Video: Diane Kruger and Josh Jackson star in first movie together…

But alas it is not what you think. My favourite Hollywood couple Diane Kruger and Josh Jackson took part in the ‘Defying Death Valley’ challenge with Mercedes-Benz.

Josh and Diane

Just casually being good looking people.

They were challenged to survive Death Valley, one of the hottest and driest places on earth, with only the water their F-Cell Mercedes-Benz car produced.

Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson have been together for around eight years, and although many continue to speculate the couple are going to get married because they occasionally wear gold bands on their wedding fingers, they’ve often said that they are commitment rings and are in no rush to get married!

But the couple looked adorable on their trek into the Valley with Diane losing the coin toss to take the first sip of the water produced by the car.

Diane and Josh gif

Well done Mercedes-Benz for getting two international stars to appear in an ad that will no doubt be a success on the other side of the Atlantic as green-obsessed LA falls over one another to get their hands on the limited run of F-Cell engines.


San Diego Comic Con 2012

It’s my favourite annual event, and it’s the one that realistically I could never afford to go to, not unless my Master Plan succeeds…

San Diego Comic Con is so popular amongst bloggers, reporters, film buffs, fanboys, actors, actresses, directors, writers, producers etc etc because it is seemingly one of the only events where the line is crossed between fans and those we are fans of.

Twitter was alive last weekend with stars of (mostly US) television shows excited to get to Comic Con and meet the fans, because as the majority always say its the fans that keep their shows going, its the fans that buy the movie tickets and keep cinema alive and this is the reward.

Teasers, trailers, spoilers and the fun factor make Comic Con an amazing event. I mostly followed The Hollywood Reporter’s Comic Con coverage this year, as well as Michael Ausiello at TV|Line, plus #SDCC on Twitter proved a great point of reference for those bloggers and writers for websites there and in the action.


The cast of Fringe take a bow (image via

It was a bittersweet panel for Fringe in the massive Hall H, as it was the show’s final appearance. Due to start filming the final season soon the cast, Josh Jackson, Anna Torv, John Noble, Lance Reddick, Jasika Nicole and show runner Joel Wyman, had a pretty emotional time during their panel. The Season 5 trailer was shown before the panel sat down, released by Joel on Twitter afterwards, and it satisfied fans questions about whether this final season would be set in the same future as shown in episode 19 in Season 4 with Joel confirming shortly after.

The funniest moment of the panel happened aside from the Mighty Ducks reference, when answering the question what have you most learnt from your characters and Anna Torv replies: “What I’ve learnt is to come…” cue pause, cue absolute guffaws of laughter from Josh Jackson and the rest of the cast as Anna realises what she has said.

Most emotional moment is when the cast are asked by the moderator, TVGuide’s Damien Holbrook, about their favourite moving scenes that they are not in, Jasika Nicole starts off the waterworks as she describes her favourite with Anna Torv and Lance Reddick following suit with the tears.

It really will be sad to see this unique and original show go, and I’m thankful that Fox gave Fringe those 13 final episodes to close the story. The plight from the fans was too much to ignore and I think there would have been huge disappointment if it had not been renewed so late in the game. There is a lot to come in the final season, which obviously will be fantastic if the previous four seasons have been anything to go by.

Once Upon a Time

I think this show ended up being a surprise hit during it’s first season, well for me anyway. The shortened version of what it’s about is a bunch of the most well-known fairy tale (and more familiarly as Disney) characters live in a small town by the name of Storybrooke who have no clue who they really are due to a spell they are under cast by the Evil Queen/Mayor Regina. She cast the spell to rid Snow White, her step daughter, of her true love Prince Charming.

There is only one person who believes (or knows the truth) they are fairy tale characters and that is the adopted son of the mayor, Henry, who happens to be the biological son of Emma Swan the ‘saviour’, she is the only one who can break the curse and save the people of Storybrooke and restore them to their true selves by simply believing.

The show continually played between the two worlds, showing the audience how the stories in the fairy tale world impacted on the characters in the ‘real’ world.

As Season 1 came to a close it was very clear that (SPOILER) the curse was broken, and the each character now knew who they were. What do we now expect of Season 2 now that the people of Storybrooke have been ‘rescued’, what will they do once they know they have spent many years as normal people with their true lives abandoned?

The show producers at the Comic Con panel said that in the first season the two worlds were “kind of touching” and now we will see how that affects whether they will merge together. Henry’s father will be revealed, this could be a major factor or a nonentity but the fact it’s taken so long to be revealed it must be the former. Other teasers include the introduction of several new characters including the big tease of Hook in the footage that was released. Other characters include Mulan, already cast and will be played by Jamie Chung, Sleeping Beauty played by Sarah Bolger, as well as Jack of the Beanstalk fame.

This really is a show that could go on for the long run and the writers obviously have a lot of source material to work from!

The Vampire Diaries

It was time for Elena to change in the final episode of TVD last season, and by change I obviously mean into a vampire. Her character has been through enough scrapes and it was about time that she actually died. Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec made the right decision, if it had been delayed again I think the show would definitely have suffered, even though the delay was the fantastically brilliant Joseph Morgan playing a deranged original vampire by the name of Klaus.

Nina Dobrev, joined by cast members Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley, Zach Roerig, Steven R. McQueen, Michael Trevino and executive producers Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec, spoke about how it’s going to be a challenge making vampire Elena different from doppelganger vampire Katherine: “It’s always been fun to make Elena and Katherine different… How do you make Elena the vampire version of herself and different from Katherine? That’s [going to be a challenge for season four]. I think that’ll be defined from her experiences.”

We know Elena never wanted to be a vampire, it was never an option she would chose (the stand out difference from Twilight may I add) so now she has to deal with being made one against her will and the teaser trailer for Season 5 suggests that she will refuse to feed which means her transition will not be complete and she will truly die.


Two minute sneak peek at Season 7 of Dexter, super exciting if you are a fan of the show:



Onto movies, Elysium is Neill Blomkamp’s follow up to District 9 starring Matt Damon. THR’s report said it was “arguably the most impressive thing screened in Hall H so far”. Rough footage was shown exclusively to the Comic Con audience, so I haven’t seen anything yet but the hype is already there especially when it involves people living in space.



A teaser clip has been released (thank god because I was annoyed my Cineworld screening of TDKR didn’t show it!) today of Zack Snyder’s Superman, and I must say it looks suitably dark and gritty. The main pull for me to this film is the Nolan name attached as a producer, his input is easily clear from the clip and that is a good thing if the ending to the Dark Knight Trilogy is anything to go by!

Pacific Rim

I wasn’t familiar with Pacific Rim, but by the sounds of it’s big $200m budget and Guillermo del Toro at the helm it promises to be more than just a Michael Bay robot versus alien movie. Well I hope so anyway. Robots and aliens have been done again and again but Guillermo del Toro says that all the aliens in Pacific Rim are completely original: “There will be sea monsters, flying monsters — we got monsters up the wazzu”.

Other tidbits:

  • Joe Mangienello pretty much confirmed there would be a Magic Mike sequel. Saying if the first one makes money there will be a sequel.
  • Even though I don’t watch the show (contemplating starting) Breaking Bad was a massive hit at Comic Con, with the two stars Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul turning up in their show hazmat suits.
  • DC had a Batmobile display outside the grounds of the San Diego convention centre showing every version of the vehicle right up until Nolan’s most recent Tumbler.
  • Robert Downey Jr made an unscheduled appearance at the Marvel Studios panel upon announcing Iron Man 3 with John Favreau not returning to direct. The titles for the next lot of Marvel movies were revealed; Thor 2: The Dark World, Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier, Guardians of the Galaxy, Iron Man 3 and still very much in production Ant-Man.
  • Godzilla is coming back in 2014.
  • At the Big Bang Theory panel an audience member won a TRIP TO SPACE. Yes you read that right.
  • I predict the CW’s new show Arrow will get cancelled. I’ll see the pilot but I doubt it will be any good. Cult however, will be great.
  • Stars of two of my favourite shows shared birthday celebrations over the Comic Con weekend; Steven R. McQueen and Colton Haynes of Teen Wolf. Teen Wolf has just had a Season 3 pick up with a mahoosive 24 episode count.

Colton Haynes and Steven R. McQueen

Diane Kruger at Cannes 2012

The golden girl of Cannes this year was of course Diane Kruger, a member of the jury for this year’s prestigious film festival and wearer of some of the most gorgeous gowns seen so far this year.

Never one to let anyone down she opened attended the jury photo call on the first day of Cannes in a burgundy Versus Fall 2012 pleated mini dress with strap details, only Diane could pull off a short sexy dress for the daytime and the bright blonde hair and flawless make up makes it a beautiful look.

Diane Kruger in Versus at the Jury Photocall Cannes 2012

Diane made a dreamy return to the Cannes red carpet in an ethereal mint green Giambattista Valli Couture dress for the Moonrise Kingdom premiere and the Opening Ceremony.

Diane in Giambattista Valli Couture at the Opening Ceremony

On to another day and another dress, this time Diane wore Calvin Klein to celebrate the Women in Film event sponsored by the brand. I love the coral textured fabric of the dress and the shape and admittedly there is a lot of the twins on show there, but I think because Diane doesn’t always do blatant sexy she gets away with the squished cleavage look and those white sandals purely because she has my favourite boy Joshua Jackson on her arm once again (and nixing those pesky rumours they had split).

Diane Kruger in Calvin Klein Fall 2012 at the Women in Film event.

For the Haiti Carnival Benefit hosted by Armani, Diane wore one of her favourite designers Jason Wu. I first fell in love with her style after she wore that Jason Wu red dress at the CFDA’s a few years ago and here she is in, as of yet unpresented, resort look. The dress has many different aspects to it, the black slip underlay with a signature embellished collar, and the navy chiffon draping that ties into the black waist, I think the navy and black is what jars me especially after seeing Karlie Kloss in a magenta pink dress of a similar design at the MET Gala and Jess Stam at the CFDA Awards in a cobalt blue version. I do love the ear jewellery though and of course there’s Josh…

Diane Kruger in Jason Wu Resort 2013 at the Haiti Carnival Benefit hosted by Armani.

My absolute favourite look of Diane’s at Cannes is the Vivienne Westwood gown she wore to the Amour premiere. It shimmered and oozed with old Hollywood glamour, from the sidewswept waves, the delicate drop earrings, to the silver box Jimmy Choo clutch, that waist-narrowing corset and the signature draped cleavage. An absolute 10/10 dripping in rose-gold sequins.

Diane Kruger in Vivienne Westwood at the Amour premiere. A silver version of this dress will set you back £2,535 on net-a-porter…

Diane wore a custom-made Nina Ricci gown to the Killing Them Softly Cannes premiere, a white drop-waist gown with feather detail and skirt. At first glance I immediately thought this was Chanel Couture, but no no Diane was saving the Chanel for the amFAR Gala later in the week. I like this dress, but I can’t get past the huge corsage on her shoulder, I know it adds a soft pop of colour but it’s just so big especially considering how delicate and detailed her hair is. Josh looked exceedingly handsome in Lanvin.

Diane in custom-made Nina Ricci at the Killing Them Softly Cannes premiere.

A hop, skip and a jump over to Monaco saw Diane and Josh attend the Nights in Monaco Gala Fundraiser in Monte Carlo. She wore a Prabal Gurung Fall 2012 gown, with an ostrich feather skirt and amazing gold applique detailing over the bust on a sheer top. This was really an outstanding look and the Nicholas Kirkwood for Prabal Gurung shoes tops off an amazing night for Diane as it was reported that Josh bought a £45,000 necklace for his lady. Annoyingly nearly every media outlet I read reported that it was an engagement gift, but if anybody knows this couple is that they’ve repeatedly said they see no need in getting married. Diane was previously married to Guillaume Canet for five years before they divorced and he went on to have a child with actress Marion Cotillard.

Diane Kruger in Prabal Gurung and Nicholas Kirkwood for Prabal Gurung shoes. (Image via redheadfashionista)

I love the idea of Chanel, it’s a luxurious brand and I will always have a 2.55 handbag on my wishlist, but whenever I see the looks from a runway show I always struggle to like any of them. Maybe I’ll like an accessory or a detail but sometimes the looks are so out there that I cannot picture them on the red carpet. That is where celebs like Diane come in to display the looks in their own unique way, time and time again I’ve seen a head to toe Chanel look and have been gobsmacked at how different it really looks in person than on the runway. The Krug wore a dress from the Resort 2013 collection that had just been presented, it pays to have friends in high places especially if your bessie is Karl.

Diane Kruger in Chanel Resort 2013 at the amFAR Cinema Against Aids Gala 2012

Diane’s Cannes run ended on a high with Christian Dior Couture. This dress seemed to get bit of love and hate from the critics, but if you look at every look from Diane there is barely a look that is the same she knows how to mix it up and never sticks to one look aka Jennifer Aniston and her LBD’s, Taylor Swift and her gold/neutral sparkles, and Kristen Stewart and the bedraggled look (ok I give her the Reem Acra gown). Diane’s Dior Couture sleevless gown with a Cinderella-style structured skirt was a great end to the festival, it wasn’t by any means my favourite but I definitely didn’t hate it at all.

Diane Kruger in Christian Dior Couture at the Cannes Film Festival Closing Ceremony and Therese Desqueyroux premiere.

Absolutely outstanding performance from Diane Kruger at Cannes this year, I can’t wait to see her back on the red carpet next year and for the rest of this year, as always my #1 Style Crush!

The best from Coachella

It seems like everybody went to Coachella at some point over the both weekends it was on, and once again I was not one of them.

This festival is one of the first in the summer (nearly) season, albeit in the US but still it’s as much of a fashion show as it is about the music. Plenty of trends were a-popping but the main style staple were denim cutoffs, in every kinda style.

Something so easy to copy and denim is a fantastic material to customise, I already have mine ready for Leeds Fest 2012 in August:

The studs are actually gold which for some reason doesn't show in this! (Originally from Topshop)

Back to the celebs at Coachella, my ultimate favorite look from the festival has to go to Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Those gams. That hair. And that body. She looked flawless in a pair of Christopher Kane embellished shorts and a simple white J Brand shirt open to reveal a bikini top, Givenchy boots finished off this great twist on casual dressing.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley at Coachella

Kate Bosworth has never been a firm favourite of mine, but her Isabel Marant cowboy shirt had to be hands down the best thing I saw. I will definitely be hunting out a western inspired lightweight shirt for this summmer. She is a great day dresser, minus a couple of accessories you can never go wrong with Isabel Marant Dicker boots though… I will own a pair one day!

Kate Bosworth at Coachella

Another sight that made me smile with glee was the sight of my favourite ever couple Diane Kruger and Josh Jackson. They love Coachella and were spotted there last year with another cool couple Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder. Thank god they were there again this year, after rumours buzzed about on the internet the other week that the couple had split I started to worry but lo and behold they are back and look as in love as ever!

The gang back together at Coachella this year, Josh Jackson, Nina Dobrev, Diane Kruger and Ian Somerhalder. Yey.

Diane and Josh back together. Diane is wearing a Stella McCartney Palm Print Dress, £170 and those Dicker boots.

Rihanna was there at the festival to perform with Calvin Harris, she jumped off stage to sing with her BFF Katy Perry who was in the crowd. The one time she can get away with a cropped bra top has to be at a festival, and this PEACE top and a Chanel bomber jacket paired with the best studded denim cutoffs I have seen, looked fit.

Rihanna at Coachella.

Oh and I can’t post about Coachella without mentioning Joe Maganiello. Shirtless. Dreamy.

Joe Maganiello. Shirtless at Coachella.

Other majah celebs in attendance were Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, not worth a picture because they looked like homeless people. Katy Perry of course was there with her rumoured new beau Robert Ackroyd of Florence + the Machine, wonder if she will ever get that tattoo the same as Russell’s covered up? Emma Watson with her new boyf, lacking in good hair (poor pixie crop). Gerard Butler, Alexander Skarsgaard, Emma Roberts with on again boyf Chord Overstreet, Dita Von Teese with Hurts frontman boyf, Zoe Kravitz and Penn Badgley looking like the 90’s barfed on them and various others.

The Costume Institute Gala 2011: Alexander McQueen “Savage Beauty”

The annual Costume Institute Gala’s MET Ball is fashion’s biggest extravaganza, this year it was in tribute to the late Alexander McQueen and there were plenty of guests in attendance who had some way over his illustrous career crossed paths, become great friends, walked in one of his shows or admired him from a distance.

The “Savage Beauty” exhibition is exquisite, I spent a fair amount of time going through the pieces on the MET Museum blog, the pictures, the video and the accompanying narrative from his close friends and colleagues play the part in it being pretty unique. I haven’t always paid close attention to Alexander McQueen and fashion for that matter only picking up my addiction in the past couple of years, so I feel I’ve missed out on some amazing shows such as “It’s Only a Game”, “VOSS” and “Widows of Culloden”. I advise you take a look they are things of beauty.

Those in attendance of 2011’s MET Ball had to pull out the stops to be the one most talked about, the dress that was most desired and the look of the night. And what a night it was for our very own British designer Stella McCartney, I’ve counted EIGHT women wearing her designs, that must be some kind of an achievement for any designer let alone a Brit. Stella is known for making dresses for women, perfectly sculpted, figure-hugging, or fiercely bright and statement-making. Every celebrity looked amazing in her gowns and for Iman a gold lame jumpsuit (she is Iman of course she can do what she wants).

Eva Mendes - although I like the colour and 70's style of the dress I'm still hoping Eva will return to her sexy roots rather than all the loose dresses she's been wearing recently. Rihanna - looks drop dead hot exactly as expected, the nude slash on the opposite side of the dress exposes just enough without been slutty. Her hair would have been amazing plaited without the long piece on the end.

Hailee Steinfield - I must say this is one of my favourites of the night, unexpectedly because it is understated glamour at its best. Capped sleeves and fitted bodice, works beautifully with the mini/maxi skirt. Iman - who cares, that crazy hair and the gold lame is what she's about.

Naomi Watts - simple column dress, with sheer sleeves is a sharp contrast to what Thandie Newton is wearing. Both stunning in equal ways, but Thandie pips Naomi to the post with the scallop lac detailing and sheer skirt. Sexy.

Amber Valletta - a classic Stella dress, the simple column skirt keeps the attention focused primarily on the detailed bodice, her pulled back hair and massive earrings add sultry glamour. Gwyneth Paltrow - we know that Gwynnie is bessie's with Stella so of course she would wear the designer, but even though the dress is gorgeous and I would kill for it, Gwyneth makes it dull and boring. This is her go to look, where are her pins from the Balmain dress a couple of years ago?

There were only a select few to actually wear McQueen, those I expected like Sarah Jessica Parker, Sarah Burton, Daphne Guinness, Naomi Campbell and Anna Dello Russo, as well as Gisele and Coco Rocha. Daphne Guinness actually got dressed in the window of Barneys department store, strange but true you can see the delightful video here. She wore an amazing feathered McQueen creation, probably out of her own very extensive private collection, it captured Guinness perfectly.

Sarah Jessica Parker truly stunned me in her McQueen gown, normally she is a quirky dresser, there’s always something added that makes it that little bit odd but her dress was beautiful. I’m not entirely familiar with Sarah Burton’s style, so her white floaty dress was probably well chosen and not too extreme.

I adore Anna Dello Russo’s outfit, perfectly fitted trousers, gold embroidery detail, crisp white shirt and cropped jacket, not a dress but so ADR. Apparently Naomi Campbell decided to chose the dress with the most fringing anybody ever saw and let it drown her, not to mention the awful hair, whoever did that should be fired.

Gisele looked lovely in her red gown, but it wasn’t outstanding for someone with a body as gorgeous as that. And the only saving grace on Coco Rocha’s black grecian-style dress are the feather’s adorned on the hip, a perfect touch to an otherwise simple dress.

Daphne Guinness

Sarah Jessica Parker

Anna Dello Russo

Naomi Campbell

Gisele Bundchen

Coco Rocha

Next up are my favourite people, Blake Lively, Beyonce and Diane Kruger. Each have their own unique style, Blake and Diane, if you read my blog enough you will know, are my style crushes so I was impressed that Diane returned to Jason Wu as she always looks gorgeous in his dresses. The thigh slit oozes sex but with the full length sleeves adds the classic glamour that Diane does so well and with the perfect Josh accessory on her arm she was never going to fail. Blake had Karl Lagerfeld as her accessory, and what else would she be dressed in other than Chanel? But the dress she turned up in wasn’t what I expected at all. Blake tends to stick to a pattern, mini and tight, boobs and tight, long and more than likely tight-ish, it works for her she has a killer body and it gets her noticed as always. You can see her style peeking through on one half of the dress and then a massive sash covers her other half, its different and I suppose sometimes you need to step out of your comfort zone and that’s exactly what Blake has done and she pulls it off with aplomb.

Diane Kruger and Josh Jackson

Blake Lively

Hey B what’s that you can’t move? Beyonce rocked up in skintight Emilio Pucci, showing off her fantastic figure. She struggled to climb the stairs into the venue and even got booed when she didn’t stand and stop for waiting photographers. Who cares about them when you look that gorgeous, I think the keyhole over the breasts wasn’t needed as the dress really spoke for itself.


Kudos goes to Ginnifer Goodwin for shunning a designer dress and opting for custom made Topshop gown, what a coop for them. Her green dress is killer, love it, the cutout the full length brilliant choice. Jessica Szhor also chose Topshop from their Unique range which according to their Inside Out blog will be available in stores in September!

Ginnifer Goodwin and Jessica Szhor

Favourites of the night go to Christina Ricci in Zac Posen, Karlie Kloss looking majah 90’s in Dior, Brooklyn Decker in neon pink Calvin Klein, Liv Tyler in Givenchy Couture, (you’re going to hear lots about her soo)n Oh Land in 3.1 Philip Lim.

Christina Ricci and Karlie Kloss

Brooklyn Decker and Liv Tyler

Oh Land

Coachella Weekend

It’s the weekend where all the coolest hottest people in the US fly over to Indio, California to the desert for a 3 day music and arts festival with all the top names headlining. This year Kings of Leon, Arcade Fire, Kanye West, The Black Keys, Lauryn Hill, Animal Collective and Mumford & Sons are to name a few of those who are playing at the festival.

I’d love to be there chilling with all the cool people, checking out what people are wearing. Instead I shall do it from afar, it’s the best part really, celebs flock there to enjoy the sunshine and relaxed atmosphere and there’s some of my favourite people there this year…

The return of my favourite couple, Diane Kruger and Josh Jackson looking very much in love. Diane ever the style queen is rocking a nude maxi skirt a great look for a music fest and that classic trilby her favourite goto accessory.

How I love it when I see celebs hanging out with each other, even though I dont think Nina Dobrev and the hottie that is Ian Somerhalder are a couple they look cute together. Nina in a classic summer outfit, a definite favourite of mine, denim cutoffs you can never go wrong.

As I always say Im not a fan of Kate Bosworth as an actress (apart from in Blue Crush ha) but her style here is flawless, white denim shorts and Im pretty sure thats a Topshop vest looks f**king awesome. Understated but enough cool to make it a perfect outfit, in fact so good that I want some white denim shorts now, and arm candy Alexander Skarsgard wouldnt go amiss.

Victorias Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio looks all pretty and summery, the boots could have been swapped for some sandals but Im absolutely loving the scarf it adds depth to the white peasant skirt and top look.

Vanessa Hudgens has taken the festival look a tad too far, but the individual pieces are gorgeous like the floppy hat the colour of her top and the piles of bangles and necklaces. The trousers... well erm the thought was there.

Camilla Belle at a bbq thrown by Mulberry at Coachella, another celeb in denim shorts such an easy go to with a cute blouse and sunnies.

I heart Nicole. Her day to day style is great, and she sticks to what she knows with a hippy vibe touch. Super short denim cutoffs look gorgeous with this flower print blouse, and with heels to sharpen her whole outfit.

Rihanna looking damn hot as usual, denim cutoffs (beginning to see a theme here...) and a light camouflage jacket which I love and of course the fiery red hair that is fast becoming a trademark!

Krug and I share the same birthday!

OMG I am absolutely kicking myself for not realising my #1 Style Crush shares the same birthday as me!!

To be fair I was pretty busy what with my own birthday and graduating from university so you have to forgive me.

So Happy Belated Birthday Diane Kruger, I hope Josh spoilt you rotten you lucky lady. Fabsugar compiled a tribute to the Krug with 40 pics of her best outifts, I’ve picked a few I like:

Doing sexy cutout in 2004

Looking tanned and toned in denim cutoffs and a peasant blouse in 2005

SAG Awards 2007 in Dior

Front Row at Tommy Hilfiger 2007, perfectly complimented by Emmy Rossum and Rosario Dawson

One of my favourite ever dresses, Diane in Jason Wu

Diane and Josh channelling the Great Gatsby for New Year 2008