The Oscars 2015: Red carpet

I think I have the Oscars all wrong. Yes, they’re the pinnacle of awards season, the big ones that finally tell us who is truly the winner of Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress et al.

But, if the past couple of years is anything to go by the Oscars are not the climax of the red carpet.

In my imagination as a celebrity I would pick three dresses each one better than the other, a risky but amazing look for the Golden Globes, something outstanding but edgy for the SAGs, then the absolute jaw dropper for the Oscars.

I fear this is not really how it works and obviously the women who are walking the red carpet to attend these events pick the look they feel happy and sexy in for that night. They all look beautiful in their own way and are really dressing for themselves and not for the media to pick them apart.

This was brought up by Reese Witherspoon this year with her social media campaign to #AskHerMore. She felt that actresses were being reduced to just clothes horses in pretty dresses and wanted to be asked questions about what they had achieved in their careers for which they were at the awards for.

For the record, I am totally on board with this. Why should women only get asked about what they are wearing yet men get asked about their craft and how they achieved success?

The thing is, as many pointed out on Twitter when Reese pretty much skipped the interviewers on the red carpet, those dresses they are wearing are given to them for free. In exchange for a dress, sometimes custom-made for that attendee if you’re a big enough star, designers who put in the hard work creating something special and unique expect a credit.

So yes, #AskHerMore but also ask her who the 25 people were that spent 987 hours (that’s 41 solid days!) creating a custom Chanel gown for Julianne Moore.

For this year’s red carpet, I didn’t really feel there was a clear standout. There are only two dresses that I measure my WOW moments on and incidentally they are both red (but I’m not opposed to yellow…)  – Nina Dobrev in her red Donna Karan Atelier dress from the 2011 Emmys and Lupita Nyong’o‘s red-caped Ralph Lauren that she wore to the 2014 Golden Globes.

So, if no dress matches the reaction I had to seeing both these dresses (gasps, slight screams and applause) then I’m not going to award you my top spot.

Oscars best dressed 2

The excitement was palpable on Twitter when Lupita Nyong’o appeared on the red carpet, she was returning as an Oscar winner and she oozed beauty and glamour in her pearl-adorned Francisco Costa for Calvin Klein Collection gown. Some said she was wearing all of her Grandma’s pearls, I think she rocked something unusual, modern and unique.

I hate reading this and also the amount of times it was said on E! etc but Rosamund Pike just had a baby and her body looked amazing. That red lace Givenchy flattered in all the right places, and her beauty game was absolutely on point.

Another woman who has just had not one, but two babies, was the only one of the whole night I actually did go WOW. As much as I am trying to stay away from judging skinny actresses, I personally thought Zoe Saldana was a tad too on the skinny side, so her pregnancy has given her boobs and curves and she still looks as gorgeous and fills out that Atelier Versace to perfection.

Oscars best dressed 3Emma Stone arrived at possibly the last minute. She was the one I wanted to see the most because she has worn so many different styles throughout awards season she was guaranteed to pick something unlike anyone else. It was difficult to work out the colour of her Elie Saab gown at first, some say gold some say green, but there’s a name for that and it is chartreuse. I loved this gown and in all honesty I would never pick this colour, but with her hair it’s a match made in heaven.

I was wondering how many times Jennifer Lopez has been to the Oscars, she even said on the red carpet it was too many times to remember. You can always count on Jenny from the Block to go big and normally its in skintight Zuhair Murad with lots of boobage and leg. But this year she went all princess on us in a blush Elie Saab Couture dress adorned with encrusted jewels and beads, with just a little boobage.

Dakota Johnson has been holding out on us for like, ever. She’s just finished her press tour for Fifty Shades of Grey and throughout that I felt a little bored by her picks, but then she appeared on the Oscars red carpet looking like that! Her Saint Laurent column gown is pretty simple but that one shoulder silver snake-like strap elevated the look to a whole other level. I do still have an issue with that hair though, the fringe is still a little meh.

Oscars best dressed 4I loved how simple Reese Witherspoon’s Tom Ford dress was. The black off-the-shoulder strap and matching black sash against the dove grey colour was chic and glamourous.

Jennifer Aniston didn’t wear black, but she wore her other failsafe colour – nude. I’ll give her the sparkles and the pattern of her Atelier Versace dress of course showcased her yoga-toned body, but it’s what we’ve seen before from JenAn and I like it but I don’t love it.

I don’t think Gwyneth got enough love for this Ralph & Russo creation. The designers who often dress Angelina Jolie are so talented, the creations they have sent down their couture runway are breathtaking. I agree that this isn’t Gwyneth’s best look, and some seem to be put off by the floral applique on the shoulder but I still like it.

Oscars best dressed 1

Anna Faris is another great plus one, often going unnoticed in her dress choices, she looked every inch the princess to her superhero Chris Pratt in Zuhair Murad. This is how you do Zuhair with sparkles and no leg slits and boobage…

Ahem Chrissy Teigen. She’s like the JLo of her time and she can easily get away with doing the double boob and legs on the Osars red carpet. She was plus one to Oscar winner John Legend after all.

Selma actress Carmen Ejogo kept it simple in her Houghton bejwelled dress which I adored. The hair, the dark lip and that necklace make this the perfect modern take on Old Hollywood beauty.

Do you agree with my picks? Do you think I missed anyone off my list? Let me know!

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Red carpet: Screen Actors Guild Awards 2015

Awards season is lacking in wow this year. While there has been many, many beautiful dresses I’ve not experienced that feeling I did when I saw Lupita Nyong’o’s red Ralph Lauren at the 2014 Golden Globes or like when I saw Gwyneth Paltrow in the white Tom Ford at the 2012 Oscars.

I measure red carpets by these moments, just because they’re the looks that stick in your mind and that you will be remembering for years to come.

For the Screen Actors Guild Awards 2015, the red carpet had plenty of television talent and not enough major movie stars for my liking. Don’t get me wrong, as we know the trend for movie celebs to gravitate towards television is becoming more popular and the success is just as prevalent – case in point Viola Davis, Kerry Washington, Matthew McCoughnahey, Martin Freeman and Billy Bob Thornton just to name a few.

But I need majah moments and the only person who provided me with vaguely that for the SAG Awards was Emma Stone, followed very closely by Camila Alves.

I’ve always been a huge fan of Emma Stone, from her amazing Gucci look that she wore to the 2012 Spiderman premiere to her amazing knack for menswear inspired looks like last week’s Golden Globes Lanvin look. Her Dior tuxedo dress with a sheer skirt was perfect for Emma, glamorous with an edge and of course wearing the French fashion house better than its muse Jennifer Lawrence. In all honesty I would have loved to see JLaw in a look like this rather than sticking to the safer options.

Emma Stone Dior both

Camila Alves must be the best plus one ever. For years she has played the role of Matthew McCoughnahey’s supporting wife with the past year being absolutely stellar for her. She knows how to work the carpet and she always manages to shine especially next to a star that is a bright as her husband. Her jewel purple Donna Karan Atelier is simply beautiful, the structure of the bodice and the way it flows into the dramatic skirt just works in all ways and is the perfect complement to Matthew’s metallic blue Brioni tux jacket.

Camila Alves Donna Karan

Now to my second favourite colour (after yellow) on the red carpet – electric blue. Whenever I see someone in this colour I’m instantly drawn to it and Julianna Marguiles in her Giambattista Valli dress was no exception. The fit and shape of the bodice is so flattering and Julianna has the legs to pull of the unusual voluminous shape of the skirt with ease.

I’m getting slight fatigue at the Julianne Moore and Givenchy red carpet relationship, but I can’t really complain when she looks this amazing. Red hair and jewel green is like one of most perfect colour combinations and the jewels on the dress simply elevate the look, but it is very similar shape and style to her Golden Globes look – I’m hoping she’ll bring something different for the Oscars.

Juliianna and Julianne

It’s the opposite of Emma Stone’s dress in colour, but Laura Carmichael’s all-white dress is just as stunning (one for you Maria Menounos). Her halterneck Vionnet with a zebra inspired striped sheer skirt was the right look to stand out on the SAG Awards red carpet, it’s all about working enough of a balance you don’t want to go too edgy that you will be placed on the worst dressed lists but you want to be unique enough that you don’t blend in. Love the bravos for wearing this and from a Brit too!

Then we have Reese Witherspoon also in white, but radiating that modern Hollywood look that she does so well. This dress shows off her amazing physique without baring anything but a little shoulder and back. Her custom Giorgio Armani one-shoulder column dress has a scoop at the back that blends into the capped sleeve, this is one of my favourite looks from Reese this year by far. Maybe it’s a white dress thing that I love.

Laura Carmichael and Reese Witherspoon

Over to the prints, with Natalie Dormer in Naeem Khan and Rashida Jones in Emmanuel Ungaro. I’m a massive fan of Naeem Khan and as Natalie mentioned on the red carpet, for her coming over from the cold and rainy Blighty wearing something that felt like spring and warmth was what drew her towards the gown. If I was to nitpick I think she could have done something a little better with her hair, but I love the softness of this print so that’s just a minor issue.

Ahhh Rashida, you beautiful tropical fish, I adore this print and that blue trim works so well with the red lipstick. You can’t tell from this picture, but this dress is all sequinned which in my mind elevates this unique look even more. Keeping her hair simple with the trademark bangs I’m looking forward to more from my third favourite Parks and Recreation actress.

Natalie Dormer and Rashida Jones

Other celebs I felt worth a mention for their red carpet choices were Maisie Williams in the cutest red laser cut dress by Self Portrait perfect for her age without making her look too twee; 2014 Queen of the Awards Season Red Carpet Lupita Nyong’o who while i enjoyed her Elie Saab floral graffiti gown I don’t think the colours worked well enough to eclipse her other amazing looks; and Sophie Bush who always has a killer turn on the red carpet in her Vivienne Westwood burnt orange gown, I really liked this as soon as I saw her – the structured bodice and the pinned hair and the coloured jewels are all perfectly to my liking, I just preferred other dresses more!

Last three

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Jennifer Lawrence gets new haircut and fluffs her lines

Reese Witherspoon’s arrest just pipped Jennifer Lawrence’s new haircut to the post as biggest celeb news of the weekend.

She debuted the new ‘do at the GLAAD Awards in America wearing a dress that isn’t Dior black David Koma dress.

And everyone loves her new choppy, messy, layered bob. Just one thing, even though she’s had it cut it’s the exact length necessary for extensions to be put in and no one would ever tell the difference.

I love her for taking a risk and doing something new because she’s young and she is a bit crazy, but it’s nothing new. If she’d gone Karlie Kloss bob length it may be a different story.

And if there’s one person you can’t say isn’t hot now she has short hair, it’s the sexiest woman on the planet Jennifer Lawrence!

Jennifer Lawrence at the GLAAD Awards in David Koma.

Jennifer Lawrence at the GLAAD Awards in David Koma.

And if she wasn’t already adorably ditzy, fluffing her lines during her joint speech with Harvey Weinstein when awarding Bill Clinton with the Advocate for Change just made me love her even more… “Gl-ill Bin.. Uh-oh… Of all the lines to get wrong”…


Gone Girl Review

I read Gone Girl a few weeks ago, I’d seen people talking about the book alot on Twitter and heard Reese Witherspoon was attached to the movie project so I thought it must be a fantastic read.

Let me tell you the first half of the book is fantastic. It is fast-paced, heart racing, constantly mind boggling and really gripping. Gillian Flynn really knows how to take a reader and place them into the story like they’re a witness to the crime committed.

Some of the logistics in the book are cleverly thought through, and I raced through the first half with lightening speed, second guessing myself and my TV crime knowledge as to who was the culprit in the disappearance of Amy Dunne.

The obvious suspect is the husband, Nick Dunne, all the way through you feel like he hasn’t kidnapped/murdered his wife but the author places so much doubt on his character and the way he acts it’s impossible to believe otherwise. And when his secrets are revealed you wonder how could he not have wanted to get rid of his wife…

As a reader you are left feeling so emotionally involved that when the second half begins, it is genuinely shocking. Thoughts play through your head like could someone ever really do that to a person, or would you really care that much to want to disappear forever.

I don’t want to spoil the main plot, it’s a vital part of what I think had the potential to become a powerful ending to a book. But it seems Gillian Flynn had a change of heart halfway through the second act.

Honestly I’ve never been more peeved off at a book than this, I mean some crime thrillers you can give them the obvious culprit as the ending or that typical dramatic twist to pull a reader into a sequel or something along those lines. Here Flynn just gives up, she completely changes the character of Nick, he had some balls but he learns he was duped and just basically loses them instead of standing up for himself.

The underlying abuse themes are clear in the relationship between Nick and Amy and I think that Flynn really should have addressed them in the way it seemed like she was going to until her editor told her not too and gave it a sucky over the top ridiculously unbelievable ending.

For those who haven’t read Gone Girl, I would highly recommend it purely for the brilliant first act. That alone could sell millions of copies, but prepare yourselves for a stupid made for film ending. It’s no wonder Reese Witherspoon saw potential in producing this book into a movie it would bring in the revenue but for the book lovers out there who appreciate an appropriate and clever, well thought out ending I’d skip the movie version they’ll no doubt make it even more ludicrous.



I really wanted to come out of the cinema absolutely buzzing about how good Chronicle was, how found-footage has been rebooted and that the story was gripping and original.

The story was good, but the use of the found footage hindered the movie being really epic. It held it back at the end and it bored me at the beginning.

It was refreshing to see new faces in Alex Russell who plays Matt Garetty, Michael B. Jordan who stars as the popular guy Steve Montgomery and Dane DeHaan** as the weird loner Andrew Detmer.  There are plenty of movies around at the minute that just get released and promoted from the star power of an actor’s name (*ahem* Nicolas Cage and Reese Witherspoon), so Chronicle starts with it’s own good hype.

That hype I speak of were the trailers that were released in the lead up to the movie, they got me so excited, so excited that I regret watching them because I had high expectations and they were shattered by the time I got to the end of the movie. (I even think I shouldn’t have read @TheIncredibleSuit review of it either!)

The found-footage moved the movie along at a good pace, explaining easily why Andrew is such a loser, and how the leads became infected by some sort of alien rock and then cut to them experimenting with their new-found powers. They use their powers like teens would use telekinesis, to piss about and play tricks on people, acceptable, and like plenty of critics have pointed out very unlike Peter Parker and all of this “responsibility” crap.

What narked me was the horrendous special effects for the simple uses of the telekinesis power. Okay they are using a video camera and the director needs to keep it in the tone of the movie, but a frickin’ floating baseball looks so lame that they may as well have left the string in the edit, the harnesses used for when the characters work out that they can fly is ridiculous. The fact they are clearly hanging and not “flying” is awful. Although the flying plot point does make it interesting (cloud football is cool).

The other problem as Incredible Suit pointed out, is the introduction of  an extra character in the form of Matt’s ex-girlfriend to be another point of view it’s so glaringly obvious you kind of find yourself wondering why she is filming anything at all let alone a doorway “Do you mind if I film you it’s for my blog”.

The story was excellent the execution of the movie was not, it’s petered out of the cinema without a kind of ‘meh’ feeling. According to Box Office Mojo, Chronicle has grossed roughly £60m worldwide since it’s February 3 release date which for a found footage movie without any big names attached to it is pretty good considering This Means War with Oscar winner Reese Witherspoon, Tom Hardy and Chris Pine has just nearly made £40m in the worldwide market since its February 17 release date. (Sucks to be you Reese).

I would say go see this movie, I might even watch it again with a fresh mind and although I was disappointed I thoroughly enjoyed the psycho “destroy everything” ending.

**Total Film says DeHaan looks like a young Leo Dicaprio… so true.

Dane DeHaan // Leonardo DiCaprio

Blake Lively at The Green Lantern premiere

Everyone knows about the naked pictures, she kind of referred to them on The Today Show very easily saying that no matter what “rumours” come out that she has the support of her friends and family and that’s all that matters. Very clever answer, but let’s face it those piccies as well as her rumoured (because they are yet to officially announce anything) boyfriend Leonardo DiCaprio have catapulted Blake to one of the most talked about celebs of the past month even Reese Witherspoon got a good dig in at the MTV Movie Awards when she said “if you are going to take naked pictures of yourself, for gods sake hide your face!”

Blake in Chanel Couture - absolutely loving the sheer look

Blake and Ryan Reynolds looking oh so comfortable together

MTV Movie Awards vs. CFDA Awards

Two awards shows, two very different crowds. But both one common goal, dress to impress. MTV Movie awards saw plenty of daringly short dresses, embellishment, and casual sexiness. The CFDA Awards were all high fashion bang on trend, colour blocking, sheer and silk materials, super tall models alongside the most notable fashion designers of-the-moment.

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