***IMPORTANT NEWS*** Possible Dawson’s Creek Reunion

It seems like the noughties are the decade for reunions, how many bands, television shows and movies have we seen re-cast, reboot, re-done? Plenty.

The most important news is how possibly close we are to some for of Dawson’s Creek reunion. According to an article on Zimbio.com the ever lovely (and clearly most successful and famous) Michelle Williams commented once again on how she would love a DC reunion! Yes she may have been saying this in jest, but for SUPER fans like myself I will take anything they give me and create a whole fantasy in my brain,  so Jen goes: “I’ve always said, I’m totally up for reunion tours, reunion shows, so we can do that.”.

But of course you know and I know that Williams’ character Jen died in the very last episode, oh how many tears I have shed, so how could it be possible she would be part of  reunion cast? Williams’ suggests coming back as a ghost! Genius.

Then we need the rest of them you say? Obviously the next most important cast member is… Joshua Jackson. He spoke to E!’s Marc Malkin recently and said he would totally welcome a gig on James Van Der Beek’s awesome new show Don’t Trust The B—– in Apartment 23. That’s close enough, but WE WANT PACEY.

Van Der Beek is currently starring in the new now cancelled show on ABC as a heightened version of himself, cue plenty of DC gags and Paula Cole’s soundtrack song “I don’t want to wait” as background music. Very funny. He also has his own Van Der Memes website which you absolutely must check out because it is simply hilarious. He said he finds it amusing when Williams’ says she wants in on a reunion because her character’s dead but also said, “If somebody came up with a brilliant idea how to do it, why not?” One step closer…

Just the hostage Joey to recover now. Katie Holmes has openly admitted that she would welcome a reunion for the hit WB show, “I had so much fun working on that show and I loved everyone so much and I think about it with such fond memories, a really great group of people”. That was back in 2011 on Good Morning America when she was allowed out to promote something by her kidnapper husband Tom Cruise.

So all in all there is a HUGE possibility this could really happen. Dawson’s Creek could return to our airwaves, but for now I will hold out for a Pacey guest star on Van Der Beek’s show because that would be fantastic television.


So now that Katie Holmes has been released from her contract and her career is pretty much pathetically non-existent, she has publicly spoken about wanting to patch things up with Michelle Williams (apparently they had some sort of beef) and actually make this Dawson’s Creek reunion happen.

Even though my beloved Fringe went off air and Joshua Jackson has a new gig, he still is the glue that holds the group together.

Come on 2014 bring my actual dreams alive. Pacey Witter back on my tellybox.


It’s September already?

Those are the words falling miserably out of mouths up and down the country, and really we shouldn’t be surprised. It happens nearly every year, we sit on the edges of our seats waiting for that moment when the sun will burst through the seemingly never ending run of clouds so we can spend more than a mere minute outside with our loving friend vitamin D.

It never happens and September rolls around with us feeling even more glum than the beginning of the year when we promised we’d give up that thing we LOVE to make us lose weight or to pretend we feel better about ourselves (just remember that time is coming again soon, 17 weeks, don’t hate on me for pointing this out I loathe that time of the year).

BUT, what comes with September, is the start of the television season. You may think I’m crazy but autumn (or fall) is when the country is supposed to retire in front of the box snuggled up on the couch with no sun to distract them, no more balmy evenings but cold and rain to keep them inside to watch the latest offerings on the tele.

And as I’ve mentioned countless times before US television is what matters, although as the cold months draw in UK television is good, one show I’m looking forward to is the Body Farm a spinoff from the very greatly missed Waking the Dead. And all the other thriller, killer drama’s that appear lovingly on my screen.

Every year there are double the amount of programmes on US tv, brand new shows competing with veteran shows, those that win over audiences are the successors some with devoted fans prevail others never last beyond their second or third episode after when viewing figures fail to ignite.

I happen to have a tough schedule this year, with 30* shows currently on my timetable I don’t know how I’m going to manage. My fellow US tv lover has 40, and has just discovered the wonders of a livestreaming channel, and the joy of no sleep whilst watching The Lying Game at 2am in the morning (I do not have the fortune of being able to stay awake until 2am I have to rise at 7am to get ready for work, he currently works from home on his own hours).

Here’s a run down of my list, what I will without a doubt not be missing, what I will be giving a try, and what I think will fall at the first hurdle even though it has made it to my list.

Wouldn’t miss if my life depended on it:

  • Fringe (Fox) – my love of Josh Jackson would never waver (I love you Pacey).
  • Supernatural (CW) – J-squared always have a place in my heart.
  • Vampire Diaries (CW) – Ian Somerhalder, those eyes, that body (Sorry you always play a dead guy).


  • Gossip Girl (CW)
  • Nikita (CW)
  • Family Guy
  • Dexter (Showtime)
  • America’s Next Top Model (CW)
  • Glee (Fox)
  • Game of Thrones (HBO)
  • Desperate Housewives (ABC) – this is the final series (thank god).
  • One Tree Hill (CW) – just getting back into this show after ditching it when Lucas and Peyton did…

New picks:

  • Apartment 23 (Fox) – it has James van der Beek in it, as himself. Nuff said.
  • Hart of Dixie (CW) – Summer is back, sorry Rachel Bilson.
  • New Girl (Fox) – I love Zooey Deschanel.
  • Ringer (CW)- Sarah Michelle Gellar on my screen again, and with a really great show.
  • The Secret Circle (CW) – From the same author of Vampire Diaries LJ Smith, and the man behind both tv shows Kevin Williamson (Dawson’s Creek, Scream)
  • *Terra Nova (Fox) – Forgot that this finally had an air date after being pushed back a few times, big CGI production, dinasours and produced by The Speilberg, I have to give it a try at least. (Sounds a little Primeval)
  • *2 Broke Girls (CBS) – I missed this when making the list, noticed it had Kat Dennings starring who I LOVED in Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist.
  • *Pan Am – I don’t know why I forgot to put this show on the list, an original series following the Mad Men lead it’s set in the “Jet Age”. My only worry is I’ve never watched Mad Men because it didn’t appeal to me so I may lose interest…
  • Revenge (ABC) – the lead returns to the town she grew up in but noone recognises her… no big names. (REALLY GOOD)

    The Ringer

Could fall at the first hurdle:

  • Alcatraz (Fox) – only thing attracting me to this show its from the creators of Lost and has Hurley in it.
  • Charlie’s Angels 2011 (ABC) – I loved the originals, the movies were ho-hum, I’m not sure the gloss and glamour will work in the noughties without making it tacky but I am prepared to be swayed. AWFUL
  • Grimm (NBC) – great idea but is it strong enough to hold up for more than one season when there’s already a show like Supernatural that covers the ‘grimm’ aspects. A possible replacement if SN finishes after season 7?
  • Once Upon a Time (ABC) – same idea using fairytales, but the look of the show could be a let down.
  • Revenge (ABC) – the lead returns to the town she grew up in but noone recognises her… no big names.
  • The Finder (Fox) – this is a latecomer to my list so I’ll be applying last to join first to go if it fails to impress me.
  • Awake (NBC) – another one that I could let go, I just like the premise of living a life while you dream.

On hiatus:

  • Falling Skies (TNT)
  • Pretty Little Liars (ABC Family)
  • Teen Wolf (MTV)
  • True Blood (HBO)

If there are any other shows that you will be watching that I haven’t listed and think it would fit into my schedule then let me know. I like having US tv buddies, discussing the ins and outs of the shows are much fun and can make you go crazy (PLL ha).

*Most recent additions

Comic-Con 2011 (spoilers)

So it appears my tickets got lost in the post this year, maybe next year…

Instead I spent some (I won’t say most or all because this would be lame) of the weekend monitoring Twitter for Comic-Con updates, so easy when people hash tag or you know specific users that were there. My favourite being @cadlymack a writer for television/movie site Zap2it, I was directed to her through a fellow (US) tv lover, she has a dog named Pacey who is adorable and that may say everything about her (loves Dawson’s Creek obvs) and she is like best buds with all the cast in the Vampire Diaries so cool.

A little Pacey-aside, that was the Funny or Die video that Josh Jackson did at last year’s Comic Con. But once again if you’re not a fan of Dawson’s Creek I’m afraid you just won’t GET IT.

Right on with it…

Fringe – At the end of the last season we effectively see Peter disappear. As in he no longer exists. WTF was my reaction after the season finale but at the Comic Con panel Josh Jackson reassured the fans that he had plenty to do whilst dressed as an Observer… Perhaps as this is the only way he could exist outside of time? (See the very end of the video below)

Supernatural – I massively gasped at hearing Alona Tal was returning as Jo, when we all saw her die in Season 5… Although we did get a glimpse of how life could have been with Ellen and Jo still alive in Season 6 episode My Heart Will Go On. Jared Padelecki talked about how difficult it was playing Soulless Sam, Demon-blood Sam and the recovering normal Sam and how Jensen Ackles is like Dean only in the way they both “air-guitar all the time”. J-squared banter I. Love. It.

Vampire Diaries – What’s in store for Tyler (Michael Trevino) and Caroline (Candice Accola)… Ian Somerhalder replies with “Puppies… little vampire puppies”. I switched my allegiance from Stefan to Damon half way through the last season (or is that from Paul Wesley to Ian Somerhalder after I found out the former was married to Torrey deVitto aka Melissa PLL) and so I’m dying for an Elena/Damon hook up but as it’s reported at Comic Con they are too preoccupied with finding Stefan who has gone on a bloody hunt with Klaus boohoo.

Ringer – Sarah Michelle Gellar returns. Yes one of the newly scheduled shows for the Fall Premiere season, is Ringer a show about stolen identity. It looks so good I’m already addicted and that’s only from the trailer, and an extended version was shown at Comic Con. My favourite line being: “Siobhan we have a problem, Bridget’s still alive”. Oooo cannot wait.

True Blood – Apart from witches, Eric losing his memory there’s THAT shower scene. The one from the book with Eric and Sookie together at last, no more Bill (woo). And if you’re watching TB as it is on in the US, you will have seen the near naked torso of Alcide (Joe Manganiello) and the near naked torso of Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) in the same scene *faints*.


So that’s a bit from television, now for the movies. My first “oh well that’s not what I expected” comes in the form of the posters from  Snow White and the Huntsman, featuring Kristen Stewart in full body armour and holding a sword. A SWORD? No red lips and short people whistling while they work in this movie… Unlike the rival movie Snow White featuring Lily Collins as the damsel in distress, which one are you going to be a fan of? When I first heard Kristen Stewart was to be cast as Snow White I think smoke may have come out of my ears, but now seeing the posters and the way the film looks I think I could get on board, maybe its the sickly sweet look of Lily Collins that’s putting me off.

Kristen Stewart as Snow White

Lily Collins as Snow White

Kristen Stewart was at Comic Con along with all the cast from Twilight, there to promote part four of the series Breaking Dawn Part 1. A lot of love went out to Kristen, Rob and Taylor obviously, some questionable looks coming from Rob’s half shaven head and Kristen’s usual lack of making an effort. Some of the honeymoon scenes were shown from the movie, I don’t want to hunt them out myself as I’d like them to be a surprise for when I turn up at the midnight showing of the November release (geek). I’ve seen an image of the honeymoon, with Edward and Bella in the water near a waterfall… don’t remember that being mentioned in the book.

The official ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ trailer was premiered at the Comic Con panel, I watched it and felt strangely transported to 2002. Yes the new reboot seems serious, less Toby Maguire-comical more Andrew Garfield-moody with a pinch of Emma Stone-delight thrown in. But it still looks the same. The same suit, the same backdrop, with a slightly different way of Peter Parker getting bitten by that elusive spider. There is no way to really change up Spider-Man once it’s already been done, this seems to be a “re-do” of the Toby Maguire series that it will inevitably be compared to. Hopefully the sequel will head in a different direction if Gwen Stacy is the main love interest and the villain is different? I’m not entirely convinced, but I will still go and see it. (Also the beginning of the trailer eludes to Peter’s parents and why they had to leave him, maybe potential side plot?)

Cowboys and Aliens had its world premiere over the Comic Con weekend, all the stars turned up for the show and some critics thought it was a “crowd-pleasing summer movie with more wit than most” whilst others were not so appreciative of all the cowboys and aliens in the same film together “[it has] a clumsy touch and zero feel for the intangibles of classic movie westerns”. Now I’m not a fan of westerns, the nearest possible one to the genre I have watched was Wild Wild West with Will Smith and we all know how that played out. It annoys me that a film associated with the name Speilberg should be a reason to go and see it so I’ve been looking for a reason not to go and Robbie Collin (former employee of NOTW) gave me a great one:

Katie Holmes wins an award (how?)

Ahem. Katie Holmes attended the Women in Film Max Mara Face of the Future Awards, and won the “Face of the Future” award. How is this even possible apparently she was given the award as recognition of her work in the film industry and the potential to have a long career in Hollywood.

Excuse me but is anyone aware of a successful movie, scrap that ANY movie Katie Holmes has done in the past 5 years? According to a search in IMDb she is best known for Batman Begins, Dawson’s Creek, Go and Pieces of April the latest been Batman in 2005 as Rachel Dawes, a character that everyone knows she lost out to in the sequel to Maggie Gyllenhaal. Sucks to be you in ’05 Katie.

We then know what followed next, her movie career flagging considerably she marries a Hollywood heavyweight in Tom Cruise in 2006 who previous to this made an idiot of himself by jumping up and down on a couch. It’s rumoured amongst the mills that Katie thought her career would be given a huge boost by marrying an A-list actor but not so far, her 2010 film The Romantics went by virtually unnoticed and her up coming R-rated horror Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark is unlikely to be received well and probably won’t make that much money being an R-rated not family friendly fright-fest.

So my problem is still how the hell did Max Mara think Katie Holmes was worthy of this “Face of the Future” award? (I wonder if there was a sly donation from the Scientology fund) I know it isn’t the Oscars, Golden Globes or the Baftas but still to be worthy of this when all she ever gets column inches is for yet another fashion disaster or the fact that her child was seen holding a pack of penis sweets is beyond me.

After her Dawson’s Creek days who could have predicted she would have the worst career?! Holmes is just an absolute yawn fest. Her clothes are boring, her acting is boring, and amongst a sea of up and coming actresses some as young as 13 ( Elle Fanning) she’s probably not got a chance in hell.

Katie Holmes looking nice (plain) in Max Mara

Please can I have your hair?

At the Venice Film Festival Michelle Williams was spotted at the premiere of her new movie Meek’s Cutoff looking gorgeous as always. I like the Jason Wu dress she is wearing but not the collar part, it makes it slightly frumpy but the beading detail is delightful. I just adore that hair cut and wish I had the balls to get my hair like that but I’m growing it now and I have to stick with it. And there is no way in hell I’d be able to get it dyed that blonde, but I can dream.

I’m also about 3 episodes away from the end of my Dawson’s Creek boxset, Jen’s death scene is imminent and it would be only the second time I’ve ever seen it because I couldn’t bring myself to watch it the last time around.

Michelle Williams in Jason Wu

Romeo + Juliet of our time

So I’m watching Season 4 of Dawson’s Creek and the episode where they all go to Florida for Spring Break (which by the way I totally wish we had in the UK but it never really took off) and Chad Michael Murray has been guest starring in it for a while now and whaddya know up pops Hilarie Burton! If you uncultured people do not know why this is inneresting, they are Lucas and Peyton one of the Romeo + Juliet couples of our television era! Yes Joey even calls Hilarie by her name rather than the character she is supposed to be playing VJ (say what?!), anyway here’s a clip of it if you care as much as I do…

Day Thirty – Whatever Tickles Your Fancy

So I’ve decided to clean out my room, doing quite well so far. I’ve found ridiculous amounts of junk that is going into the bin.

Whilst I’ve been doing that I’ve watched the end of Season 3 of Dawson’s Creek which is one of my favourite season finales, where Joey realises she loves Pacey and they sail off into the sunset. Sweet.

I’ve started on The OC now after my box set arrived, I’m just on episode 2, The Model Home, and if anyone knows how Season 3 ends I love how writers connect things. So Marissa arrives at the model home and Ryan is listening to Hallelujah, from the mix cd that Marissa made for him, she says “This song reminds me of you” and even though she has literally only known him for about a week it’s like deja vu.

At the very end as Ryan rescues Marissa from their crashed car and she lies dying in his arms, Hallelujah is playing. And throughout all 3 seasons (cos lets face it Season 4 doesn’t entirely count) there are moments where you see that scene echoed in all others, the first episode Ryan carries an unconscious Marissa from her front porch to his bed, when they go to Tijuana and she overdoses he rescues her from the alleyway she is unconscious in.

The O.C has always about Ryan rescuing Marissa and that’s why Season 4 just wasn’t as good as the others. You can’t remove the person that Ryan’s character exists solely for.

So this post is dedicated to the boys of my favourite television shows. The hero, the geek, the DILF, the best friends, the second fiddle, the leading man, the supporting actor.

The Hero

The Cute Geek


Best Supporting Actor

The Leading Man

And this concludes my 30-Day Challenge. It’s finally done, and it’s been fun. And I hope everyone has enjoyed reading!