Nail art of the week: Crazy eyes

After a little break from painting my nails I couldn’t pick what colour to paint them so I basically chose them all.

The usual Barry M nail varnishes mostly from the Gelly Hi Shine range which seems to be better quality than the normal colours, the original collection Bright Pink is really thick and the Ice Cream yellow needs a few coats to get the thick coverage.

I have previously done the crazy eyes look with actual googly eyes that I bought from my local haberdashery but found they were not that practical as they just kept falling off. 

This time after my nails had dried (cheating obvs using Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat) I used my white nail art pen to draw oval circles and then added the smaller black dots on top.

I feel like I repeat myself often when it comes to these easy designs, but it’s such a simple thing to do and so effective! You can even go crazier and give your nails a crossed eye look, because why the hell not?

Try it and show me yours!

2014-09-03 19.49.49


Summer #nailart round-up

Here’s what has been happening on my nails during these lovely summer months! I always find that my white nail polish goes down quicker during summer as it’s definitely my most used shade.

Lilac Gingham

2014-06-30 20.37.55I think I need to get used to using a striper brush because this is not as neat as I wanted it! After trimming down the bristles on the brush to make it stiffer it’s still difficult to get the straight lines when not using a pen!

The colours are really complementary though, so I will definitely be trying something like this again.

Sophynails signature Eyenail

2014-07-06 17.23.07Bloody loved this nail. Sophy Robson posted this on her Instagram page last month and there’s a video tutorial for it on Youtube.

I wanted to mix up the colours slightly so instead of using just one blue for the background colours I used a selection of my Barry M collection I have.

On Sophy’s tutorial she starts with the white half moon first and then fills in the blue around the shape, but I think it’s easier for those not as steady with their hands to paint the base coat of colours first and wait for those to dry and then draw the white half moon of the eye afterwards. That way you’re not going over the white with your blue.

If you choose to do that anyway, you can still neaten up any overlap with the outline of the eye. Sophy uses a dark blue for the outline which is effective but I used my black Barry M nail pen and it still gives the same effect.

Outline your white half moon with the black pen and then draw a large circle in towards the upper of the eye for the pupil and then go around the edge of your nail too. Then draw the lines for your eyelashes, if you have a dotter tool then you can use a black polish to make perfect circles or stick with the nail pen and draw them yourself.

Don’t forget the all  important white highlight in the pupil, just use your white nail pen or a white polish to make the small dot. After the nail art is dry add your topcoat to seal your nails. I’d recommend a couple of top coats especially on the edges because I found after a few days the black edging does come off.

Orange V

2014-07-16 21.22.41-2Ok so these went a bit weird. It was supposed to be a V shape, and they were not supposed to really touch in the middle. Because they did I had many comments saying they looked like flags.

Umm no. If anything I thought they ended up looking like the colour of the fish Nemo.

I think because the white stripe went too close and then when I outlined them with the black they touched, if I do these again I’d make the Vs further apart and less diagonal. But that’s the fun of nail art try and try again!

Floral Ombre

2014-07-22 12.44.09


I really liked this design, there was a lot to it and it definitely got messy.

First I started with a white base and topped that off with the Seche Vite fast dry top coat. Then using a makeup sponge (you can get a pack of about 20 from Primark for £1!) I painted a light shade of blue on and dabbed that on then while that was still slightly wet added a darker blue on top to blend it in.

You can also do that another way, by painting the light shade on the sponge and the dark on top and then applying it straight to your nail, which ever you find easiest!

Build this up a little so you get the full ombre effect, you can wait for this to dry or add another Seche Vite coat but bear in mind every time you add a clear coat it makes your nail varnish thicker and thicker and sometimes is more likely to chip.

After this had dried fully I added the black flower in the moon of my nails and the using the nail brush of an orange dabbed little circles of colour. I should have left a little bit more space for the gold in between as it did prove to be a tight squeeze, and you can always make it a bit more 3D by adding gold jewels instead. To finish another top coat.

Nail art of the week: Nautical nails

I was feeling inspired last week when it came to my nails and I had quite a bit of spare time on my hands so I went back to the drawing board with my nail art pens.

Looking through the WAH Nail Instagram page for ideas I came across Margot Robbie’s nautical nails that she had done for her holidays.

Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 18.06.47

I chose the base colours as close to their design as possible, red, white and instead of black I went for a dark blue and a light blue. My favourite nail was the anchor detail with white stripes, super simple and effective. The blue and white striped nails actually have different backgrounds and definitely could have been neater!

I added a cute wheel from other nautical nail art I’d spotted and a gold accent for the ring finger just for a little pizzazz. I really loved the colours together and would definitely just wear them together without any nail art!

2014-05-18 15.55.06-2

Nautical nail art

Nail art of the week: Feelin’ blue

It’s been a while since I bought new nail varnish colours, and for some reason I always end up buying colours I definitely don’t need. After finally getting round to buying Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat I was dying to paint my nails to see how fast it really dried (very fast). I highly recommend this for people who struggle to not do anything after painting your nails…!

I bought a couple of shades of blue from Barry M’s ever growing Hi Shine Gelly collection, and because it was 3 for 2 in Boots it’s impossible not to take advantage so I also bought a Rimmel 5 in 1 base coat too!

But I came home and realised that I literally have about 8 shades of blue in my nail varnish collection so was inspired to just do a simple ombre on my nails that way I get to use my new nail varnish as well as some old favourites!

From thumb nail: Huckleberry, Sugar Apple, Blueberry, Blue, and Turquoise. Simple yet effective!

blue ombre

Blue ombre nails

And then I also recreated a previous nail art design with two old shades of blue and a simple black accent. Half and half is pretty simple to do just pick the best colour to go as your base and then add the other colour on top and finish off with a black rectangle!

blue on blue

Blue on blue

Nail Art: Round-up

I’ve not been on top of my nail game this past month, I’ve lost a little of my inspiration which means less nail art. So it means going back to tried and tested designs like this leopard print (which admittedly isn’t very neat) teamed with some cute pastel nail shades.

pastel leopard

Pastel leopard print nails

This was just a random design after buying a colour from the new Barry M Aquarium collection, I’m still not sold on the colour but it looks really nice when the sun is on it so I can see this colour being one for summer weather!

disco nails

Disco nails

A little bit more adventurous and took a lot of time to get these butterfly effect nails right.I think the colour from above works really well on my accent nail and kind of gives the effect of a shimmery butterfly wing. I used Barry M nail art pens to draw the shapes of the wings and dotted them to give them the effect. Not sure I’d have the patience to do these again!

butterfly nails

Butterfly effect nails

Nail art: Round-up

I’ve been so obsessed with awards season that I haven’t uploaded any nail pics for a while! So I thought I’d do a round-up of what I’ve done this past month or so.

I always upload my designs to my Instagram page, if you want some inspiration you can find me @nlcorner!

First up some chic half moon nails. Always a good design to do when you want something simple but effective, and there are so many different colour ways you could choose from that you don’t have to stick with a classic nude like I have done here. Why not try out neon moons with white?

french classic nlcorner

I’ve been dying to try out giraffe print nails ever since I saw the WAH Nails design on their page, I ran out of white nail varnish and Barry M didn’t have any in stock for a while and I was desperate! But I eventually got my hands on some and tried out a white base with the orange giraffe pattern.

I’m not going to lie, this isn’t exactly how I had imagined they would turn out. I didn’t do the shapes neat enough so it’s definitely something I would have to practise, maybe with a better brush.

giraffe nails nlcorner

I’d seen the holographic nail colours around and was pretty intrigued by them but never got round to buying any, my new flatmate actually has one from Topshop so I borrowed that and messed around with a random design. I’ve been trying to figure out how to get a negative shape really neat, so ended up just drawing it free hand but the lines don’t look sharp enough – another to practise!

holographic negative nails nlcorner

As white nails seem to be a pretty popular trend at the minute, and I’ve always loved white nails, I thought I’d update them. I’d seen a similar design somewhere on the internet (I see them and they get stuck in my head but I couldn’t tell you specifically where it’s from) and thought the simple clean lines were perfect.

I think all you need for this is a steady hand to do the straight line with a nail art pen. I found that the ridges in my nails seemed to help me keep it straight when I was doing the vertical lines! This design is so worth trying out because it is so easy. Will absolutely be wearing this repeatedly during the summer.

white black nails nlcorner

I follow nail queen Sophy Robson on Instagram and she posted a flipagram of a nail design for Poundland that I had to try. Clashing red and pink together with a half black stripe just worked so well. That’s probably why she’s so in demand of course! It didn’t take me long at all to do these. If I had a tip it would be to paint the pink as your base coat with it being the lighter colour and then the half red on top just so you get better coverage. Obviously wait until they dry before doing the black stripe with a nail art pen.

graphic print nails nlcorner

And finally my latest nails which were inspired by WAH Nails founder, Sharmadean Reid. She posted a picture of her nails and I simply had to try them out. [And then I tagged her in mine and she liked them you guys, I died]. All you need is a baby pink colour for your base coat, and because the gold moons are straight rather than curved, some either striping tape or good old sellotape, and a sparkly gold colour.

I did a couple of good thick coats of the baby pink colour (Barry M) and used Seche Vite’s fast drying top coat which is literally amazing and then waited a little longer so the sellotape wouldn’t lift off the colour before using Orly Voyeuristic Adventure finished with Orly Lavish Bash for the gold moon, which are available on

The finished effect of the baby pink mixed with gold glitter is super girly. A good request to make if you wanted to get your nails done professionally!

pink and gold nlcorner

Nails of the week: Layered geometric shapes

I saw this nail design on the ASOS Youtube page and really wanted to do it but I didn’t have a nice sheer nail polish to create the full effect.

But then I spotted the Essie shade Pearly White that goes on with an almost silver shimmer to it which turns out is perfect for the layered geometric shape design.

And the perfect tool to create the shapes, an Orly striper brush*, it has long bristles so it’s a lot easier to create a straighter line than with a pen especially for those who have shaky hands. I think I may have overloaded the brush a few times though hence the uneven splodges but which will take some getting used to.

Starting off with a normal base coat to even out my nails was necessary because I found the polish quite thin and the brush strokes very visible. After a thin coat of Pearly White and waiting for that to dry I set about painting my first shape, instead of the black in the ASOS video I chose a dark shade of red from Nails Inc called Victoria.

After that kind of dried (impatience on my part) I painted another thin coat of Pearly White and so on three more times. I know now that I really needed to let the shapes dry fully because as you can probably tell in the final image the red has seeped through as I’ve painted the Pearly White on top.

It was a fun design to do, and an effect I’ve never tried before. I think there’s a lot of potential to create something else with the layered style so I’ll definitely try again.

Because I effectively had about four coats of nail varnish on I needed a really strong top coat to seal my nail art. I used Orly Won’t Chip*, £11.10, which vows to keep your nail varnish chip free for up to two weeks which I think is a steep promise but I’m willing to see how long it lasts especially as my Barry M top coat for £3.99 usually lasts for a week. Tough competition.

Here’s my very first nail art video, bearing in mind all I can really do is video the look after I’ve done it because I only have one pair of hands! See what you think!

And here’s the final look:

layered nails

*Courtesy of LookFantastic