Are trailers ruining all movies ever?

I went to see The Amazing Spider-Man last week, which I enjoyed and was pretty flabbergasted the major plot point didn’t get spoilt. Although as my movie going companion pointed out it happens in the comics so it was eventually going to happen in the new reboot. Well, as much as I like comic book movies I don’t read them just like the other 87% of people who go see them as well who would have been as shocked as I was. (The below trailer contains spoilers – watch at your own peril)

But the point of this little tale isn’t about the movie it’s about what comes before the main feature – the trailers.

I’ve read and talked about this topic until I get blue in the face and I know I’m not the only one. Maybe you haven’t even noticed but trailers these days are just the best parts of the movie and more often than not the whole movie condensed into two minutes.

I can hear you saying but that’s what they’re supposed to be. I know this, but have you ever been so disappointed about a movie you thought was going to be bloody hilarious only to go see it and be like ‘well I already know that joke, it was in the trailer’ – I’m looking at you Hangover 1, 2 and 3 – so you can see my point, it’s about finding that happy medium and leaving a little to the imagination.

The bigwigs in the office want you to go see their movie, but they’re scared if they don’t show you something good will you care enough to go see it? So they shove it all in, all the explosions, all the funnies, all the baring skin shots, the surprise cameos, and even the sad parts to make you emotional even if it’s just a second or two of each just to ‘keep you guessing’.

But they’re not keeping us guessing, they’re not even giving us fair warning that they are spoiling the whole movie.

Are trailers ruining your movie going experience? Back in 2012 Total Film put their list together of 50 Trailers That Ruined a Movie and you can take the time to click through that if you so wish. The highlights being Free Willy (duh), Carrie (the original), Lord of the Rings: Two Towers where Gandalf dies and is resurrected in the same two minutes, Castaway the plane crash and rescue, Avatar and so on.

So the answer to the question above is a resounding YES.

There were three trailers released for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 – an official trailer, an official extended trailer, and a final spoilery trailer. What about the deluge of X-Men Days of Future Past trailers, international trailers, teasers, clips and character wikis? Is there anything we don’t know about the movie?! What about the ton of press all the stars have done and they haven’t even started the official promo tour yet!

I knew as soon as the second X-Men was announced I was going to see it. Just like when Bryan Singer announced X-Men: Apocalypse on Twitter that I will be seeing that in 2016 and that’s without any teeny bit of footage just that villainous name.

And then a whole different level of spoilery arises with the question of how do you market a movie based on an historical event that everyone knows what happened?

Pompeii has that one large problem. And I’m not talking about the size of Kit Harington’s biceps. On the one hand the movie execs have put the of-the-moment television star as its lead – Kit Harington. For those of you who are still like WTF who is that? To those wiser ones he is none other than Jon Snow Bastard of Ned Stark from uber-hit HBO show Game of Thrones.

He’s so pretty it hurts. So probably guaranteed a few hardcore female GoT fans buying a ticket.

Kit Harington

You know nothing, Jon Snow.

But then on the other hand, what exactly can you bring to the table that is new when we all know that Mount Vesuvius erupted and eradicated the town and its people? And not to mention the trailer which I saw with a few nice shots of Jon Snow and his prettiness, show the major action sequence from beginning until end. The only question remains is does Jon Snow survive? Well my friends I can answer that for you, no he doesn’t. Because everyone living in Pompeii died under a shroud of ash.

So thanks but no thanks. Sorry Kit Harington, I know this is your first major movie but I don’t need to see it when I can happily spend hours some time searching the lovely internet for pictures of your abs.


What  do you think about trailers? Would you avoid them altogether so you were not spoiled? Or do you soak up what the bigwigs are throwing at you and still spend £10-£15 to enjoy the cinema ‘experience’?

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Red Carpet: The Hunger Games Catching Fire UK World Premiere

The Hunger Games Catching Fire world premiere took place in London on Monday, with the stars of the film walking the red carpet for the adoring fans and fashion fiends.

I thought for one moment that because of the usual cold and rainy weather the celebrities would be wearing coats and covering up but Jennifer Lawrence soon disrobed her tomato red coat to reveal another Dior gown.

This time it was from the Christian Dior Couture 2013 show, look 13, a white silk gown bedecked with multicoloured sequins. It features a high neckline with a wrap around backless section and a lose cape-like detail. Personally I wouldn’t have picked this for Jennifer but she is working the hell out of it even if it does give her an odd figure, and I’m growing towards the hair. If I had my pick of the Dior Couture collection I would have mixed look 48 with the amazing colour of look 51.

jennifer lawrence uk premiere

dior couture jlawElizabeth Banks is my second favourite thing about The Hunger Games and she didn’t disappoint with her return to form in a gorgeous cut out detailed Jason Wu Resort 2014 gown, modified from the original black to a bold neon yellow colour. It seems the actress favours a yellow hue as she also wore the colour at last year’s Hunger Games premiere in London when she picked a beautiful Bill Blass creation. I expect to see more amazing looks from Elizabeth Banks as the press tour rolls on, I hope it will be as good as last year. And for Jennifer Lawrence will anything ever top that gold Prabal Gurung gown she wore now that she seems to be dressing exclusively in Dior – I hope she doesn’t turn into a Natalie Portman bore.

elizabeth banks yellow dress


Jamie Dornan announced as the new Christian Grey

After Charlie Hunnam dropped out of the Fifty Shades of Grey movie, the producers went into re-casting mode and returned to their short list for that titular role.

And as news breaks today that man at the top of that list was the deliciously handsome Jamie Dornan. He is announced as the new Christian Grey playing opposite Dakota Johnson as Ana Steele.

What does everyone think to Dornan as the new Mr Grey?

Personally I think the re-cast is a good choice, Dornan has proved his acting chops in the recent BBC crime thriller The Fall where he played a freaky serial killer against Gillian Anderson’s sexy detective, and he’s already a familiar face in the US television series Once Upon A Time where he played Sheriff Graham/The Huntsman.

And screw it he used to be a Calvin Klein model and is bloody hot (and Irish).

christian grey

If all goes to plan Fifty Shades of Grey is scheduled for 1 August 2014 as a release date! It will certainly be one hot summer!

Promo Tour: Lily Collins for Mortal Instruments

Lily Collins may have just executed the best promo tour ever in the history of promo tours.

She has spent the past few months promoting The Mortal Instruments and every single look has been pretty spectacular. From casual day time talk show looks, to photo calls, premieres and magazine parties, Lily Collins and those amazing eyebrows have been everywhere.

Here are some (all) of my favourite looks that Lily has worn to promote her new movie, alongside her ex-boyfriend Jamie Campbell Bower and Kevin Zegers.


I say these are casual looks mainly because they are during the day time. But Lily knows how to still work that girly/sexy vibe depending on her make up and hair.

The first outfit is Stella McCartney, she has this amazing sixties vibe going on here with a slightly teased beehive and cute natural make up. This could be a difficult look to pull off with that extra layer but the show of legs makes it work.

The Paper London shorts and crop combo at Comic Con is just one of many crop tops Lily Collins has been sporting during this promo tour. Perfect for the event keeping that relaxed look with messy beachy waves, a slick of pink lipstick and a flash of abs.

I adore the Bec & Bridge look Lily wore for a meet and greet. So fresh and girly, the soft waves in her hair keep it sweet as does the hint of pink lipstick. Love the chunky necklace which sets everything off nicely.

Lily Collins casual Promo Tour

Stella McCartney // Paper London // Bec & Bridge

Lace – sexy and angelic

Here Lily is wearing two very different looks by Houghton. The custom made red design she wore to the Madrid premiere is stunning, the retro waves and amazing red lipstick complements the dress perfectly. The white backless Houghton dress she wore to the Toronto premiere is very angelic and the make up and hair is in keeping with the whole theme – two very different looks, both amazing.

Lily Collins Houghton Promo Tour



I wondered how dark Lily Collins’ eyebrows can go. Well here in the Maxime Simeons look – very dark. This is one of my favourite looks of the whole tour, it’s so easy to pick a pretty dress so I love how she has kept things fresh and gone over to the dark side. It’s so hard to pull off dark lipstick, dark brows, thigh high boots and a red sheer shirt without looking like a hooker. Well done Lily.

This tuxedo dress is fast becoming one of my favourite new styles this season. This Alexander McQueen version isn’t as fitted as the Dior version so I like how Lily has kept things to a bare minimum not overloading with jewels and wearing smoky make up with curly hair.

Lily Collins chose Rouland Mouret for the Flaunt magazine cover party. Another crop trop, but if you have abs like that I’d wear them all the time too. The top is a deconstructed shirt with a collar and buttons and pleated bust, the black skirt completes the very popular monochrome trend, and to top it off a bright red lip and a tousled up do.

Lily Collins vampy Promo Tour

Maxime Simeons // Alexander McQueen // Rouland Mouret


Lily definitely has a fondness for monochrome during this promo tour, either wearing black and white, all black or all white. I can’t get enough of Cushnie et Ochs at the moment, their cutouts are to die for and if I could get my hands on one of their uber sexy designs I would wear it until it fell apart! Lily’s vampy make up works so well against the stark white of this cutout dress that she wore to the LA premiere of Mortal Instruments, it would be so easy to just pick a pink or red lip but this dark red colour and slicked back hair is something I wish I could pull off.

Then you have a complete 180° for the Teen Choice Awards where Lily chose a gorgeous nude make up palette to wear with her Fausto Puglisi gown. I love the palm tree print paired with a black tee, I think it would have been overwhelming for her to wear the print head to toe so this high-low skirt works well.

Then we are back to Lily’s sexy best. Smoky eye make up, chunky jewels all against an all black look. Another up do this time with more of a quiff than the beehive but I like that she kept it tied up to show off that necklace. I think the crop top trend is here to stick around for a little while longer if Lily Collins’ wardrobe is anything to go by!

Lily Collins white and dark Promo Tour

Cushnie et Ochs // Fausto Puglisi // Paper London & Halston Heritage

Film review: Pacific Rim


Putting the terrible jokes aside about the movie’s title, Pacific Rim was everything it said on it’s Jaeger tin.

It was loud, it had some heart and soul and it had Idris Elba. I wasn’t going in expecting this epic movie from director Guillermo del Toro (Pan’s Labryinth, Hellboy) and writer Travis Beacham (Clash of the Titans), it was ultimately a nerd’s wet dream of being able to pit massive alien monsters (Kaiju) against massive man-made metal monsters (Jaegers).

Pacific Rim has had a very mixed bag of reviews from critics alike, Daily Telegraph’s film critic Robbie Collins calls it “miraculous entertainment”, Anthony Lane from the New Yorker on Rotten Tomatoes says it’s “long, loud, dark, and very wet. You might as well watch the birth of an elephant”, and Total Film manage to compare it to *whispers* Transformers: “Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim is a warmer Transformers… It shares a key niggle with Michael Bay’s metal-on-metal orgies: some of the scraps, you just don’t have the foggiest what you’re looking at”, and worst of all comes from Josh Wilding at “It is without a doubt one of the worst movies I have ever had the misfortune of sitting through”. Ouch.

The Kaiju

The Kaiju

The movie is set in 2020, and opens with a sequence about the alien monsters known as Kaiju that started to rise from the sea after a breach appears. The humans fight against the sea monsters by building huge metal robots known as Jaegers that require two pilots to simultaneously work them and for a while it seems like it’s working. But then disaster strikes Charlie Hunnam‘s (Sons of Anarchy) character Raleigh Becket and he retires from the pilot regime.

Only Idris Elba (Luther, Thor, The Wire) can bring Becket back to the fold to fight in the remaining Jaeger’s before they are decommissioned. I think maybe at this point it does fall into whimsical storyline territory, retired hero returns to become a hero once more, throw in Rinko Kukuchi‘s Mako Mori as potential love interest that doesn’t really have the chance to develop, and you’re looking at every other action flick with a dash of female.

The CGI fights sequences are pretty amazing though, and you can see del Toro’s imagination come to life in the forms the Kaiju take (especially the one that has wings) and the Hong Kong backdrop they fight through, and yeah I guess you could say the Jaeger’s look a little like Transformers but the pilots fighting whilst neurally connected give it a fresh and personal spin.

I think at just over two hours Pacific Rim was a little long, and although Charlie Day is sometimes funny his shouty scientist received too much screen time and the unnecessary side adventure to retrieve a Kaiju brain definitely could have been done off screen even if it did involve an extended cameo from Ron Perlman.

The idea that the world was existing much the same as it is today but fighting the giant monsters from the deep was a great story, but the pay off at the end was way to easy. And the creepy non-sexual hug at the end between Becket and Mako was plain weird, if del Toro was going along the lines of hero gets the girl, why don’t they kiss?

Who wouldn't want to kiss this?

Who wouldn’t want to kiss this?

Book review: Revenge Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger

I watched the movie Devil Wears Prada before I read the original book by Lauren Weisberger. It’s always a bit of a conundrum with book adaptations, has the movie done the book justice, is the book better than the movie, and so on.

For me it was absolutely impossible not to picture Anne Hathaway as Andy when reading the “hotly anticipated” sequel from Lauren Weisberger, Revenge Wears Prada: The Devil Returns.

For all I care Anne Hathaway is Andy, it even puzzled me for a while when I realised her character didn’t have a short pixie style hair do and she wasn’t crying whilst accepting any awards

Andy // Anne

Andy // Anne

Lauren Weisberger returns to her sassy protagonist Andy Sachs ten years after she walked away from her job on Runway screaming obscenities at her former she-devil boss, it’s the morning of her wedding day and she’s having a crazy nightmare about the Devil aka Miranda Priestley aka Meryl Streep aka Anna Wintour.

Andy is getting married to rich media mogul Max Harrsion and has a mean mother-in-law named Barbara and her BFF is no other than Emily Charlton.  They even run a wedding magazine together called The Plunge (ever watched The Inbetweeners? You know what it ryhmes with then) that they dreamed up and launched with the help of investors, namely Andy’s soon-to-be husband.

It all sounds cute and sweet and her life is all wrapped up in a little bow, with a surprise baby on the way.

And it’s interesting to hear how she became friends with her frenemy Emily as Weisberger gives us a quick recap on how they re-engaged at a cooking masterclass, how she met her new husband Max in the Hamptons whilst throwing a party for investors, and how they used Miranda’s name to secure talent for their new venture The Clunge Plunge, a high-end wedding magazine.

But I couldn’t help feeling that it was all too easy, the book is essentially a movie script, and it tellingly shows which I think damages the quality of the book and it’s characters.

Supposedly the ‘Revenge’ part of the book’s title, is the fact that Andy has launched her own magazine where her staff are happy doing what they do and she enjoys writing for the magazine, and her and Emily get to attend lots of glossy celebrity weddings. I did not get that.

I spent the whole book waiting for Andy to get her ‘revenge’ on Miranda. Miranda wants The Plunge and the girls know this is a major coup, they’ve succeeded and have a lucrative contract offered to them by Miranda’s people but there’s one condition – the whole editorial team have to remain intact for one whole year after Miranda purchases them and this is something Andy cannot fathom.

So is this where Andy gets her revenge on Miranda? No. Miranda has her own revengenda.

Not to ruin the ending completely, but instead of getting her revenge on the people she hates she gets betrayed by the people she loves. But the story is wrapped up with the usual Hollywood movie ending – everything happens for a reason and you’ll get the guy in the end. Yawn.

Worth a read just because it’s the sequel to a massively successful book, but I don’t see why Lauren Weisberger didn’t just go ahead and make the movie instead of printing a book.

Revenge Wears Prada

Comic Con: Superman vs Batman

What I love about the Warner Bros. announcement at San Diego Comic Con this past weekend about the Man of Steel sequel featuring Batman, is that it reignites the age old argument of who is the greatest superhero ever.

Superman against Batman is pretty epic, but can Superman really be beaten by Batman as Frank Miller’s 1986 The Dark Knight Return comic alludes to which is what Zack Snyder used to announce the Superman vs Batman movie:

“I want you to remember, Clark, in all the years to come, in all your most private moments, I want you to remember my hand at your throat. I want you to remember the one man who beat you.”

At the Warner Bros. Comic Con panel Zack Snyder did mention that the Man of Steel sequel would not follow Miller’s comic, but it is the basis of the story they wish to tell.

So two of the biggest superheroes, both in popularity and the potential to bring in millions of revenue, will more than likely be foes in the MoS sequel but are they really an even match? In Total Film‘s January edition they published a nifty comparison table of DC against Marvel but what about using those to pit the two DC superheroes against each other?


If anything we can easily assume that Superman has the upper hand, he’s an alien after all but maybe Batman’s hard exterior could crush Clark rather than Superman. Who knows?! Many months of speculation to follow, and they could even scrap Batman being a major part of the sequel of MoS altogether it’s only in pre-production and slated to be out in 2015.

All that’s left is to cast the Dark Knight 2.0, I hope that the Nolan’s are still going to be a part of the DC universe considering Christopher was on hand as a producer on MoS he could still take that seat and make sure the story is steered in the right way. There have been names banded about already for the role, from Karl Urban to Ryan Gosling and my own personal recommendation of Idris Elba – seriously guys he needs to be cast in something big soon (the first black Batman genius). Or could it be Joseph Gordon Levitt stepping in to the bat suit as was alluded to the end of the Dark Knight Trilogy?

I think Warner Bros. are thinking logically now, after MoS took just over $635 million worldwide and the amazing success of the Dark Knight Trilogy. Instead of trying to put together a Justice League movie to compete with The Avengers they are using their strongest superheroes to build up to the big group so we also have potential for The Flash and Wonder Woman to eventually enter the mix when the Justice League movie gets made.