress, but Blake gave it that extra bit of bedazzle in this iridescent version with sequins and that shawl draped around her arms. I can see how some may not particularly like this, but I think it marks a different look for Blake even though the ever-present plunge neckline is still there.

Blake Lively Chanel Mr Turner

Blake Lively in Chanel Couture at the Mr Turner premiere in Cannes 2014

Her next appearance marked the most gasp-worthy, goosebump tingling red carpet moment ever for Blake Lively. She appeared in a stunning Gucci Premiere fifties inspired monochrome gown, it had that old Hollywood glamour feel with echoes of Julia Roberts’ Valentino Oscar gown from 2001 and Reese Witherspoon’s Armani from the 2011 Oscars. The piece de resistance of course was her arm candy, husband Ryan Reynolds. Considering it was his movie premiere he wasn’t to be left in the background, he looked very handsome in a white tie Gucci tuxedo that perfectly complemented Blake. I must say they are serious competition for my favourite Hollywood couple Diane Kruger and Josh Jackson.

I can’t wait for more from Blake Lively at Cannes!

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds in Gucci premiere

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds in Gucci Premiere at the Captives premiere in Cannes 2014

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Met Gala 2014 ‘Charles James: White Tie and Decorations’

This year’s Met Gala theme was in honour of Charles James, a British-born fashion designer known as ‘America’s First Couturier’. So you’d think that the dress code of ‘white tie and decorations’ would be pretty straightforward to follow.

I mean I was expecting so many big puffy ballgowns long sleeve gloves and jewels dripping everywhere. It’s just a shame that so many celebrities flouted the dress code and just treated it like any old red carpet event, I mean I guess I go on about the theme every year, but why is it so seemingly difficult to stick to a simple rule?

There was such a mish-mash of looks for the Met Gala 2014 that I’m not sure where to begin. For some attendees they went all out and worked a ballgown to the max. Sarah Jessica Parker, Arizona Muse and Karolina Kurkova were stand outs for me. From SJP’s over the top hair do, the extravagant graphic print train adorned with Oscar de la Renta’s signature in red and those white gloves; Karolina Kurkova wore the best Marchesa of the night (Katie Holmes looked a hot mess in her yellow confection) of course this gown was made for an event like this, could you imagine it on any other red carpet without people claiming she was being OTT… And Arizona Muse looked beyond perfection in a gorgeous red Ralph & Russo creation from their debut couture collection which I simply adored.

SJP // Karolina Kurkova // Arizona Muse - Being Oreo

At first I was very much on the fence with Emmy Rossum’s Carolina Herrera gown, it reminded me a lot of Lucy Liu’s Golden Globes 2013 dress which I fell in love with at first sight. This yellow floral design was very much in keeping with the theme and it was very spring-like, so well done Emmy because technically you ticked all the boxes. I really liked Hailee Steinfeld’s Prabal Gurung monochrome dress, but again it struck similarities in shape with Sandra Bullock’s Golden Globes dress from this year, maybe tried and tested works for this designer now but I miss the drama of his RTW collections. Another designer that absolutely sticks to a tried and tested formula is Zac Posen, his signature red carpet gowns are unmistakable, however his teal creation that Liu Wen wore was stunning.

Emmy Rossum // Hailee Steinfeld // Liu Wen - Being Oreo

Honourable mention must go to Greta Gerwig who could have easily been missed had it not been for her modern take on couture in her Theory by Olivier Theyskens’ one shoulder monochrome gown. Also to the Topshop girls who worked the theme to a T, with Kendall Jenner, Toni Garn, Jourdan Dunn and Chanel Iman all looking like sheer perfection in their respective looks. Ever since Topshop created that first stand out Met Gala look for Ginnifer Goodwin in 2011 they’ve just gotten better and better at this event.

Greta Gerwig // Topshop girls - Being Oreo

Now for those with the best plus ones. The ever flawless and with hands down the best accessory ever (her hubby), Blake Lively. It’s so nice to see her back to her best and also with Ryan Reynolds who so often eschews these types of events. Another couple who worked the magic of the Met Gala red carpet was David and Victoria Beckham in her own custom design. I liked their return to that matchy matchy best because it proves how far they’ve come that they can still rock it without the horrors of the past rearing it’s ugly head. Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield also looked adorable on the red carpet together, with Emma in a cute two-piece pink Thakoon look and let’s not forget my absolute faves Josh Jackson and Diane Kruger in a very pretty Hugo Boss dress.

Blake and Ryan // David and Victoria - Being Oreo

Diane and Josh // Emma and Andrew - Being Oreo

Obviously Beyonce killed it like only she knows how in one of her favourite designers, Givenchy. What elevated this look was that netted veil and dark lip, some may say so what Jennifer Lawrence wore a half veil last year but I say so what this is Queen B we’re talking about. Another one of my favourite looks came from the ever sexy Olivia Munn, she wore a yellow very very very deep-v Diane von Furstenberg dress which admittedly erred on the slutty side but the girly hemline and cute Hollywood curls helped her veer away from that. But I mean when you look as good as she does and is as smart, funny and clever as she is I can only say WOW. Jessica Alba was like a golden goddess on the Met Gala red carpet also wearing Diane von Furstenberg. I am in absolute awe of her make up though, that bronzed smokey eye is literally the perfect look ever. FLAWLESS.

Beyonce // Olivia Munn - Being Oreo Jessica Alba - Being Oreo

Of course I can’t go onto the best of the rest without including Lupita Nyong’o. Her stylist, and Prada for that matter, did not get the dress code memo because she turned up in a 20s style flapper dress complete with jewels, feathers, a headpiece and brown slip dress. Of course she secured herself some column inches from this get up but I think I’ve come to the conclusion that in the search of something epic to follow up the Oscars Prada gown they’ve gone way off book and came up with this. But guess what, Lupita is fashion’s dahling at the moment and she can more than get away with this by sweeping it under the rug and adding it to her very very small pile of mishits.

Now someone who just added to her big massive long list of mishits and mishaps was Katie Holmes, and that hot yellow mess she called a Marchesa gown. When will she ever learn?!

Lupita Nyong'o // Olivia Munn - Being Oreo

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All images from Zimbio

Green Lantern Review

I liked Green Lantern, I’m not entirely familiar with the lore of the comic book history so I couldn’t tell you what was right and what was entirely wrong. I’ll tell you what was right Ryan Reynolds, his star has been on the rise for so long always loitering in the background with B-movie comedies and heart-lighted romances now he’s hit the lead actor role and he did well as Hal Jordan.

His comedic style of acting is very similar in a lot of his movies, but it worked in Green Lantern, there were some moments where you had to laugh out loud it’s all about perfect delivery.

What I would say about the movie as a whole is that the beginning was slow, but slow in the fact it was trying to fill you in in the background of the story that an audience may not necessarily be familiar with so it was needed. But then the action seemed to jump quickly into him being the superhero and saving people and then boom the big-baddie Parallax invaded earth after being set free from it’s prison and then Hal Jordan saved the day.

It was almost too easy to guess what was going to happen, but then I suppose you get what you see on the package a classic superhero adventure movie not trying to disguise its purpose, to entertain and see a character come to life on the big screen.

I’ll move onto the other main reason I wanted to see this movie, Blake Lively. Another rising star, from her turn as Serena Van Der Woodsen on CW’s Gossip Girl, to her minor role in Ben Affleck’s fucking awesome movie The Town she is trying to come on leaps and bounds (and by dating an A-list Hollywood movie star ahem). The problem I have as much as I love her, her style, her hair, her legs, I couldn’t help but watch the Green Lantern and her playing test pilot Carol Ferris and seeing Serena Van Der Woodsen with dark hair and a nicer personality. There was no depth to her character she seemed to be an easy on the eye addition, someone to bring Hal Jordan back down to earth (literally) and to play the purpose of someone he loves and cares for so a villain can kidnap and hold ransom. Standard story line.

The villain who I mentioned earlier is Parallax, a former Guardian of the Green Lantern Corps who feeds on people’s fear. Hmm this sounds familiar… J K Rowling are you are fan of comic books? The weird creature that Parallax became was a floaty head cloaked in the skeletons of the people he consumed fear from, a big fat dementor in comic book form (those of you that haven’t read/seen Harry Potter, sod off somewhere else because you won’t know what I’m talking about). To me the villain seemed pretty unbeatable, like impossibly unbeatable, yet somehow the newest recruit of Green Lantern Corps defeated him using the sun and some energy formed into two aircrafts. What? Too easy. Ah well.

I’m not going to say this is the best movie ever, it doesn’t come to par with X-Men: First Class because it’s different and it’s DC not Marvel. I am looking forward to seeing where they go with this because it’s easily a 3-movie franchise. Definitely worth a sequel at least, especially after the genius turn from Mark Strong (one of the most underrated actors there is and he’s British) in the secret scene after the credits. We all knew he wanted the ring the Guardians made to try and defeat Parallax, a ring of pure fear but Sinastro didn’t get to wear it well until he slipped it on and turned his suit yellow… Ooo shocker! Oh and I forgot to mention Peter Sarsgaard, he was good, weird but good.

Blake Lively at The Green Lantern premiere

Everyone knows about the naked pictures, she kind of referred to them on The Today Show very easily saying that no matter what “rumours” come out that she has the support of her friends and family and that’s all that matters. Very clever answer, but let’s face it those piccies as well as her rumoured (because they are yet to officially announce anything) boyfriend Leonardo DiCaprio have catapulted Blake to one of the most talked about celebs of the past month even Reese Witherspoon got a good dig in at the MTV Movie Awards when she said “if you are going to take naked pictures of yourself, for gods sake hide your face!”

Blake in Chanel Couture - absolutely loving the sheer look

Blake and Ryan Reynolds looking oh so comfortable together

Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio

I wasn’t sure if it was just a rumour with well placed paps organised by clever PR’s, but judging by these pictures there can be no disputing that my favourite style crush Blake Lively is dating Leonardo DiCaprio. Absolutely brilliant move, Blake a star in television and slowly making her name in movies, dating a Hollywood heavyweight like DiCaprio will definitely catapult her right up to the A-list and is perfectly timed with the up coming release of her new blockbuster movie Green Lantern alongside another rumoured beau Ryan Reynolds.

Looking very close on a boat in Cannes, with Steven Speilberg and his wife and Leonardo's best friend Lukas Haas

*Just to add more fuel to the Blake fire, nude pictures have surfaced. Uh-oh. But you’re not really a celeb until you’ve had a naked scandal, but tut tut, even though her rep has totally denied it’s her despite the oh so uncanny resemblance… Go to dlisted and follow the link.

Blake Lively sees red

So I awoke this morning to find that Blake Lively had turned red. Not in the face, but her hair. Her beautiful long blonde locks gone just like that, turned a pale gingery-coppery tone. Turning up at the Time 100 Most Influential People Gala in an aqua Zuhair Murad full-length gown she had her hair in a Jessica Rabbit inspired style. At first I was gobsmacked, totally thrown for a loop, I wouldn’t have dreamed in a million years that Blake would sacrifice her trademark blonde tresses, she didn’t even do it properly for her role as Carol Ferris in the up coming Green Lantern so why do it now?

My thoughts go along the line of she’s 23, and she’s young (the same age as me), she has the world’s best stylists at her fingertips so I’m sure she is just experimenting and if she doesn’t want to keep it she can go back in a flash. And I would not be surprised if a certain new BFF going by the name of Florence was her inspiration. Anyway I didn’t like it at first, I’m warming to it but who really cares after all she is gorgeous enough to suit anything!

Blake Lively, in Zuhair Murad, arriving at the Time 100 Gala last night.

WonderCon 2011: Green Lantern and the absence of X-Men

WonderCon, we shall say is the baby sister of ComicCon, the three day weekend that has fanboys over in America squealing with delight. Mainly showcasing stalls and stalls of comic backissues, and then movies based on comic books this is a big hitter for the actors, actresses, directors and producers of the movies that are to follow this year.

The big one for me was the preview of Green Lantern, Ryan Reynolds stars as Hal Jordan and Blake Lively as Carol Ferris, other stars include Mark Strong, Peter Sarsgaard and Geoffrey Rush. The preview scenes are fantastic, not being picky because I aren’t familiar with the actual comic book itself the film itself looks brilliant. The effects don’t look overdone but it is to be in 3d, Ryan Reynolds is funny which is always a good thing and I can’t help it but he looks hot in the suit. There were no teasers of Blake Lively’s Carol Ferris/Star Sapphire costume, but apparently she hinted that she requested for more material, so boys I’m sure you’ll all be happy that Blake has her boobs out no doubt a definite trademark of hers.

According to Latino Review, Ryan Reynolds was asked a fair few questions about the ominous Deadpool. He deflected some, but the main gist is that he’s waiting on Fox and that the Justice League movie is “in development”, he said he didn’t want to get into the Deadpool stuff in regards to an individual movie but said of the Deadpool character – “He’s not a villain, he’s an asshole”.

A big vacant hole was left by X-Men: First Class not appearing at WonderCon, which surprised me considering its release at the beginning of June, but I’m assuming it will just rely heavily on its huge fanbase rather than having preview teasers although a panel would have worked well. It would be nice to see an official poster rather than that shitty one that was released on the net a few months ago that didn’t even look real.

Empire magazine debuted its double cover X-Men edition, featuring James McAvoy as Charles Xavier, Nicholas Hoult as Beast and Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique who does not look as good as Rebecca Romjin did but I’m assuming she will look better on screen. The alternate cover sees Michael Fassbender as Erik Renshaw, January Jones as Emma Frost and Jason Flemyng as Azazel whos costume make up I’m not familiar with that looks pretty cheap.