The Oscars 2014: Red carpet

I made the mistake this year of expecting too much from the Oscars 2014.

There was such a long stretch of time between the last bout of awards in January and the Oscars on March 2nd that in my own imagination, it was a lifetime. A lifetime that should have given all the stylists in Hollywood the time to gather all those amazing couture dresses we saw on the runway in Paris and shipped to LA. But no, I thought Lily Allen’s tweet summed it up:

Award season started on a high for Lupita Nyong’o with her Ralph Lauren red cape dress at the Golden Globes, a jaw-dropping moment that was soon to be followed with the bright turquoise floral Gucci stunner at the SAG Awards. There were so many amazing looks inbetween that I’d need a whole blog dedicated to her to go through them. So when Lupita arrived on the Oscar red carpet I was more than a little disappointed, don’t get me wrong her sky blue custom Prada gown was nice but it wasn’t jaw-dropping. The shape was very reminiscent of Amy Adam’s two-tone red Valentino Couture gown from the Golden Globes, and it just wasn’t anything we haven’t seen before. I do really wish she had worn this Elie Saab Couture look.

Lupita Nyong'o Prada

Lupita Nyong’o in Prada at the Oscars 2014

Another star that I was on tenterhooks for was of course Jennifer Lawrence. She mentioned briefly at the SAG Awards that she may be wearing vintage Dior so my mind wandered and created a dress of such mind-blowing epicness that her simple column dress with peplum detail at the waist came as a bit of a shock as did her fantastic stumble and fall. She did look gorgeous, and I was glad for the return of red but once again I couldn’t help but think of how much better and smokin’ hot her 2011 Oscars Calvin Klein dress was.

Jennifer Lawrence Dior

Jennifer Lawrence in Christian Dior Haute Couture at the Oscars 2014

So to my best dressed of the night without a shadow of a doubt, Kate Hudson. Even in a sea of soft golds, champagne hues, and nude tulle she sashayed onto the Oscars red carpet in a stunning Atelier Versace gown adorned with the most perfect beaded demi cape. Not to mention the  gorgeous detail at her waist, that sexy deep neckline complemented with softly curled hair and nude make up. If I had the opportunity to wear this dress I don’t think I’d want to ever take it off, but Kate did just that for the Vanity Fair after-party which I have to give special mention to because she managed to wear another stunner of gown. Kate rocked up on the green and cream carpet in Zuhair Murad couture, she won the war of the red carpet by wearing two amazing dresses whilst some of the attendees couldn’t even manage to wear one above average.

Kate Hudson Oscars

Sandra Bullock has had a great awards season, so I was impressed with her Alexander McQueen gown. The knotted drape feature made what could have been a simple and boring dress into a classic navy strapless wonder.

Sandra Bullock Alexander McQueen

Sandra Bullock in Alexander McQueen at the Oscars 2014

I think Kristen Bell has been just under the radar on the red carpet this season, she’s not a mega watt star so sometimes goes overlooked. I myself admit to doing so, but her Roberto Cavalli Oscars gown was something not to be ignored. Her best accessory of course was her smile.

Kristen Bell Roberto Cavalli

Kristen Bell in Roberto Cavalli at the Oscars 2014

Special mention must go to the best looking red carpet couple, Olivia Wilde in Valentino and Jason Sudeikis in Prada. I mean those two, there’s so much hotness I can’t cope.

Olivia Wilde Jason Sudeikis

Olivia Wilde in Valentino and Jason Sudeikis in Prada at the Oscars 2014

There were other stars out there that looked beautiful, and I admit no one really had a red carpet mishap. The female celebrities all seemed to be a tad mediocre especially when compared to last year’s Oscars. But fear not my fellow fashion fiends, there are only a couple of months to go until the MET Gala and Cannes Film Festival.

Here’s the best of the rest:

You can see all my favourite red carpet looks from Awards Season 2014 over on my Pinterest board.


Red Carpet: Jennifer Lawrence Catching Fire promo tour round-up

I went to see The Hunger Games Catching Fire last night, it was pretty damn good. There was so much action and it really played out like the book, minus a few things but I’m not going to nit pick because I enjoyed it. I enjoyed it that much that I was blindsided when it ended because I, and I’m guessing a lot of others, read the three books all in one go so could not even begin to remember where the actual ending was!

As always my favourite part of a big blockbuster movie coming out is of course the promo tour, and if the movie has big stars we’re more likely to see some amazing outfits. And this was definitely the case when it came to every single Catching Fire premiere.

There was a lot of Dior from Jennifer Lawrence, which I admit, didn’t always work but somehow she managed to pull her looks off with the help of stunning make up and that fresh new hair cut. There was a lot of contention when it came to Jennifer’s hair cut as there always is in Hollywoodland because we are so used to seeing long wavy <insert hair colour here> extensions hair and barely any variety. Yes I agree I think Jennifer looked beautiful with long, luscious hair, she was a modern day bombshell with it, but she still is a bombshell with short hair so nothing has changed apart from her looking a bit more edgy and youthful!

I digress, there was a smattering of other designers such as Louis Vuitton, Alexander McQueen and Proenza Schouler at the photocalls and after parties, but exclusively Dior on the red carpets. From London, Berlin, Madrid, Rome, Paris and back to LA premiere Jennifer showcased so many different looks.

My stand out moment was at the Paris premiere, after a disappointing world premiere dress in London she (and her beauty team) were inspired to create this outstanding edgy but chic look. I mentioned in my previous post on the London world premiere how I would have loved to see Jennifer in this dress but in a different colour, I suppose you can’t have both but I was glad she did wear this in the end.

Jennifer Lawrence at The Hunger Games Catching Fire premiere in Paris

Jennifer Lawrence at The Hunger Games Catching Fire premiere in Paris

My next favourite was the LA gown, the sheer trend sees absolutely no signs of waning and those who hate it are just going to have to get over it. This gown showed the playful, sexy Jennifer we all know and love with the choppy hair and pink lipstick she totally pulls it off without going to far over to the Kristen Stewart side..

Jennifer Lawrence at The Hunger Games Catching Fire premiere in LA

Jennifer Lawrence at The Hunger Games Catching Fire premiere in LA

I’m still divided on this being the best dress for Jennifer, but I can’t help but like the beaded detailing it just lifts the dress, and I think the hair wasn’t necessarily as good as it could have been, I guess they were trying out looks to gauge reaction.

jennifer lawrence uk premiere

Jennifer Lawrence at The Hunger Games Catching Fire world premiere in London

I do like this Dior dress coat at the Berlin premiere, and the detailing is divine, but I couldn’t help feeling a little underwhelmed. Although it did inspire me to go and buy this ASOS tuxedo inspired dress.

jlaw berlin

Jennifer Lawrence at The Hunger Games premiere in Berlin

These were all the dresses that just left me a bit meh. The first Dior at the Madrid premiere reminded me a lot of her SAG Awards dress, it could almost pass for how her dress would have turned out if her gown had actually ripped like everyone imagined. The second creamy yellow dress annoyed me, because for a long time I kept cleaning my computer screen thinking I had a smudge on it. And I guess the third half jacket dress half crop top was edgy for NYC but just no where near as appealing as her others.

Jennifer Lawrence at The Hunger Games Premiere in Madrid, Rome and New York

Jennifer Lawrence at The Hunger Games Premiere in Madrid, Rome and New York

What was your favourite look from Jennifer Lawrence during The Hunger Games Catching Fire promo tour?

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Vanessa Hudgens’ glamourous transformation on latest promo tour

Vanessa Hudgens likes to portray herself as a wild flower child when it comes to street style and that sometimes doesn’t translate well on to the red carpet.

But recently on the promo tour for Vanessa’s latest movie, Frozen Ground, she has injected some serious style into that wardrobe and long forgotten are the floaty printed maxi skirts and stomach baring cropped tops in there place are sleek separates and glamorous gowns.

Vanessa Hudgens DVF

Vanessa Hudgens in Diane Von Furstenberg at the Ischia Global Film Festival Awards where she picked up Global Icon.

Ischia Global Fest Gala Dinner, Ischia, Italy - 18 Jul 2013

Vanessa Hudgens in on trend all white look from Catherine Malandrino during the Ischia Global Film an Music Festival

Vanessa Hudgens radio tour

Vanessa Hudgens in another all-white Catherine Malandrino look whilst in London on promotional duties at BBC Radion One.

Vanessa Hudgens London PacificCoastNews

Vanessa Hudgens in head to toe Moschino, she looks great in this brocade print fitted suit. My favourite of the whole tour.

Vanessa Hudgens Berlin premiere PacificCoastNews

Vanessa Hudgens in a stunning embellished nude Jenny Packham 2011 jumpsuit at the London premiere for Frozen Ground.

Trailer: Romeo and Juliet (2013)

The problem with Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is that the story is so well-known, to do another movie version means it’s not going to be that much different from any other versions already out there.

The most popular – and one of my favourite ever movies – Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet is the benchmark and I think it would be pretty hard to beat.

Italian director Carlo Carlei is the latest to take on Shakespeare’s star-crossed lovers with screenplay from Downton Abbey scribe and Oscar winner Julian Fellowes. According to IMDb this is Carlei’s first foray into a big production, previously directing foreign-language and television movies.

Hailee Steinfield and Douglas Booth

Hailee Steinfield and Douglas Booth

The trailer itself is basically the whole movie, it puzzles me why some companies do this because it doesn’t necessarily entice an audience to want to pay to watch something when they know the story so well that it is laid out in the trailer. However, Romeo and Juliet was filmed entirely on location in Italy, just like the original Oscar-winning Franco Zeffirelli version so what will be different about this movie?

Well for starters the main cast are a mixture of veterans and hot newbies; you have Douglas Booth as Romeo cheekbones and eyebrows at the forefront, the very young already Oscar-nominated Hailee Steinfield as Juliet, Golden Globe winner Damien Lewis with a super dodgy haircut as Lord Capulet, Oscar-nominated and the simply great Paul Giamatti as Friar Laurence; along with the dashing Ed Westwick (most familiarly known as Chuck from Gossip Girl) as the main antagonist Tybalt.

Can this fresh cast bring something new to the Shakespeare tale that has been done so many times before?

Will the controversy surrounding the sex scene between 16-year-old Steinfield and a 20-year-old Booth be a hindrance or overlooked for the authenticity?

Only the box office totals will tell us the answer after it is released in October later this year.

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The Best of The Importance of Being Oreo 2012

As I’m currently compiling my best dressed of the year lists, I thought I’d look through my blog posts from this past year and pick out my favourite ones. It’s hugely self indulgent, but as I was looking back there were so much stuff I’d forgotten I’d written about especially in the earlier part of the year.

I’ve picked one from each month, so if you find yourself currently bored of wrapping presents have a look! Check back later in the week to see who made my Best Dressed of 2012.

January: Shailene Woodley vs Jennifer Lawrence – The two actresses at similar places in their careers, Jennifer Lawrence has had another great year with The Hunger Games and The Silver Linings Playbook.

Jennifer Lawrence in Dolce & Gabbana at the Independent Spirit Awards 2011 and Shailene Woodley in Honor at the 2012 AFI Awards.

Jennifer Lawrence in Dolce & Gabbana at the Independent Spirit Awards 2011 and Shailene Woodley in Honor at the 2012 AFI Awards.

February: Spring Couture – a look at my favourite couture pieces, Elie Saab has to be Being Oreo’s most featured designer!

Elie Saab Kasia Struss

Elie Saab Kasia Struss

March: New Yorkshire Music: Seafret – I interviewed this up and coming Yorkshire duo earlier this year, I predict big things for Seafret in the next few years!

Seafret Blog

April: Dawson’s Creek possible reunion – This topic will not die down, and now that Katie Holmes has been released from her marriage who knows what the future holds?!

Dawsons Creek

May: Christina Ricci at the MET Gala – Christina Ricci was a standout at the MET Gala for me this year, the dress is super quirky but who would guess that she is only 5″1 she knows how to werq it!

Christina Ricci at the MET Gala 2012 in a bespoke Thakoon dress.

Christina Ricci at the MET Gala 2012 in a bespoke Thakoon dress.

June: Blake Lively Savages press tour and Diane Kruger at Cannes 2012 – It was too difficult to pick just one post for June, especially when two of my favourite style crushes had fabulous runs on their respective red carpets. Blake Lively was back to her amazing self promoting Savages and Diane Kruger did a fantastic job as judge at the Cannes Film Festival with an array of couture.

Blake Lively in Zuhair Murad Couture at the LA Premiere of Savages

Blake Lively in Zuhair Murad Couture at the LA Premiere of Savages

Diane Kruger in Vivienne Westwood at the Amour premiere in Cannes 2012

Diane Kruger in Vivienne Westwood at the Amour premiere in Cannes 2012

July: Kate Upton wants to enjoy life and eat – Kate Upton seems to have made an impression on everyone this year, she must be one of the most controversial models to grace the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue ever, all because she likes to eat apparently.

Kate Upton on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition

Kate Upton on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition

September: It’s September again… Television time! – I like my American television, and I think this is a great guide for those who want to know what imports to watch when they appear on British tellyboxes. This year Fringe comes to an end, which I am very upset about as that will mean Joshua Jackson needs to get another job lined up sharpish!

Tyler Hoechlin as Derek in Teen Wolf. Check out the hilarious recaps from Price Peterson over at

Tyler Hoechlin as Derek in Teen Wolf. Check out the hilarious recaps from Price Peterson over at

October: Emma Stone and that Maje coat – One of my most popular posts this year, Emma Stone worked the hell out of that coat.

Emma Stone at the Musee Rodin in Paris, wearing a Maje coat.

Emma Stone at the Musee Rodin in Paris, wearing a Maje coat.

November: A zombie romance for Valentine’s Day: Warm Bodies – This is on my 2013 film list already, really looking forward to seeing it and will get round to reading the book if it’s not too scary!

Nicholas Hoult as R in Warm Bodies, out February 8, 2013.

Nicholas Hoult as R in Warm Bodies, out February 8, 2013.

December: Twilight: Kristen Stewart – I definitely have a love/hate relationship with Kristen Stewart, I make myself laugh at how shocked I was she was named Best Dressed of 2012 by Glamour just a few months into the year! This is a round up of her best Twilight red carpet looks with an extra addition or two, but her street style will always keep her on my worst dressed list!

This technically isn't related to Twilight, but Kristen in Reem Acra on the Cannes Red Carpet for Cosmopolis is one of my all time favourite Kristen looks.

This technically isn’t related to Twilight, but Kristen in Reem Acra on the Cannes Red Carpet for Cosmopolis is one of my all time favourite Kristen looks.

Movie review: End of Watch

This review contains major plot points so don’t get all huffy if you read it before you go see it. But if you’re feeling dangerous go ahead…


End of Watch went straight on to my mental watch list of movies not just because I know Jake Gyllenhaal gives good beard (which is unfairly absent here) but because he knows how to switch it up.

He likes big budget – Prince of Persia, Day After Tomorrow; he likes mainstream rom-com with a heart – Love and Other Drugs, The Good Girl; and he likes hard-hitting drama – Jarhead, Rendition, Brothers, Brokeback Mountain – which I would slot buddy-cop movie End of Watch into.

When I say “buddy-cop” don’t be mistaken for Lethal Weapon’s Mel Gibson and Danny Glover type cop movie or Bad Boys’ Will Smith and Martin Lawrence’s goofball pairing, no Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Peña (The Lincoln Lawyer, World Trade Centre) are well-researched, empathetic partners.

In an interview in the December edition of Total Film, Gyllenhaal and Peña answer the rumour that they didn’t get on whilst preparing for the movie with Peña admitting it was mainly him: “Jake’s a really open dude and it took me a while to get comfortable… It was tough for me to let my guard down.”

And after spending five months bonding, training and doing 12-hour ride-alongs with on-duty LAPD officers – where on Gyllenhaal’s first ride-along, he witnessed a murder (IMDb), in preparation for their roles as two police officers, Peña and Gyllenhaal definitely developed the perfect relationship to pull on the heart strings of the audience.

Brian Taylor (Gyllenhaal) and Mike Zavala (Peña) are partners in the LAPD, the movie follows them around on the day-to-day patrol around the ‘mean streets’ of the South Central area in LA.

Director David Ayer (S.W.A.T, Training Day, The Fast and the Furious) employs the found-footage element that has become a popular addition since Cloverfield, Chronicle, and [REC], with Taylor’s ‘film class project’ explaining the use of the digital camcorders. Admittedly it is sometimes oddly distracting, in the patrol car scenes it works well but is confusing when they attend crime scenes that they are not allowed to record and even stranger when the criminal gangs coincidentally like to carry their own camera equipment.

Ignoring that, the plot quickly develops when the partners attend an incident that rubs an undercover unit up the wrong way who are working on crimes connected to a Mexican drug cartel operating in the area, they’re told to “lay low” which Taylor doesn’t appreciate.

A side plot also comes in the form of Janet, (Anna Kendrick, Twilight, Up in the Air) Taylor’s love interest who he “connects with”. I’m not complaining about the inclusion of love, babies and marriage because it adds the emotional element to the movie about working as a police officer and the dangers they face affect those they leave at home everyday.

What I will complain about is how it’s shoe-horned in, Zavala’s wife and child on the way is realistically developed, but the way Ayer adds Janet seems like it’s just to a means to an end to complete Taylor’s search of a woman without having to sleep around and get so much “p*ssy”. Did Ayer suddenly change his mind about the character’s backstory and development half way through? Kendrick’s performance is ok but she certainly doesn’t add anything spectacular which is a shame because I really enjoyed her alongside George Clooney in Up in the Air.

Anyway I digress, Taylor and Zavala continue their routine, attending a fire in a house, rescuing children and receiving commendations, which doesn’t sit well with either of their respective halves, and saving the lives of their fellow officers in a particularly shocking scene.

As they unintentionally attend another crime scene related to the Mexicans, the two officers don’t heed the warning that comes from a criminal they reprehended earlier in the movie. He informs them that there is a possible hit out on the them by the drug cartel after they appear on their radar, this follows some more found footage from an unidentified source.

The main criminal gang who appear as the dogsbodies of the cartel is headed by ‘Big Evil’ who really have it in for Taylor and Zavalas, and just so happen to be the perfect people to take the cops down. All I’m going to say is they like to swear. They cuss and swear so bad it’s actually impossible to focus on what they’re really saying, I give anyone the task of counting how many variations of f**k were used because its. A. Lot.

I don’t want to go further into the final act because it is the best part of the movie, the ultimate face off between two sides of the law that leave you on the edge of your seat.

Gyllenhaal and Peña really play well off each other and the “buddy” part is the humour they display in their close bond, happily winding each other up to lighten the stresses with a real understanding for what it is to be a responsible cop with their emotions tied to the job coming through.

Supporting cast comes from a pretty unrecognisable America Ferrera (Ugly Betty) as tough female cop Orozco working on her home turf, her partner Davis played by Cody Horn (Magic Mike) who barely utters a full line, David Harbour (The Newsroom, Quantam of Solace) as sour faced cop Van Hauser and Frank Gizo (The Grey) as their Sarge.

Ignore the found footage aspect in End of Watch because it doesn’t need to distract you from the emotional bromance between Peña and Gyllenhaal, it’s the least important part of the movie which ultimately displays the “real deal” between the two actors.