Matte pink lipstick

I’ve just returned from my jolly holidays, and it was a fantastic time spent with old friends and making new ones, as well as getting all dolled up in summery clothes and lovely make up.

When I go on holiday I tan really dark and so the make up I use during my pale wintery months doesn’t match at all and it’s too much of an effort to go out and try and find matching bases when I don’t know the exact colour I’ll go. So I tend to stock up on the extra bits that will make my skin shimmer and shine and add some bright colour to it.

I knew I wanted a matte pink lipstick, I’ve wanted one for a while and it’s taken me ages to find a really nice one. I found that in the Revlon Matte Lipstick range, at the slightly more expensive end for a lipstick but the perfect shade in ‘Stormy Pink‘. It went with everything. And was even the right shade for my neon pink outfit for the full moon party that I nearly* attended. With the lipstick been matte, it’s understated enough to not look garish but the right amount of colour for that bright pop an exemplary addition to my make up bag!

Revlon Matte Lipstick in Stormy Pink

*Due to unforeseen (drunk) circumstances I missed the full moon party and the buckets of drink they were handing out! But our costumes were wicked!


Do I live in the real world?

The amount of articles I have read recently about how as a nation we basically suck at communicating in the real world.

“But I do, I do!” I hear you say? No, apparently Facebook, Twitter, BBM, Whatsapp and whatever else doesn’t count. WHAT??

After reading Jameela Jamil’s column, “Cyber schmyber”, in Company magazine (bought to wile the time away waiting for a train) she made the point – “In a world where we have never been so well connected, in truth, we have never been more detached”.

Some truth, because after a weekend away with my university mates who I’m totally ashamed to admit some of them I had not seen since graduation night over 8 months ago, I realised that although I had seen plenty of their pictures, Facebook statuses, Twitter updates thinking I knew what had been happening in their lives, I really didn’t know half the details!

Another point from Jamil’s column is that we only see an “edited glimpse” of what our friends are up to. There isn’t one single person who can whole heartedly, truly and honestly say they don’t edit their photo albums missing out those ridiculously drunken ones or “ugly” pictures, or spend a good few minutes thinking of the perfect status or tweet or text message. For me I admit I prefer Twitter, sometimes I act erratically and tweet nonsense other times I carefully construct my 140 characters into something I think resembles wit and intelligence in the hope I get a retweet or a response with a gratifying nod of approval from a follower.

I edit myself to appear how I want people to perceive me in that online snapshot, it’s a bad habit but who can truly be themselves in a network full of famous people that appear to have such better lives, or even normal people who are your “friends” on Facebook that like to brag about what they have done that day or week that is obviously better than your life. Sometimes that can honestly make you feel like an inadequate twat unworthy of connecting with anybody.

I returned from my weekend away feeling happy purely for seeing good friends face to face, laughter and alcohol helped along the way of course. But I couldn’t help but tweet my way through just to make sure everybody else knew where I was, what I was doing or what I’d just laughed at that very second. It’s now second nature to do something or see something and be thinking about how to share it with everyone on your online community.

Why is that? It’s like writing a diary that everyone can read. You miss something and you can turn back to that page by trawling through tweets and statuses as they are seemingly forever captured on the world wide web. It’s totally impossible to avoid, we are connected online and it makes it easier to keep in touch and update each other quickly, I want to live in the real world but I can’t stop tweeting.

I feel I’m rambling, but one thing is for sure we have a need for attention and social interaction it’s how we survive, imagine not communicating with anybody for a whole week?! We seek the validation and feedback from the interaction and if the only way we can get this is living in a virtual world then I’m afraid it is a case of so be it.

But everyone should remember as Stylist magazine so eloquently put it:
“Live it, don’t tweet it”.

Be My Valentine?

You know what’s coming don’t you, it’s that time of year where if you haven’t got a significant other you find it a pretty grating time having adverts for flowers, chocolates, romantic weekends away and lingerie, shoved in your face like they’re going out of fashion.

Those in love are sickly sweet with each other whilst us loners are stuck out in the cold, discarded, and not worthy.

I don’t need a boyfriend really but it’s pretty unfair that for one day of the year I’m reminded that I’ve never had a bunch of flowers delivered to my door* or my favourite chocolates wrapped and left on my doorstep with a sweet card (oh wait a minute that did happen, he got me the WRONG chocolates, just so you know I do not like Ferrero Rochers) or been given a Me To You bear that says “I Wuv You”.

What’s even worse these days you can’t really do anything on your own because more than likely you’ll look like a social retard, oh wait that’s why we have friends.

Let’s go out and have an anti-man celebration where we bump into more men than ever because they’ve got easy prey. Lonely women. Ouch that sucks, let’s stay in and watch a movie. What was that a happy ever after ending, an amazing marriage proposal, the perfect date, you bought us designer shoes because you know us so well? It is impossible to get away from the picture perfect story that all women aspire to when all we expect is our men to act like Noah Calhoun.

The Notebook

So I could go on and say how we don’t need men we have our girlfriends aka Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City, who claims it’s an mortal sin to put your man before your friend, but I’m not going to lie here your friends aren’t going to keep you warm in bed now are they?

So stuff it I hate Valentine’s Day, but I want flowers and I want chocolate.


*All address enquiries welcome.

Topshop Student Shop

A few weeks back now, my friends who are still enjoying the delights of university over in Prestonia got to attend my favourite night of the year: Topshop Student Shop. 20% off everything in store what is not to love?

Well how stoked was I when my I get a text from my friend at home saying “Want to go to a student night at Topshop in Hull?” DO I??? Yes please.

I didn’t have time to prepare like I normally do plus I had just bought those wedges the week before, so I wasn’t hopeful. I did manage to find something, this perfectly on-trend nude bag and this (slightly plain but cute) jumper:

2 Tone Pushlock Holdall £36 // Knitted Button Detail Jumper £32

Now I was lucky enough to attend one student shop without being a student, now luck is striking again in York this time with another student shop. Oh it is sooo beneficial being friends who are still students, having a 16-25 Natwest Railcard and still having my UCLan student card without an expiry date..

This time I’m looking out for this beautiful cape and these boots, which I must have. (I couldn’t wait I got the cape!)

Hooded Duffle Cape £75

Downy Fleece Lined Zip Boots £85

I’m back and so are The Like

So I’m back, not that I left my blog unattended for 3 days by choice. I had a very busy weekend, visiting the wonderful city of Hull to sample it’s night delights with a couple of crazy mental people that insisted I get horrifically drunk on wine and blackcurrant Sourz, and then a trip to Manchester to see a very hungover JMG (tut tut) and listen to her recent antics whilst having food at Nandos for the very first time. (I liked the sauces but it’s still overrated)

Anyhoo the reason I’m buzzing today is after picking up my copy of Grazia from the doormat I am delighted to find on page 67 that the “coolest girl band on the planet” are back. Who are the coolest girl band on the planet I hear you ask? Well The Like, that’s who. I have for many years (well since 6th form so what 5 years) wondered where this amazing band had disappeared to.

As Grazia reports they launched as a three-piece back in 2001, I discovered their amazing 2005 debut album Are You Thinking What I’m Thinking? and fell in love with their floaty vocals and melodic sound. But apparently The Like faded into the background, even though they received critical acclaim for the album, they were “plagued by mutterings about nepotism” as all their Dads were music industry veterans.

I lost their album and have struggled to find a copy of it since. But now they are back as a four-piece, with original band members Elizabeth ‘Z’ Berg  and Tennessee Thomas, and new members Annie Monroe and Laena Geronimo with their new album Release Me.

The Like

I am ordering a copy as I type.

Graduation Stress

STRESS?! More of it, nooooo.

Those of us who are successful in our grades and are attending the graduation ceremony at the lovely UCLan (or anywhere else for that matter) will soon realise how much of a right ol’ palava organising the trip is.

First it’s the outfit. Yeah, you need to look good even if you will be covered in a mahoosive gown. But what the hell would look good? The recommended outfit of choice is an awful trousers/blouse combo, for girls (well for me anyway) this is just not going to happen. I think in all my life I have never EVER done blouse and trousers. Dress all the way, but good god what style/length/colour/pattern/sleeves/no sleeves/tight/loose too many choices, too difficult.

At first I thought I had it sorted, I’d been looking for a while and came upon a lovely blush pink dress by CiCi. It was nicely fitted not too tight and not too loose. Well on the website it looked lovely, upon receiving the package and rushing to try it on I found what I suspected: TOO SHORT. Well I’ll wear it with flats and tights I said, but then I went and got a new tattoo and I don’t want it covered up. So dilemma, I need a new dress. I’ve gone smarter this time, a bright pillarbox redto match with the red stripe on our gowns, clever, I know.

Here is the first dress (which by the way I’m keeping, a birthday present to me):

Option Number One

And the second dress has not arrived as of yet, but if it fits then it’s going to be a surprise for the day! Aha!

Now the second part of the “Stress”:

Some are lucky and live nearby our university of choice, but others like me live nearly 3 hours away, and I know others that live even further.

It’s annoying that I have a morning ceremony which starts at 11am, there’s me thinking just roll up at half 10 and sorted. Oh no no. Registration first, gown collection blah blah blah.

830am registration starts, how is it possible to be at the ceremony on time, travelling the same day? It’s not, and there goes added expense, not only will there be petrol/train tickets, but hotel stays so that we can get up at a reasonable hour and make ourselves look all pretty and nice for photos later.

I’ve got it slightly easy, I only need 2 tickets, simples. But what about those who have 4 and need more? Parents, grandparents, sisters, brothers, cousins, aunts, uncles the list goes on and on. There is a restriction on tickets which lessens the problems when you have to tell your aunt that’s not really your aunt she can’t come and witness you receiving a blank piece of paper on a stage. Shame. (Just to clarify this has not happened to me)

And then there is the added confusion of what to do after the ceremony, you’re with your parents but you want to see your friends, but it’s a proud day for the ‘rents but a happy day to share with your mates. You don’t want to tell your parents to sod off, but friend’s parents mixing hmmm awkward times. Your friends are YOUR friends but the parent’s, who knows will they get on or won’t they… too risky?

For those that have already graduated maybe you could give us newbies some pointers? For now, it seems it will be a day of just going with the flow.

So good luck to you all in planning your days!

Day Twenty Eight – This Year in Great Detail

Well this time last year, I was in Zante, Greece, soaking up the sun and the alcohol it had to offer. I spent 2 months there with Claris and Dobby. What fun we had DAILY. There were turtles, sand, sea, sun, cocktails, euros, quad bikes, gypsy kids, fish bowls, lilo’s, Baywatch, sun loungers, Waikiki, Barcode, Cubaneros, Michael’s Place, moussaka, lots of lamb, Georgio’s the best Sunday dinner EVER, kittens, dogs, new friends, old friends, free shots, monkeys, dancing on the bar, dancing on poles, dancing on walls, dancing on everything, my 21st birthday, fancy dress, karaoke, workers,  landlords, LIDL, working, Medusa, Argos, Chevvy’s, Cameo Island, great memories and TREASURE.

I came back in August with a cracking tan, but that’s what you get when you spend 8 hours a day in the boiling hot sunshine. Ahhh bliss. I caught up with my buddies at home Brown and Little Briggs as it was their joint birthday bash in Newcastle (or as it’s known BBBB), sooo much fun, I love the further North!! And then an early trip to Preston to move some stuff into the newly christened house Tequilaville, and a spur of the moment trip to Blackpool Pleasure Beach to ride the Big One, with a Big Hangover.

It’s time to start the third and final year of university, I remember thinking back in September to savour every moment because it’s going to be over before I know it. Tequilaville held its first house party to welcome people back and to show off our new house and the photowall before it got all dirty and that. I’m pretty sure a certain Dixon broke our toilet seat, some random foreign people gatecrashed, and some of us hid in my room from them. That sounds pretty good to me?

It’s funny because I’m basically just describing what happened in all of my pictures, not really knowing or remembering what happened. That’s why I think it’s important to take a lot of pictures what ever you do because no doubt you will forget it ever happened. There is nothing there to jog your memory! I mean in between all this blatant alcoholism I did do some studying, there was hard studying, and stressful studying, assignment deadlines, group deadlines. But I’m not going to take a picture of that now am I?

So onto the months between October and November-ish, these are just compiled of going out drinking, after-party’s and having a good ol’ time with my friends. Pretty much anywhere in Preston, I can’t be specific I don’t remember. Oh I do remember going to London to see Beyonce at the O2 Arena after winning free tickets to go and see her, ooo I am a lucky devil. Me and Noons stayed with Kayls for the weekend and venture to Oxford Street to the see Selfridges window display and Camden Town to sample the amazing delights of the food.

I don’t have any pictures from December, I don’t really like that month anyway, christmas, blah, new year’s blah. Oh I also seem to remember that I was down in London for 2 weeks at the Shooting Times magazine of work placement, that was a good time! Then straight to home for the holiday period, this is around the time I started my blog!

January and it’s the new year 2010! Went back to Preston quite early due to another work placement at Express Newsapers subbing offices, was good experience especially been in the same building as Rob Pattinson’s uncle, whom I never met, and whom I can’t quite clarify was actually there but it still fun thinking this all the same. Then everybody came back and I think Manorgate had the first party of 2010, Kelly’s birthday at a mexican and the first major deadline passed with tequila. After finishing our group magazine projects and some of us passing shorthand, a drink was well deserved!

Oh I forgot as well that I had hair extensions back in November-ish apparently I haven’t got that many pictures but there are some coming up. It was Samuel’s birthday, we went out for a lovely meal, then got drunkish. Then I think I came home at some point for a night out and to see the chums.

After this point it was hard work mode, again. The second group magazine went into production, not as many late nights as the first but plenty of hours still put in. As well as this there was still shorthand to get stressy with. It finally came together and I think a lot of us were proud with how much work we had put in and what had come together at the end! All that was left to do for Magazines was write a report and then another assignment I think and then it was Easter break. A well earned break from uni back home to chill out and start revising for our one and only exam! I spent Easter at home went back to uni for a week for Edith’s birthday and to do a timed essay and then came back home to get down to a strict revision routine, it worked I hope as the exam was a breeze (touch wood). After the exam we went out and partied as it was George and Alasdair’s birthdays what a treat! After this there were the Media Awards which was a great night, and relaly showed just how much work and effort went into producing PR1 and Pluto and Frequency!

After this I’ve already pretty much blogged about, the last day of uni, the sunshine, drinking, no deadlines, its quite nice. I’ve been out a few times since I’ve been back home but not many piccies were taken so I don’t know if they really happened. I met my friend’s new boyf, we went to Beverley races I won a tenner. I went to Leeds for my friends birthday which there are only a couple of pics that pretty much show me a bit worse for wear so we don’t need to see those. Since then I’ve just been chilling at home blogging to the max.

It’s taken me about 3 hours to write and post the pictures so I want you all to make sure you’ve read every word… Ha ha, I’ve tired myself out doing this so I’m pretty sure it will be a good nighttime read if you’re struggling to sleep.