Cannes Film Festival 2014: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

From one amazing actress at Cannes to one amazing model, with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley we are always going to get the good stuff and I certainly wasn’t disappointed when it came to her Canne Film Festival wardrobe.

The first sighting of Rosie at Cannes was in a sporty Victoria Beckham Spring 2014 mini dress at the 25th Anniversary Magnum short film launch which the model/actress starred in. Any woman wearing Victoria Beckham will always look flawless and this was no exception, Rosie’s legs seem to go on forever and this dress was a perfect look for a daytime event especially with that backdrop!

Rosie HW VB Magnum party

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in Victoria Beckham at the 25th Magnum short film launch in Cannes

Next up the glam factor was raised for the de Grisogono ‘Fatale in Cannes’ party, she looked super sexy in my favourite designers, Cushnie et Ochs. She wowed in a black signature cutout slit-to-the-thigh gown with sleek tresses and gigantic door knocker emerald green de Grisogono earrings.

Rosie HW Cushnie et Ochs

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in Cushnie et Ochs at the de Grisogono ‘Fatale in Cannes’ party at Cannes Film Festival

For her first major red carpet appearance at Cannes, it was the turn of Rosie to have my jaw on the floor in the most beautiful Gucci Premiere gown at the premiere for The Search on Wednesday evening. Blake Lively has already demonstrated twice how stunning Gucci Premiere gowns are and Rosie further proved this looking statuesque in her strapless soft jade geometric patterned confection.

Rosie HW Gucci The Search premiere

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in Gucci Premiere at The Search premiere during Cannes Film Festival

In between red carpet swishing, Rosie attended Roberto Cavalli’s annual yacht party in a black cutout body con dress by the designer himself. Of course she has a model body and so a simple black bodycon dress always reaches the next level with Rosie teaming it with Jimmy Choos and a clutch with softly blown out hair.

Rosie HW Roberto Cavalli party

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in Roberto Cavalli at the Roberto Cavalli Yacht Party in Cannes

It was almost as if Rosie saved the best until last. In a sea of so much black this year at the Cannes Film Festival, Rosie stood out on the amfAR Cinema Against Aids Gala red carpet in a yellow Emilio Pucci grecian-inspired draped gown. What I love most about this look is it is so close to being risque, from the cutouts at the waist and breast to the open chained back, but Rosie works it perfectly (most likely because of her height) bringing the focus to the movement of the gown keeping her hair in soft waves and golden make up. Perfection of course.

Rosie HW Emilio Pucci amfAR Gala

Rosie HW Emilio Pucci amfAR back Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in Emilio Pucci at the amfAR Gala in Cannes

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Red Carpet: Jennifer Lawrence Catching Fire promo tour round-up

I went to see The Hunger Games Catching Fire last night, it was pretty damn good. There was so much action and it really played out like the book, minus a few things but I’m not going to nit pick because I enjoyed it. I enjoyed it that much that I was blindsided when it ended because I, and I’m guessing a lot of others, read the three books all in one go so could not even begin to remember where the actual ending was!

As always my favourite part of a big blockbuster movie coming out is of course the promo tour, and if the movie has big stars we’re more likely to see some amazing outfits. And this was definitely the case when it came to every single Catching Fire premiere.

There was a lot of Dior from Jennifer Lawrence, which I admit, didn’t always work but somehow she managed to pull her looks off with the help of stunning make up and that fresh new hair cut. There was a lot of contention when it came to Jennifer’s hair cut as there always is in Hollywoodland because we are so used to seeing long wavy <insert hair colour here> extensions hair and barely any variety. Yes I agree I think Jennifer looked beautiful with long, luscious hair, she was a modern day bombshell with it, but she still is a bombshell with short hair so nothing has changed apart from her looking a bit more edgy and youthful!

I digress, there was a smattering of other designers such as Louis Vuitton, Alexander McQueen and Proenza Schouler at the photocalls and after parties, but exclusively Dior on the red carpets. From London, Berlin, Madrid, Rome, Paris and back to LA premiere Jennifer showcased so many different looks.

My stand out moment was at the Paris premiere, after a disappointing world premiere dress in London she (and her beauty team) were inspired to create this outstanding edgy but chic look. I mentioned in my previous post on the London world premiere how I would have loved to see Jennifer in this dress but in a different colour, I suppose you can’t have both but I was glad she did wear this in the end.

Jennifer Lawrence at The Hunger Games Catching Fire premiere in Paris

Jennifer Lawrence at The Hunger Games Catching Fire premiere in Paris

My next favourite was the LA gown, the sheer trend sees absolutely no signs of waning and those who hate it are just going to have to get over it. This gown showed the playful, sexy Jennifer we all know and love with the choppy hair and pink lipstick she totally pulls it off without going to far over to the Kristen Stewart side..

Jennifer Lawrence at The Hunger Games Catching Fire premiere in LA

Jennifer Lawrence at The Hunger Games Catching Fire premiere in LA

I’m still divided on this being the best dress for Jennifer, but I can’t help but like the beaded detailing it just lifts the dress, and I think the hair wasn’t necessarily as good as it could have been, I guess they were trying out looks to gauge reaction.

jennifer lawrence uk premiere

Jennifer Lawrence at The Hunger Games Catching Fire world premiere in London

I do like this Dior dress coat at the Berlin premiere, and the detailing is divine, but I couldn’t help feeling a little underwhelmed. Although it did inspire me to go and buy this ASOS tuxedo inspired dress.

jlaw berlin

Jennifer Lawrence at The Hunger Games premiere in Berlin

These were all the dresses that just left me a bit meh. The first Dior at the Madrid premiere reminded me a lot of her SAG Awards dress, it could almost pass for how her dress would have turned out if her gown had actually ripped like everyone imagined. The second creamy yellow dress annoyed me, because for a long time I kept cleaning my computer screen thinking I had a smudge on it. And I guess the third half jacket dress half crop top was edgy for NYC but just no where near as appealing as her others.

Jennifer Lawrence at The Hunger Games Premiere in Madrid, Rome and New York

Jennifer Lawrence at The Hunger Games Premiere in Madrid, Rome and New York

What was your favourite look from Jennifer Lawrence during The Hunger Games Catching Fire promo tour?

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Promo Tour: Lily Collins for Mortal Instruments

Lily Collins may have just executed the best promo tour ever in the history of promo tours.

She has spent the past few months promoting The Mortal Instruments and every single look has been pretty spectacular. From casual day time talk show looks, to photo calls, premieres and magazine parties, Lily Collins and those amazing eyebrows have been everywhere.

Here are some (all) of my favourite looks that Lily has worn to promote her new movie, alongside her ex-boyfriend Jamie Campbell Bower and Kevin Zegers.


I say these are casual looks mainly because they are during the day time. But Lily knows how to still work that girly/sexy vibe depending on her make up and hair.

The first outfit is Stella McCartney, she has this amazing sixties vibe going on here with a slightly teased beehive and cute natural make up. This could be a difficult look to pull off with that extra layer but the show of legs makes it work.

The Paper London shorts and crop combo at Comic Con is just one of many crop tops Lily Collins has been sporting during this promo tour. Perfect for the event keeping that relaxed look with messy beachy waves, a slick of pink lipstick and a flash of abs.

I adore the Bec & Bridge look Lily wore for a meet and greet. So fresh and girly, the soft waves in her hair keep it sweet as does the hint of pink lipstick. Love the chunky necklace which sets everything off nicely.

Lily Collins casual Promo Tour

Stella McCartney // Paper London // Bec & Bridge

Lace – sexy and angelic

Here Lily is wearing two very different looks by Houghton. The custom made red design she wore to the Madrid premiere is stunning, the retro waves and amazing red lipstick complements the dress perfectly. The white backless Houghton dress she wore to the Toronto premiere is very angelic and the make up and hair is in keeping with the whole theme – two very different looks, both amazing.

Lily Collins Houghton Promo Tour



I wondered how dark Lily Collins’ eyebrows can go. Well here in the Maxime Simeons look – very dark. This is one of my favourite looks of the whole tour, it’s so easy to pick a pretty dress so I love how she has kept things fresh and gone over to the dark side. It’s so hard to pull off dark lipstick, dark brows, thigh high boots and a red sheer shirt without looking like a hooker. Well done Lily.

This tuxedo dress is fast becoming one of my favourite new styles this season. This Alexander McQueen version isn’t as fitted as the Dior version so I like how Lily has kept things to a bare minimum not overloading with jewels and wearing smoky make up with curly hair.

Lily Collins chose Rouland Mouret for the Flaunt magazine cover party. Another crop trop, but if you have abs like that I’d wear them all the time too. The top is a deconstructed shirt with a collar and buttons and pleated bust, the black skirt completes the very popular monochrome trend, and to top it off a bright red lip and a tousled up do.

Lily Collins vampy Promo Tour

Maxime Simeons // Alexander McQueen // Rouland Mouret


Lily definitely has a fondness for monochrome during this promo tour, either wearing black and white, all black or all white. I can’t get enough of Cushnie et Ochs at the moment, their cutouts are to die for and if I could get my hands on one of their uber sexy designs I would wear it until it fell apart! Lily’s vampy make up works so well against the stark white of this cutout dress that she wore to the LA premiere of Mortal Instruments, it would be so easy to just pick a pink or red lip but this dark red colour and slicked back hair is something I wish I could pull off.

Then you have a complete 180° for the Teen Choice Awards where Lily chose a gorgeous nude make up palette to wear with her Fausto Puglisi gown. I love the palm tree print paired with a black tee, I think it would have been overwhelming for her to wear the print head to toe so this high-low skirt works well.

Then we are back to Lily’s sexy best. Smoky eye make up, chunky jewels all against an all black look. Another up do this time with more of a quiff than the beehive but I like that she kept it tied up to show off that necklace. I think the crop top trend is here to stick around for a little while longer if Lily Collins’ wardrobe is anything to go by!

Lily Collins white and dark Promo Tour

Cushnie et Ochs // Fausto Puglisi // Paper London & Halston Heritage

Trailer: The Great Gatsby

I was always going to be a lover of a big glossy blockbuster movie adapted from a classic novel. I do admit, however, I’m only halfway through F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby after giving myself the task to read it before it was released, so I’m not entirely sure of how it ends.

Baz Luhrmann’s latest extravaganza looks set to be his biggest and best movie since Moulin Rouge and not forgetting the beautiful Romeo+Juliet. I mean don’t get me wrong he has had other projects in between, such as Australia, it’s just those two movies are what he’s known for.

The great gatsby

With Leonardo DiCaprio the leading man, images of his perfectly portrayed Romeo flash before my eyes, but now he’s left his boyish charms behind and is the ruggedly handsome man playing the titular character, Jay Gatsby. DiCaprio stars alongside Tobey McGuire, whom I’ve always felt kind of blends into the background so it will be interesting to see how he plays his character Nick Carraway; Carey Mulligan (who I find really annoyingly wet) the flapper girl and original love of Gatsby, Daisy Buchanan, who is now married to big bad Joel Edgerton’s Tom Buchanan.

There are some big name stars in this movie but it will be all eyes on DiCaprio for me, I genuinely love the anticipation that comes with a DiCaprio movie and I’ve been dying for The Great Gatsby release ever since it got pushed back from a Christmas 2012 release date to May 16, of this year.

With the movie set to open the Cannes Film Festival, I am dying to see who will be walking that glamourous red carpet. Jay-Z is at the helm of the movie’s original soundtrack, and we’ve already heard a taster of what the music will be like so I am expecting Beyonce to accompany him if they attend. And I am expecting big things from Carey Mulligan red carpet wardrobe, we know that Muiccia Prada designed her Gatsby costumes so I would imagine the press tour to be full of high-end pieces with dash of couture thrown in for good measure.

Here’s the new full trailer for The Great Gatsby, featuring original music from Florence + The Machine, Lana del Ray, and Beyonce and Andre 3000’s (some may say) controversial Back to Black cover:

Oz:The Great and Powerful Promotional Tour

I love movies and I love fashion, I hope those who have read my blog before may have spotted that! What I love most is when the two blend together during ‘The Promotional Tour’.

Upcoming movie releases with a big enough budget will have their main stars go on a promotional tour, sometimes a world tour, to get the movie to the forefront of everyone’s mind, familiarise yourself with the actors and actresses and peak your interest in what will be a “great movie”.

The one promotional tour that I have been looking forward to is the new Disney movie, directed by Sam Raimi, Oz: The Great and Powerful. Who doesn’t love a good Disney epic, especially one that is a prequel to an absolute classic.

Although, due to legal reasons Raimi was not able to use the iconic yellow brick road or any of the other original imagery, he creates a new world that he hopes audience will enjoy: “I think there is a feeling of Dr Seuss… It was actually greatly influenced by our looking at the old Disney animation frames. We went to their archives and studied how they did those backgrounds and these outrageous shapes.” (Total Film, March 2013)

Oz: The Great and Powerful

Oz: The Great and Powerful

What we will get apart from this amazing new look and feel to the magical city of Oz, is three new witches; Theodora played by Mila Kunis, good witch Glinda played by Michelle Williams and Evanora played by Rachel Weisz.

These three actresses possess the beauty and acting talent all rolled into one, which alongside James Franco’s Oz, is the reason I am looking forward to the movie so much. Raimi says of the three actresses that they each possessed an ability that fit with their character; for Mila: “She’s got a good innocent quality about her, but the wizard breaks her heart, and she finds a terrible anger within her and strikes back. Mila also has that. In Black Swan I saw this twisted darkness in her and I though ‘I need that for this role.'” And of Michelle Williams: “When the camera gets in really close the audience knows whether the person has a good soul or not.” And for Rachel Weisz: “I needed someone who was not just a pretty woman, but someone who you believed had the power to rule a city.” (Total Film, March 2013)

What is most exciting is the three female leads are currently on the promotional tour for the movie and have so far hit the red carpet for the world premiere of Oz: The Great and Powerful, in Hollywood last week. The three women all have varying styles but are so complementary, with Michelle Williams in a Prada side-split dress; Mila Kunis in a girly lace Dolce & Gabbana dress; and Rachel Weisz in a perfect-fit Victoria Beckham look.

Rachel Weisz in Victoria Beckham // Mila Kunis in Dolce & Gabbana // Michelle Williams in Prada

Rachel Weisz in Victoria Beckham // Mila Kunis in Dolce & Gabbana // Michelle Williams in Prada

It gives me great pleasure to see Michelle Williams on the red carpet again, because I love her style and that perfect side swept blonde crop that I’m so glad she returned to. She may favour certain looks but when she gives you a fabulous outfit you will know about it. It’s not necessarily noticable here but her Prada gown has a hip slit that showcases her black underwear, which gives just enough of an edge without being over the top.

Below she’s wearing a Dior coat dress that appeared short sleeved and a light grey on the Spring 2013 runway, I love the bell shape of this and those legs! Another great look from head-to-toe is the Louis Vuitton red lace print trousers and jacket from the pre-fall 2013 collection, I literally cannot wait to see more from these three.

Michelle Williams in Prada

Michelle Williams in Prada

Michelle in Dior Spring 2013 on her way to a taping of Late Night with David Letterman

Michelle in Dior Spring 2013 on her way to a taping of Late Night with David Letterman

Michelle appearing on Good Morning America in Louis Vuitton Pre-Fall 2013 (laineygossip)

Michelle appearing on Good Morning America in Louis Vuitton Pre-Fall 2013 (laineygossip)


Ryan Gosling, a god amongst men

I believe when The Notebook comes on television, every girl in the world is reminded just how perfect Ryan Gosling is.

The Notebook

That kiss, in the rain.

Yes he may be playing a character, but when he grows that beard and tears down the house and repairs it. It’s like he’s repairing every broken heart ever.

And when he is possibly the only man in the world to rock the hell out of a three-piece brown Gucci suit, you know that he is a god amongst men.

It gets better than that, by the way, he took his mother as his date to his latest movie premiere for Gangster Squad, which coincidentally opens this Friday and I will be sat drooling over his raw handsomeness.

Ryan Gosling at the Gangster Squad LA premiere, in Gucci.

Ryan Gosling at the Gangster Squad LA premiere, in Gucci.

Eva Mendes, you lucky, lucky woman.

Twilight: Kristen Stewart

It’s been an odd year for Kristen Stewart, everyone will remember the scandal of the summer that cast a shadow over the impending last Twilight movie. Would her and Rob appear together reconciled or would it be a series of awkward red carpet appearances and separate hotels rooms where they couldn’t be seen in a room together?

Kristen in Vanity Fair July 2012

Kristen in Vanity Fair July 2012

Kristen’s year started promisingly enough, a couture photo shoot in Paris with Karl Lagerfeld behind the lens for Vanity Fair to promote Snow White and the Huntsman, appearances on the press tour of her indie movie On the Road in Cannes and rather shockingly a number one spot on Glamour UK magazine’s Best Dressed of 2012.

I re-read the above post, and I was not happy. I chuckled to myself, because really Kristen is one of those people akin to Marmite. She has good days that everyone loves what she wears, she has days where you get where she was going with it and divides the critics and then she has really bad days which usually outweigh the good especially when she isn’t on a promo tour for a movie.

I used to really detest Kristen, she used to come across like she didn’t care that she was this person that younger girls looked up to especially when Twilight first came out. You could see how much she hated been on that red carpet, giving interviews and just generally attempting to be a pleasant person. Remember when she came out with this when giving an interview to Elle UK in 2010, when talking about the papparazzi:

“The photos are so … I feel like I’m looking at someone being raped,” she tells Britain’s Elle magazine. “A lot of the time I can’t handle it.”

Ugh, we know how horrible it is but as the argument goes, as an actor/actress part of your job is being in the public eye. You use the media to promote your movies, perfumes when you need to so it has to work both ways. Privacy is no longer yours if you flaunt yourself in front of the camera, especially with a married director *ahem*.

After this ugly quote, and over the past year I have to admit Kristen has become happier in front of the camera, she is more open when answering questions, she is still awkward because that is who she probably is, and of course has grown up even though she is still only 22.

Yes she was born in 1990, and even though she has been acting since around 10 she is still so so young. It seems that Hollywood likes to age people in the movie industry, just take the Fanning sisters, Elle 14, and Dakota 18, they have been around for what seems an age yet they are still in education.

But Kristen is a hot commodity in the industry and although some thought her turn as a “trampire” would hurt her image I really don’t think it has. Not one bit. She cheated on Edward Rob, and the media thought it was the end of the world, he seemed to have gotten over it in time for the Twilight promo tour, and everyone went home happy.

When Kristen isn’t on the red carpet her uniform of scruffy trainers, knotted tee and jacket with an optional trucker cap (I mean who genuinely wears those anymore?!) is hideous when compared to the likes of Miranda Kerr and Victoria Beckham, but they are full-time celebrities devoted to their look, Kristen works best when she has a stylist on hand to tell her to put the trainers down and wear the heels…

Here are my favourite Kristen moments on the Twilight Saga red carpet, my ultimate favourite has to be the Reem Acra but then I absolutely loved her Louis Vuitton black and white playsuit in Tokyo.

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