San Diego #ComicCon: Marvel

The Marvel Comic Con panel is the one everyone waits for, with rumour of people not daring to leave Hall H as soon as they get a seat early on in the day. The presentation was expected to bring some big news and footage reveal with the nearly 7,000 people packed into the gigantic Hall H who were there waiting with baited breath.

It was odd then that Marvel had already announced release dates for their next stage just a week before Comic Con, with new films hitting theaters July 28 and November 3, 2017; July 6 and November 2, 2018; and May 3, 2019, as for what they are Mashable had a pretty good guess at predicting which sequels and originals would be out. And then at the preview night on Wednesday Entertainment Weekly revealed an exclusive poster concept for Ant-Man starring Paul Rudd as well as teasers of the Avengers concept art.


Avengers battle sequence

Should Marvel have saved some news for the panel instead of just teasing the audience with some footage of Avengers: Age of Ultron and a confirmation that there will be a sequel to Guardians of the Galaxy in 2017? Even the panel questions according to Collider seemed a bit lacklustre with most of the cast, including Robert Downey Jr, Jeremey Renner, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Hemsworth, Cobie Smulders, Samuel L Jackson, Chris Evans, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, James Spader, Elizabeth Olsen and surprise guest Josh Brolin, regurgitating “how excited they are to be [insert superhero] and part of the Marvel universe”. Collider also seem to think that Marvel were in the stages of putting something together to reveal (Doctor Strange perhaps?) but it couldn’t be finalised in time for a Comic Con reveal.

Still the audience in attendance did get some footage of an ‘Avengers party’ scene where each member of the superhero team tried to lift Thor’s hammer, not even Hulk could budge it with only Captain America (as seen in the original comics) the only one to move the hammer which apparently makes Thor visibly nervous. Then the Avengers are visited by the first incarnation of Ultron (James Spader) and then an action-packed montage ensues. With a broken Captain America shield most prominent…


Ant-Man has had a couple of setbacks most recently with the original writer/director Edgar Wright leaving the project after putting in eight years of labour due to ‘creative differences’. Whilst it’s a shame that this new movie from Marvel won’t be helmed by Wright, it’s something that fans have to move past and get on board with the new guy at the helm Peyton Reed, even if he apparently did get a lukewarm reception at the panel on Saturday.

Paul Rudd who admitted he was a Comic Con virgin helped debut new footage alongside Michael Douglas and Corey Stoll who had been confirmed as Yellow Jacket, and a new character at the panel, Evangeline Lily who has been confirmed as ‘Hope Pym’ and said that the panel was the first time she was officially allowed to talk about the role and hadn’t even seen a script yet!

The movie is due to start filming in two weeks and Rudd said in a quick Q&A with Collider that he’d been working closely with script writer Adam Mckay “every day for six weeks and we’ve spent a lot of time on it.”  He went on to say “I love where we’re at.  It’s still the story that Edgar and Joe wrote and created and while we’re still polishing some things, I feel really good and excited about where we’re at.”

I hope that Ant-Man turns out how it should be, I love Paul Rudd and I’m sure Marvel wouldn’t have invested so heavily in the actor if they didn’t believe he could bring the character to life and do it justice on the big screen with the right script of course…



Best bits from San Diego #ComicCon 2014

San Diego Comic Con 2014 was chock-a-block full of television and film stars, directors, showrunners and producers all ready to dish out the best in teasers, trailers, characters, release dates and character reveals to their adoring audiences.

There’s simply too much information to digest from the four day event, so I’m just rounding up the best bits, from the shows I watch to the movies I’m excited about as well as other little tidbits that came out of SDCC!

Game of Thrones

The show storylines and new castings confuse the hell out of me because I still barely know what is happening or who anyone is.

One thing I can get on board with is a reet good blooper reel!

Arrow (The CW)

If you don’t already watch this show then what is wrong with you?! The nicest guy in television and in possession of possibly the most amazing set of abs ever, Stephen Amell, stars as the green-hooded vigilante Arrow aka Oliver McQueen.

Stephen Amell Facebook

Those abs.

The CW show just concluded season two and the cast are currently in the midst of filming season three, for which an awesome action-packed trailer debuted at Comic Con.

After a happy season two ending this trailer promises that things will not be as smooth sailing for the third season, even thought there’s a date for Olicity it also reveals who the Big Bad will be – Ra’s al Ghul. Known as the head of the League of Assassins, most recognisably played by Liam Neeson in The Dark Knight trilogy, executive producer Marc Guggenheim said of the season three villain: “We really wanted our Ra’s to be very different — at least our own Arrow-ified version.”

The Flash (The CW)

A sorta-spin off from Arrow, but as we know a stand alone superhero in his own right, The Flash gets it’s own show starring Grant Gustin (Glee) as the titular character Barry Allen.

As a side note I was a little reluctant at Grant Gustin’s casting purely on the back of how much I hated his character in Glee, but all is forgotten!

Starring in two episodes of Arrow’s last season we saw lots of lovely chemistry between Felicity and Barry before a massive lightning storm set off by a reaction at S.T.A.R Labs causes something to go very wrong with Barry and he disappears from Arrow.

The Flash debuts in October and we won’t have to wait long before there’s a crossover episode between the two shows, episode 108 and episode 308 respectively, but Felicity will be first to crossover into Central City in episode four without her right-hand man.

The audience at the panel got a sneak peek at the pilot (which I’ve also seen and it’s freakin’ awesome) and here’s the trailer for the show:

Teen Wolf (MTV)

Another fantastic show that bares no relation whatsoever to the Michael J Fox movies apart from it’s name.

MTV are doing really well with their original scripted shows and this has just been renewed for season five and we’re only half way through season four. Great news for the Teen Wolf cast which includes Tyler Posey as alpha werewolf Scott McCall, Dylan O’Brien as his human BFF Stiles, and the rest of the ragtag bunch include Holland Roden as banshee Lydia, werecoyote Malia played by Shelley Hennig, beta werewolf Derek Hale played by Tyler Hoechlin, Arden Cho as Kitsunay (basically a fox) Kira and JR Bourne as the hunter Chris Argent.

The last season saw several big losses from the main cast as they got killed off and basically asked to leave the show to pursue other roles. Fair play to them but it meant that season four has given the writers the chance to revisit some of the more fun elements of the earlier seasons when Scott was just learning to deal with his new life as a wolf with this time new cast member Dylan Sprayberry as the newbie.

During the Comic Con panel they released a freaking brilliant mid-season trailer that promises so much I could not be more excited!

The Maze Runner (20th Century FOX)

Yet another movie based on a series of young adult books, you may groan, but I read them and couldn’t put them down. They are that good.

Here the movie stars Teen Wolf star Dylan O’Brien as Thomas, a boy who wakes up after having his memory erased surrounded by a group of boys who live in The Glade. He soon finds out that they are trapped by a maze and will need to escape with his fellow ‘runners’.

Every 30 days in The Glade a boy is delivered via the lift shaft and Thomas was expected, but the next day a girl, Teresa played by Kaya Scodelario (Skins), is delivered and everything changes.

The movie also stars another Brit, Will Poulter, who is definitely on the rise in Hollywood! During the panel Dylan accidentally revealed a massive spoiler when asked by the audience what his hardest scene was to film, but to be fair if the fans of the books were there they’d know it anyway!

The Vampire Diaries (The CW)

The Vampire Diaries is heading towards it’s sixth season and *spoiler alert* season five saw the demise of main cast stars Ian Somerhalder’s Damon and Kat Graham’s Bonnie, they went into that bright white light on the other side with no way back.

I have to admit this show annoys me somewhat, it took me a few episodes to really love it in season one and then I was enamoured by the show. Then every season since sees it have a good opener then it dips so low beyond bad that I always come close to giving up on it, then just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse someone dies (but probably always comes back to life) and then it gets good just for a crazy season finale.

I think some shows that have a long run of around 22-24 episodes per season will always struggle to keep the action and storylines above average and so this is expected and which is why I always end up coming back.

Anyway panel for this show had all the cast present from Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley, the return of Matt Davis as fan-favourite Alaric, AND Ian Somerhalder and Kat Graham. So they’re not going to stay dead for long then (dammit).

Here’s the very funny trailer they debuted, a possible Damon-Bonnie spinoff? I don’t think so:


Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe was at Comic Con this year to appear on the panel for his new movie Horns, which looks brilliant.

But that wasn’t his only appearance… He shared a picture to his Google+ page of him dressed in full Spiderman costume hitting the show floor! Well done Spideradcliffe you fooled everyone, not sure Andrew Garfield would be too happy… Haha!

DanRad spiderman 2 DanRad spiderman

Batman v Superman

At last year’s Comic Con they announced this epic superhero battle and now Dawn of Justice debuted it’s cast on the panel, and they didn’t utter a single word. Director Zack Snyder was worried the audience would ask too many questions so didn’t let stars Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill or Gal Gadot speak at all!

And according to Collider editor-in-chief Steven Weintraub, Ben Affleck actually walked the show floor with no security and not one person recognised him. Way to go incognito Batfleck!

What we did get though was an awesome image of Gal Gadot in full costume as Wonder Woman. I love how they’re sticking with the gritty theme and have discarded that traditional red, blue and gold costume we all know and love. Instead it’s all dark burgundy leather and warrior-like. Love it.

Gal Gadot


Mad Max

The first trailer for prequel Mad Max: Fury Road debuted at Comic Con and it looked suitably apocalyptic. The cast including Tom Hardy, Charlize Theron, Nicholas Hoult, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Zoe Kravitz spent months in Namibia, South Africa filming giving the desert backdrop a hellishly authentic feel.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1

The first sighting of Jennifer Lawrence‘s heroine Katniss in this full teaser trailer. Note that we’ve had two teasers, less than 30 seconds long, then we have the first teaser trailer which is just one minute long. I reckon we’ll get another couple of teaser trailers, before a full length trailer which could potentially last more than two minutes, by that time I will be more annoyed by the way marketing departments are dribbling out these multiple trailers instead of just releasing one or two. Grrr.

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Promo Tour: Lily Collins for Mortal Instruments

Lily Collins may have just executed the best promo tour ever in the history of promo tours.

She has spent the past few months promoting The Mortal Instruments and every single look has been pretty spectacular. From casual day time talk show looks, to photo calls, premieres and magazine parties, Lily Collins and those amazing eyebrows have been everywhere.

Here are some (all) of my favourite looks that Lily has worn to promote her new movie, alongside her ex-boyfriend Jamie Campbell Bower and Kevin Zegers.


I say these are casual looks mainly because they are during the day time. But Lily knows how to still work that girly/sexy vibe depending on her make up and hair.

The first outfit is Stella McCartney, she has this amazing sixties vibe going on here with a slightly teased beehive and cute natural make up. This could be a difficult look to pull off with that extra layer but the show of legs makes it work.

The Paper London shorts and crop combo at Comic Con is just one of many crop tops Lily Collins has been sporting during this promo tour. Perfect for the event keeping that relaxed look with messy beachy waves, a slick of pink lipstick and a flash of abs.

I adore the Bec & Bridge look Lily wore for a meet and greet. So fresh and girly, the soft waves in her hair keep it sweet as does the hint of pink lipstick. Love the chunky necklace which sets everything off nicely.

Lily Collins casual Promo Tour

Stella McCartney // Paper London // Bec & Bridge

Lace – sexy and angelic

Here Lily is wearing two very different looks by Houghton. The custom made red design she wore to the Madrid premiere is stunning, the retro waves and amazing red lipstick complements the dress perfectly. The white backless Houghton dress she wore to the Toronto premiere is very angelic and the make up and hair is in keeping with the whole theme – two very different looks, both amazing.

Lily Collins Houghton Promo Tour



I wondered how dark Lily Collins’ eyebrows can go. Well here in the Maxime Simeons look – very dark. This is one of my favourite looks of the whole tour, it’s so easy to pick a pretty dress so I love how she has kept things fresh and gone over to the dark side. It’s so hard to pull off dark lipstick, dark brows, thigh high boots and a red sheer shirt without looking like a hooker. Well done Lily.

This tuxedo dress is fast becoming one of my favourite new styles this season. This Alexander McQueen version isn’t as fitted as the Dior version so I like how Lily has kept things to a bare minimum not overloading with jewels and wearing smoky make up with curly hair.

Lily Collins chose Rouland Mouret for the Flaunt magazine cover party. Another crop trop, but if you have abs like that I’d wear them all the time too. The top is a deconstructed shirt with a collar and buttons and pleated bust, the black skirt completes the very popular monochrome trend, and to top it off a bright red lip and a tousled up do.

Lily Collins vampy Promo Tour

Maxime Simeons // Alexander McQueen // Rouland Mouret


Lily definitely has a fondness for monochrome during this promo tour, either wearing black and white, all black or all white. I can’t get enough of Cushnie et Ochs at the moment, their cutouts are to die for and if I could get my hands on one of their uber sexy designs I would wear it until it fell apart! Lily’s vampy make up works so well against the stark white of this cutout dress that she wore to the LA premiere of Mortal Instruments, it would be so easy to just pick a pink or red lip but this dark red colour and slicked back hair is something I wish I could pull off.

Then you have a complete 180° for the Teen Choice Awards where Lily chose a gorgeous nude make up palette to wear with her Fausto Puglisi gown. I love the palm tree print paired with a black tee, I think it would have been overwhelming for her to wear the print head to toe so this high-low skirt works well.

Then we are back to Lily’s sexy best. Smoky eye make up, chunky jewels all against an all black look. Another up do this time with more of a quiff than the beehive but I like that she kept it tied up to show off that necklace. I think the crop top trend is here to stick around for a little while longer if Lily Collins’ wardrobe is anything to go by!

Lily Collins white and dark Promo Tour

Cushnie et Ochs // Fausto Puglisi // Paper London & Halston Heritage

Comic Con: Superman vs Batman

What I love about the Warner Bros. announcement at San Diego Comic Con this past weekend about the Man of Steel sequel featuring Batman, is that it reignites the age old argument of who is the greatest superhero ever.

Superman against Batman is pretty epic, but can Superman really be beaten by Batman as Frank Miller’s 1986 The Dark Knight Return comic alludes to which is what Zack Snyder used to announce the Superman vs Batman movie:

“I want you to remember, Clark, in all the years to come, in all your most private moments, I want you to remember my hand at your throat. I want you to remember the one man who beat you.”

At the Warner Bros. Comic Con panel Zack Snyder did mention that the Man of Steel sequel would not follow Miller’s comic, but it is the basis of the story they wish to tell.

So two of the biggest superheroes, both in popularity and the potential to bring in millions of revenue, will more than likely be foes in the MoS sequel but are they really an even match? In Total Film‘s January edition they published a nifty comparison table of DC against Marvel but what about using those to pit the two DC superheroes against each other?


If anything we can easily assume that Superman has the upper hand, he’s an alien after all but maybe Batman’s hard exterior could crush Clark rather than Superman. Who knows?! Many months of speculation to follow, and they could even scrap Batman being a major part of the sequel of MoS altogether it’s only in pre-production and slated to be out in 2015.

All that’s left is to cast the Dark Knight 2.0, I hope that the Nolan’s are still going to be a part of the DC universe considering Christopher was on hand as a producer on MoS he could still take that seat and make sure the story is steered in the right way. There have been names banded about already for the role, from Karl Urban to Ryan Gosling and my own personal recommendation of Idris Elba – seriously guys he needs to be cast in something big soon (the first black Batman genius). Or could it be Joseph Gordon Levitt stepping in to the bat suit as was alluded to the end of the Dark Knight Trilogy?

I think Warner Bros. are thinking logically now, after MoS took just over $635 million worldwide and the amazing success of the Dark Knight Trilogy. Instead of trying to put together a Justice League movie to compete with The Avengers they are using their strongest superheroes to build up to the big group so we also have potential for The Flash and Wonder Woman to eventually enter the mix when the Justice League movie gets made.

Comic Con: The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Trailer

I have a love hate relationship with The Vampire Diaries, it dips in and out of being really brilliant and then really dumb and lacklustre.

But the Season 5 trailer of TVD premiered at San Diego Comic Con this weekend made for some exciting viewing. As well as a recap of Elena’s two loves – Stefan and Damon. We get to see a sneak peek of *spoiler* Silas as Stefan, worming his way into the town of Mystic Falls and putting the people under his spell it looks like scary stuff, and the worst thing is can he be stopped and will they ever find the real Stefan buried deep under the water locked in a vault?!

Comic Con: First look at X-Men: Days of Future Past

I love a good time-travel movie, and I think that’s what makes me even more excited about the latest X-Men movie, Days of Future Past.

As the premise of the story was released it soon became apparent that not only were the cast of First Class returning but the cast of the original X-Men Trilogy would also be part of the prequel/reboot.

In First Class there was a cameo from Wolverine and a super cool appearance from Rebecca Romjin, but now in Days of Future Past we get such treats like Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan reprising their roles as Professor X and Magneto, not to mention Halle Berry as Storm, Anna Paquin as Rogue, Shawn Ashmore as Iceman, Ellen Page as Shadowcat, and James Marsden as Cyclops (no word of Jean Grey though…)

The brief description of the story on IMDb says that Wolverine plays a major part as he’s sent back to the past by the X-Men to change a major historical event that could have a huge global impact on man and mutant kind. So as well as Wolverine having his own feature film out this year he also takes another starring role in the latest X-Men movie, and with rumours of some sort of tie in to Superman – brain frazzled.

I can’t wait to see how the old cast meets new and the appearance of the Sentinels, but for now the X-Men panel at Comic Con gave us a fabulous preview in the form of Entertainment Weekly posters merging the past and present.

Ian McKellan and Michael Fassbender merge to form Magneto

Ian McKellan and Michael Fassbender merge to form Magneto

Patrick Stewart and James McAvoy merge to form Professor X

Patrick Stewart and James McAvoy merge to form Professor X

Source: EW

London Comic Con

I’ve expressed my love for Comic Con before, for the stars, the exclusive footage, the cult television shows, PaceyCon and even the geeky fanboys, and this weekend I got the chance to experience what that could be like when I eventually get to San Diego.

It was the London Comic Con MCM Expo this past weekend, and I had access to press passes with a little help from a friend. The schedule wasn’t jam-packed full with movie panels galore nor was it packed with writers or celebs, but there were a couple of young guys that I wanted to get my hands on and they went by the name of Tyler Posey and Dylan O’Brien.

Tyler Posey // Jill Wagner // Dylan O'Brien

The stars of MTV’s surprise summer hit Teen Wolf, were appearing at the expo alongside their co-star Jill Wagner. Tyler, plays the bitten teen Scott McCall and Dylan the ever-faithful sidekick Stiles, the show is about an awkward teen turned into a powerful werewolf and being hunted by the alpha that bit him. The first season was a 12-episode action fest of animal attacks, hungry hunters and love triangles galore, aimed at the young adult category but a hit amongst the 12-34 category regularly scoring aorund 1.7million viewers per episode.

There are way too many captions for this photo... especially when they were talking about Jill getting hit by Tyler's banana...

The panel was hilarious there’s no doubt about it, the actors were pretty much like their characters if not a little more hyped up and with a few more sexual innuendos thrown in. Questions were asked about Jersey Shore, which of course they loved, to what was coming up in the second season. I managed to ask a question which I thought received a goodish answer (“We know Tyler plays the werewolf but Dylan, is Stiles the real hero of the show, having to keep Scott on the straight and narrow?”), the response was he sees Stiles as the sidekick and in the first season was a bit of a hero but says in the second season we will see Scott becoming a hero in his own right whilst trying to find a lycan cure.

Here’s a moment  when I got a photo with Dylan and Tyler, they are too adorable…

Dylan thought I wanted a hug I wanted a picture, I really wasn't complaining...

I am way to happy in this...

Caught in a moment of thanks

I got what I came for and I couldn’t have been more pleased! But that wasn’t the only thing that went on over the weekend, there was a panel with The Secret Circle a new show that premiered this fall with one of the stars of the show Jessica Parker Kennedy. It was short but sweet as she answered the inevitable how did you get into acting question (which FYI someone asked in every panel, OI we know how they got into acting we IMDb’d them before we came!) and a question about the show. She apologised for being the only cast member there, and said she was going straight back to filming after her London visit.

There was a panel from a show called Sanctuary, admittedly I don’t even watch this but the two actors, Jonathon Young and Agam Darshi, from the show were really engaging and talked a lot about the show and their careers (that question AGAIN) and there seemed to be a fair few fans in the audience so there were no awkward silences. It even made me think about checking out the show and seeing what it’s about.

Jonathon Young // Agam Darshi

There was an appearance from Aaron Ashmore of Smallville fame (Jimmy Olsen) he was there promoting his Syfy show Warehouse 13, I’m not going to lie and say I paid attention to this panel because the guy he was with was super boring and had that anal American accent that goes right through you.

Aaron Ashmore // Lucas Bryant

The main focus of the Comic Con though was of course its namesake, from anime to Batman, to World of Warcraft, everywhere you turned there were people dressed up as their favourite Cosplay character. There were a few scary moments in the form of Darth Vader, a girl in a freaky fox head complete with tail and jeans (?!) Endless amounts of effort had gone into all kinds of costumes, it was like a bigger version of Halloween.

Back to the Future car replica featuring Doc

SPOTTED: Doctor Who and Captain Jack having a chinwag

Also a complimentary nighttime shot of the London Eye, which I couldn’t believe how big it was!