Nail art: Round-up

I’ve been so obsessed with awards season that I haven’t uploaded any nail pics for a while! So I thought I’d do a round-up of what I’ve done this past month or so.

I always upload my designs to my Instagram page, if you want some inspiration you can find me @nlcorner!

First up some chic half moon nails. Always a good design to do when you want something simple but effective, and there are so many different colour ways you could choose from that you don’t have to stick with a classic nude like I have done here. Why not try out neon moons with white?

french classic nlcorner

I’ve been dying to try out giraffe print nails ever since I saw the WAH Nails design on their page, I ran out of white nail varnish and Barry M didn’t have any in stock for a while and I was desperate! But I eventually got my hands on some and tried out a white base with the orange giraffe pattern.

I’m not going to lie, this isn’t exactly how I had imagined they would turn out. I didn’t do the shapes neat enough so it’s definitely something I would have to practise, maybe with a better brush.

giraffe nails nlcorner

I’d seen the holographic nail colours around and was pretty intrigued by them but never got round to buying any, my new flatmate actually has one from Topshop so I borrowed that and messed around with a random design. I’ve been trying to figure out how to get a negative shape really neat, so ended up just drawing it free hand but the lines don’t look sharp enough – another to practise!

holographic negative nails nlcorner

As white nails seem to be a pretty popular trend at the minute, and I’ve always loved white nails, I thought I’d update them. I’d seen a similar design somewhere on the internet (I see them and they get stuck in my head but I couldn’t tell you specifically where it’s from) and thought the simple clean lines were perfect.

I think all you need for this is a steady hand to do the straight line with a nail art pen. I found that the ridges in my nails seemed to help me keep it straight when I was doing the vertical lines! This design is so worth trying out because it is so easy. Will absolutely be wearing this repeatedly during the summer.

white black nails nlcorner

I follow nail queen Sophy Robson on Instagram and she posted a flipagram of a nail design for Poundland that I had to try. Clashing red and pink together with a half black stripe just worked so well. That’s probably why she’s so in demand of course! It didn’t take me long at all to do these. If I had a tip it would be to paint the pink as your base coat with it being the lighter colour and then the half red on top just so you get better coverage. Obviously wait until they dry before doing the black stripe with a nail art pen.

graphic print nails nlcorner

And finally my latest nails which were inspired by WAH Nails founder, Sharmadean Reid. She posted a picture of her nails and I simply had to try them out. [And then I tagged her in mine and she liked them you guys, I died]. All you need is a baby pink colour for your base coat, and because the gold moons are straight rather than curved, some either striping tape or good old sellotape, and a sparkly gold colour.

I did a couple of good thick coats of the baby pink colour (Barry M) and used Seche Vite’s fast drying top coat which is literally amazing and then waited a little longer so the sellotape wouldn’t lift off the colour before using Orly Voyeuristic Adventure finished with Orly Lavish Bash for the gold moon, which are available on

The finished effect of the baby pink mixed with gold glitter is super girly. A good request to make if you wanted to get your nails done professionally!

pink and gold nlcorner


Nails of the week: Mushroom tartan

It may be nail overload already but back to work this week and needed something to bring me into January.

I found this Mushroom Barry M colour hidden away in my draw, nice and full too which is always a bonus. Funny, because I used to be obsessed with this colour, less brown more a nude for my skin tone which I like and looks glossy in two coats.

I was originally going to keep them sans nail art, but I couldn’t help myself of course and got out my black and white Barry M nail art pens to do some quick and simple tartan.

Back to the tartan again because it is so effective yet really easy to do, all you need is a steady hand or maybe a friend who will at least do your non-writing hand for you! I topped this off with a quick coat of Barry M top coat, but I’ve chipped it already so need painting again!

mushroom tartan nails

Nail art of the month: Leopard, Snow Tipped and Snowflakes

I thought I’d do one big post on my nail art for December as I never got round to doing it before the year ended!

First up is a yellow and orange fade with leopard print just for something a little warmer in the cold winter months! Next up a bit more Christmassy, red nails with white varnish for a snow effect topped off with some glitter. And finally giving into the Christmas theme, dark red and a gold accent with a snowflake design, these lasted nearly two weeks! I guess that’s what happens when you don’t do anything but eat food and chocolate all holidays and not do any work!
IMG_0051 IMG_0050 IMG_0049

Nail art of the week: Stained glass nails

Nail art of the week was fun because I could be as messy as I liked and worry about neatening them up later!

I chose rainbow colours red, yellow, pink, green, and blue, but any colour combination would work just experiment!

Start with putting blobs of each colour in a random pattern don’t worry about the colours overlapping too much because you can sort that out later.



After your nails have dried, get your black nail art pen and outline the blob shapes you made earlier. This tidies up any overlapping and gives you the stain glass effect! Paint a top coat of your choice and you’re done!



Beauty: MAC Cyber lipstick

You know what I love MAC lipstick. I’d seen this really dark purply/black colour a while ago and thought it looked uh-mazing, but thought that £15 was a little too much to spend, so I wanted to shop around and see if I could find a cheaper version.

I hunted high and low amongst all the high street make up brands in Boots and Superdrug and all the darker colours were really just pinks in disguise. Or the same ‘Beguiled‘ purple colour I have from Topshop.

I knew there was only one option and to complete my edgy look I was going for in my outfit, Cyber was the answer.

And like most dramatic MAC lipstick colours, Cyber is not for everyone. It is a very dark when applied and really doesn’t call for dramatic eyes but if that’s your thing then you could probably go the whole hog! It’s a satin finish, so not matte and drying but just a nice sheen to it.

I think next time I wear it I would love to try out that two-tone lipstick thing I’ve been seeing, Candy Yum Yum would complement Cyber so well!

Here is my full look, my lingerie inspired dress from Zara (£29.99), a pair of Topshop boots that I found on eBay a while ago, and the finishing touch the MAC Cyber lipstick!


Nail art of the week: Halloween Special

I turned to Pinterest to get some inspiration for my Halloween nails this week.

I think it’s more exciting to have mix and match designs for something that’s a fun holiday day, and the build up in the UK seems to be getting longer ahead of October 31st as America infects us with the need to visit pumpkin patches and go on scary hay rides as soon as it’s October 1st!

So a week ahead of Halloween, I chose these crazy designs, each can be played around with and again are kept really simple so you can all try them out if you have time.

The blood drip nail art is my favourite for Halloween and anything remotely spooky related because you can choose any colour you like not just the typical red. I chose to do the blood drip technically upside down but as you can see in the photo becomes the right way. You don’t even really need a nail pen to do this because the drips of the nail varnish can create a great effect, maybe a cocktail stick for neatness will help.

The stripes I added from nail art of the week last week, I think anything in black is quite effective and you just need a steady hand as you can see I went a bit wonky on this one but you still get the idea!

The faces are interchangeable, but obviously best to keep the pumpkin face orange and the Jack Skellington one white, but the fun googly eye face is a good one to do on all your nails as you could do happy faces as well and change the base colour to match your mood!

halloween nails



Nail art of the week: White and pink fade split mani

Feel like this is my signature go to nail design, it’s so effective and again easy to add something to it to make your nails stand out.

Using white as my base colour and Barry M’s Pink Flamingo as the focal colour, with a make up sponge I applied the pink onto the tips and blended it in.

The best tip I have for using a make up sponge to get the faded look, is to put your selected nail varnish straight onto the sponge rather than on your nail. This way if you’re not as confident when using the sponge at least you haven’t got loads of blobs of nail varnish on your nail you can just build up the colour using the sponge.

Make sure your nails are totally dry before removing the sellotape you used before painting your nails to create the clear stripe, this way you don’t pull any nail varnish off with it if it’s still tacky. It does mean you need a good spare hour to create this look but it will definitely be worth it when it’s finished!

Do you have any nail art questions? Or tips for me? Leave them in the comment box below or tweet me @nlcorner

pink and white split