Food: Chickpea, avocado, quinoa and halloumi salad

It’s been a while since I’ve posted what I’ve been eating, I got hellishly busy at one point and as always the ol’ blog takes a back seat.

I spotted a recipe on Twitter recently by Sasha Wilkins of Liberty London Girl, she shared an image of a chickpea, avocado and halloumi salad from her new recipe book called Friends, Food, Family. Obviously I didn’t have the book to hand but thought it would be quite fun to recreate the salad from what she shared.

So main ingredients are of course chickpeas, avocado and halloumi. I’ve baked my chickpeas before on advice from Girl Next Door Fashion so thought I’d do the same here with a sprinkle of paprika, I also added halloumi chunks on too half way through. They really don’t need that long roughly ten minutes if that.

I thought that just those ingredients along with the avocado wouldn’t be enough for my lunch so I decided to bulk it up with quinoa. A super easy grain to cook with, but for some reason I always end up with it super sloppy and watery..

Anyway in the morning when packing my lunch I put all the prepared elements together and added some seed mix that had pumpkins, pine nuts, sesame seeds and other numerous unidentifiable bits.

I think I added way too many seeds as it ended up being quite crunchy. But I certainly enjoyed the splash of lime juice as an extra twist.

Overally I think my version was a success, I’m not a fan of pomegranate seeds which I think is a tad odd in a savoury dish but the different elements that made up the salad are something I always have in my cupboard so no extra effort went into making it.

Lunch avo chick peas hallloumi_Fotor


Food: Aubergine pizza and parmesan courgette chips

I am on a roll this week with cooking. This time it’s pizza and chips. Yes you heard that right!

I can’t believe how much you can do with courgettes, this parmesan courgette chips recipe caught my eye and of course they’re pretty simple.

Cut your courgettes lengthways, then quarter them and drizzle with oil. Mix up about a handful of parmesan cheese with thyme, oregano and garlic powder and then sprinkle over and put in the oven.

courgette parmesan chips

For the next part of my dish I found an aubergine pizza recipe that looked so simple and a great healthy way to actually eat pizza!

The aubergines need slicing into about three quarters of a centimetre thick and then the recipe says to cover them in salt and leave to dry out on kitchen roll for 30 minutes but time is of the essence and my stomach was grumbling so I skipped that and drizzled oil over sprinkled on some salt, pepper and oregano and stuck them in the oven.

It said to roast for 25 minutes but my aubergines were done in about 15. In the meantime I made the tomato base which was just some garlic a can of tomatoes and some oregano and Italian herb seasoning, I also added a bit of cayenne pepper too obvs.

Spoon the sauce onto the aubergine and put your chosen cheese on top. The recipe calls for mozzarella mixed with parmesan but I was in the mood for halloumi so I put slices of that on top of each ‘pizza’ base.

aubergine pizza

The pizzas only need a few more minutes for the cheese to melt, and that time depends on how cooked you like your cheese. I put mine in towards the end of the courgette chips cooking time and they all came out together.

I’m always one to have mayo with my pizza and chips so to stay healthy if you really need a side dip even though the dish is quite juicy already, I’d go for a bit of Greek yoghurt mixed with some herbs or do like I did and mash up an avocado with some lime juice.

The flavours went so well together and would you believe you can eat healthy pizza and chips without any dough in site?!

Also whilst browsing the Damn Delicious blog I used for the chips, I spotted a courgette parmesan crisps recipe that I am absolutely going to try, such a great idea for a snack!

aubergine pizza anc courgette parmesan chips