Nails of the week: Layered geometric shapes

I saw this nail design on the ASOS Youtube page and really wanted to do it but I didn’t have a nice sheer nail polish to create the full effect.

But then I spotted the Essie shade Pearly White that goes on with an almost silver shimmer to it which turns out is perfect for the layered geometric shape design.

And the perfect tool to create the shapes, an Orly striper brush*, it has long bristles so it’s a lot easier to create a straighter line than with a pen especially for those who have shaky hands. I think I may have overloaded the brush a few times though hence the uneven splodges but which will take some getting used to.

Starting off with a normal base coat to even out my nails was necessary because I found the polish quite thin and the brush strokes very visible. After a thin coat of Pearly White and waiting for that to dry I set about painting my first shape, instead of the black in the ASOS video I chose a dark shade of red from Nails Inc called Victoria.

After that kind of dried (impatience on my part) I painted another thin coat of Pearly White and so on three more times. I know now that I really needed to let the shapes dry fully because as you can probably tell in the final image the red has seeped through as I’ve painted the Pearly White on top.

It was a fun design to do, and an effect I’ve never tried before. I think there’s a lot of potential to create something else with the layered style so I’ll definitely try again.

Because I effectively had about four coats of nail varnish on I needed a really strong top coat to seal my nail art. I used Orly Won’t Chip*, £11.10, which vows to keep your nail varnish chip free for up to two weeks which I think is a steep promise but I’m willing to see how long it lasts especially as my Barry M top coat for £3.99 usually lasts for a week. Tough competition.

Here’s my very first nail art video, bearing in mind all I can really do is video the look after I’ve done it because I only have one pair of hands! See what you think!

And here’s the final look:

layered nails

*Courtesy of LookFantastic

Nails of the week: Mushroom tartan

It may be nail overload already but back to work this week and needed something to bring me into January.

I found this Mushroom Barry M colour hidden away in my draw, nice and full too which is always a bonus. Funny, because I used to be obsessed with this colour, less brown more a nude for my skin tone which I like and looks glossy in two coats.

I was originally going to keep them sans nail art, but I couldn’t help myself of course and got out my black and white Barry M nail art pens to do some quick and simple tartan.

Back to the tartan again because it is so effective yet really easy to do, all you need is a steady hand or maybe a friend who will at least do your non-writing hand for you! I topped this off with a quick coat of Barry M top coat, but I’ve chipped it already so need painting again!

mushroom tartan nails

Nail art of the week: Stained glass nails

Nail art of the week was fun because I could be as messy as I liked and worry about neatening them up later!

I chose rainbow colours red, yellow, pink, green, and blue, but any colour combination would work just experiment!

Start with putting blobs of each colour in a random pattern don’t worry about the colours overlapping too much because you can sort that out later.



After your nails have dried, get your black nail art pen and outline the blob shapes you made earlier. This tidies up any overlapping and gives you the stain glass effect! Paint a top coat of your choice and you’re done!



Nail art of the week: Black and white tartan

I think I’m becoming obsessed with my tartan nails, it’s so easy to change the colour way all you have to remember is to keep it simple and neat.

This week I tried out black and white on a naked base. I tend to favour my Herome nail hardener as a base because it gives a slightly opaque colour rather than clear, and I am yet to find a colour like that unless you use a french manicure base.

Using my Barry M nail art pens in black and white, I applied the stripes that would make the tartan. I find it easier to do the horizontal lines first and then you put the vertical on top which gives the overlapping lines.

I also included a different nail design on my forefinger which as you can see is just simply black stripes, I loved the look of this and think the black striped effect would be a great design for Halloween nails and you could even change them up to orange or another darker colour.

For those stripes I did do them free hand but I strongly advise if you don’t have a steady hand to get the trusty sellotape out and cut it into strips and place them over your nails. It may be time consuming but you get a really neat straight design.


Nail art of the week: On trend tartan!

I’m back with new nail art! Tartan is everywhere for AW’13 and can’t be ignored, but if you’re not so keen on wearing the look head to toe go for the next best thing – nail art!

I spotted this design on Wah Nails Instagram page, and it was so easy to recreate.

I used Barry M’s Cobalt Blue as a base, which I must say is one of the best Barry M nail varnishes. It’s strange how the formula differs from colour to colour but this one gives a perfect coverage and dries super fast. I then used a yellow, white and black nail pen to create the lines.

Yellow first horizontally and then white and black vertically. Top it off with your favourite top coat to give an even nail and done!

There’s so many different colour ways to do tartan I think I might try one inspired by Just Cavalli’s SS’14 runway!



Nails of the week: Nails Inc Gel Effect Polish in St James

I had a quick nail change mid week because my galaxy nails were chipping after using Orly’s Glosser as a top coat.

It wasn’t just the Orly top coat though, I had about four layers of nail varnish on which didn’t help matters.

It also took me about 20 minutes to remove my galaxy nails due to the glitter grrr… But after going one day with bare nails I decided to try a nail varnish that was gifted in the goodie bag from the mid summer meet.

Nails Inc have just released their bestselling St James, in a Gel Effect Polish with added plumping effect. The Gel Effect polish is a thick varnish which as described on Nail Inc’s website: “provides a high shine, super glossy finish without the need for a UV lamp or soak off… contains the same plumping technology as a salon Gel manicure to provide a flawless, high gloss manicure”.


It basically does what it says on the bottle. I could have applied one coat and the coverage was thick enough to be left, but I’m a two coat girl and couldn’t resist applying another layer especially as it went on so smoothly and just made it look even more flawless.

When I’ve bought nail varnishes with ‘effects’ before I don’t put a top coat on as I suppose you lose the effect, but I think you could get away with putting a top coat on the Nail Inc Gel Effect just to make it last a little longer.

I definitely would recommend this, but at £14 a bottle it’s a tad on the expensive side especially when good old Barry M do their own Gelly Effect polish for £3.99 a bottle which is just as good.


Nail Art of the week: Tribal print

For this week’s nail art, I felt like something a little more simple so chose Barry M’s Gelly Hi-Shine in Papaya – a light peachy coral shade – and Barry M’s Nail Art Pen in white to create a tribal print design.

I can’t recommend Barry M nail varnish enough, it’s dirt cheap and these newer Gelly Hi-Shine colours are really thick and long-lasting. I so far have the Papaya, Blueberry, Pomegranate, and Lychee which I used in last week’s nail art.

Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine in Papaya // Barry M Nail Art Pen in White

Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine in Papaya // Barry M Nail Art Pen in White

Base coat

Base coat

Tribal nail art

Tribal nail art