Was that really Kristen Stewart at Couture Fashion Week?

What. The. Hell.

I could actually give Glamour credit for naming Kristen Stewart Best Dressed of the Year 2013 for a second year in a row after her trip to Couture Fashion Week in Paris.

Gone were the greasy locks, naked skin, rolled up jeans, Converse, and knotted tees in their usual place were Chanel and Zuhair Murad. Invited to the FROW for both the Chanel and Zuhair Murad couture shows Kristen showed two very different but amazing looks.

I’m actually gobsmacked that this is who I’m writing about after not posting a blog for so long.

As soon as I saw Kristen’s outfit at the Chanel show, it was exactly her. Super short shorts and a masculine edge via the tweed Chanel buttoned jacket, smoky eye make up and a slicked back pony. Not forgetting the Karl Lagerfeld-style fingerless gloves, I wouldn’t be surprised if Karl had personally sent her outfit. It really is the best she’s looked in a long time without trying hard at all.

Kristen Stewart Chanel Couture full length

Kristen Stewart striking a smouldering glare arriving at Chanel Couture 2013

Kristen Stewart Chanel Couture smiling

An actual genuine smile from Kristen Stewart arriving at the Chanel Couture 2013 show

Arriving at the Zuhair Murad couture show, Kristen went back to her wavy hairstyle with a cornrow added twist as her locks tumbled over one shoulder. The make up was still smoky but toned down to make the jumpsuit the main attraction. After wearing two Zuhair Murad looks on the last Twilight press tour, it was no surprise Kristen was front row. She revisited the sheer look she debuted at the London premiere of Twilight: Breaking Dawn in London and LA with this black corset bodysuit and sheer lace trousers, even though she was spotted in trainers she managed to squeeze into a pair of heels to match the hint of maroon on her eye make up.

Two fabulous looks, the Chanel one was easily my favourite and I can see why Kristen does dress like a tramp when with friends and not on the red carpet because she’s not working. That’s private downtown time that unfortunately gets captured and she can’t be expected to be dressed up the whole time (well maybe she could change things up once in a while!)

Kristen Stewart Zuhair Murad couture arriving

A smirk for the camera as Kristen Stewart arrives at the Zuhair Murad Couture 2013 show

Kristen Stewart Zuhair Murad Couture

A sexy over the shoulder pose in her Zuhair Murad jumpsuit


The Best of The Importance of Being Oreo 2012

As I’m currently compiling my best dressed of the year lists, I thought I’d look through my blog posts from this past year and pick out my favourite ones. It’s hugely self indulgent, but as I was looking back there were so much stuff I’d forgotten I’d written about especially in the earlier part of the year.

I’ve picked one from each month, so if you find yourself currently bored of wrapping presents have a look! Check back later in the week to see who made my Best Dressed of 2012.

January: Shailene Woodley vs Jennifer Lawrence – The two actresses at similar places in their careers, Jennifer Lawrence has had another great year with The Hunger Games and The Silver Linings Playbook.

Jennifer Lawrence in Dolce & Gabbana at the Independent Spirit Awards 2011 and Shailene Woodley in Honor at the 2012 AFI Awards.

Jennifer Lawrence in Dolce & Gabbana at the Independent Spirit Awards 2011 and Shailene Woodley in Honor at the 2012 AFI Awards.

February: Spring Couture – a look at my favourite couture pieces, Elie Saab has to be Being Oreo’s most featured designer!

Elie Saab Kasia Struss

Elie Saab Kasia Struss

March: New Yorkshire Music: Seafret – I interviewed this up and coming Yorkshire duo earlier this year, I predict big things for Seafret in the next few years!

Seafret Blog

April: Dawson’s Creek possible reunion – This topic will not die down, and now that Katie Holmes has been released from her marriage who knows what the future holds?!

Dawsons Creek

May: Christina Ricci at the MET Gala – Christina Ricci was a standout at the MET Gala for me this year, the dress is super quirky but who would guess that she is only 5″1 she knows how to werq it!

Christina Ricci at the MET Gala 2012 in a bespoke Thakoon dress.

Christina Ricci at the MET Gala 2012 in a bespoke Thakoon dress.

June: Blake Lively Savages press tour and Diane Kruger at Cannes 2012 – It was too difficult to pick just one post for June, especially when two of my favourite style crushes had fabulous runs on their respective red carpets. Blake Lively was back to her amazing self promoting Savages and Diane Kruger did a fantastic job as judge at the Cannes Film Festival with an array of couture.

Blake Lively in Zuhair Murad Couture at the LA Premiere of Savages

Blake Lively in Zuhair Murad Couture at the LA Premiere of Savages

Diane Kruger in Vivienne Westwood at the Amour premiere in Cannes 2012

Diane Kruger in Vivienne Westwood at the Amour premiere in Cannes 2012

July: Kate Upton wants to enjoy life and eat – Kate Upton seems to have made an impression on everyone this year, she must be one of the most controversial models to grace the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue ever, all because she likes to eat apparently.

Kate Upton on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition

Kate Upton on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition

September: It’s September again… Television time! – I like my American television, and I think this is a great guide for those who want to know what imports to watch when they appear on British tellyboxes. This year Fringe comes to an end, which I am very upset about as that will mean Joshua Jackson needs to get another job lined up sharpish!

Tyler Hoechlin as Derek in Teen Wolf. Check out the hilarious recaps from Price Peterson over at TV.com

Tyler Hoechlin as Derek in Teen Wolf. Check out the hilarious recaps from Price Peterson over at TV.com

October: Emma Stone and that Maje coat – One of my most popular posts this year, Emma Stone worked the hell out of that coat.

Emma Stone at the Musee Rodin in Paris, wearing a Maje coat.

Emma Stone at the Musee Rodin in Paris, wearing a Maje coat.

November: A zombie romance for Valentine’s Day: Warm Bodies – This is on my 2013 film list already, really looking forward to seeing it and will get round to reading the book if it’s not too scary!

Nicholas Hoult as R in Warm Bodies, out February 8, 2013.

Nicholas Hoult as R in Warm Bodies, out February 8, 2013.

December: Twilight: Kristen Stewart – I definitely have a love/hate relationship with Kristen Stewart, I make myself laugh at how shocked I was she was named Best Dressed of 2012 by Glamour just a few months into the year! This is a round up of her best Twilight red carpet looks with an extra addition or two, but her street style will always keep her on my worst dressed list!

This technically isn't related to Twilight, but Kristen in Reem Acra on the Cannes Red Carpet for Cosmopolis is one of my all time favourite Kristen looks.

This technically isn’t related to Twilight, but Kristen in Reem Acra on the Cannes Red Carpet for Cosmopolis is one of my all time favourite Kristen looks.

Twilight: Kristen Stewart

It’s been an odd year for Kristen Stewart, everyone will remember the scandal of the summer that cast a shadow over the impending last Twilight movie. Would her and Rob appear together reconciled or would it be a series of awkward red carpet appearances and separate hotels rooms where they couldn’t be seen in a room together?

Kristen in Vanity Fair July 2012

Kristen in Vanity Fair July 2012

Kristen’s year started promisingly enough, a couture photo shoot in Paris with Karl Lagerfeld behind the lens for Vanity Fair to promote Snow White and the Huntsman, appearances on the press tour of her indie movie On the Road in Cannes and rather shockingly a number one spot on Glamour UK magazine’s Best Dressed of 2012.

I re-read the above post, and I was not happy. I chuckled to myself, because really Kristen is one of those people akin to Marmite. She has good days that everyone loves what she wears, she has days where you get where she was going with it and divides the critics and then she has really bad days which usually outweigh the good especially when she isn’t on a promo tour for a movie.

I used to really detest Kristen, she used to come across like she didn’t care that she was this person that younger girls looked up to especially when Twilight first came out. You could see how much she hated been on that red carpet, giving interviews and just generally attempting to be a pleasant person. Remember when she came out with this when giving an interview to Elle UK in 2010, when talking about the papparazzi:

“The photos are so … I feel like I’m looking at someone being raped,” she tells Britain’s Elle magazine. “A lot of the time I can’t handle it.”

Ugh, we know how horrible it is but as the argument goes, as an actor/actress part of your job is being in the public eye. You use the media to promote your movies, perfumes when you need to so it has to work both ways. Privacy is no longer yours if you flaunt yourself in front of the camera, especially with a married director *ahem*.

After this ugly quote, and over the past year I have to admit Kristen has become happier in front of the camera, she is more open when answering questions, she is still awkward because that is who she probably is, and of course has grown up even though she is still only 22.

Yes she was born in 1990, and even though she has been acting since around 10 she is still so so young. It seems that Hollywood likes to age people in the movie industry, just take the Fanning sisters, Elle 14, and Dakota 18, they have been around for what seems an age yet they are still in education.

But Kristen is a hot commodity in the industry and although some thought her turn as a “trampire” would hurt her image I really don’t think it has. Not one bit. She cheated on Edward Rob, and the media thought it was the end of the world, he seemed to have gotten over it in time for the Twilight promo tour, and everyone went home happy.

When Kristen isn’t on the red carpet her uniform of scruffy trainers, knotted tee and jacket with an optional trucker cap (I mean who genuinely wears those anymore?!) is hideous when compared to the likes of Miranda Kerr and Victoria Beckham, but they are full-time celebrities devoted to their look, Kristen works best when she has a stylist on hand to tell her to put the trainers down and wear the heels…

Here are my favourite Kristen moments on the Twilight Saga red carpet, my ultimate favourite has to be the Reem Acra but then I absolutely loved her Louis Vuitton black and white playsuit in Tokyo.

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Kristen Stewart Best Dressed?

Saying that Kristen Stewart is best dressed of 2012 is like saying Katie Holmes had a stellar career last year and has become the best actress EVER.

Even though we’re only four months into this year Glamour UK have announced their voted by readers annual best dressed celebs of 2012 and K-Stew has topped the list knocking Emma Watson from the coveted top spot.

In my opinion for someone to be best dressed you need to be an all-rounder, your red carpet style has to be translated to your street style aka Miranda Kerr, glamour has to be present in some form or another and if you saw K-Stew at Coachella the other weekend you would simply assume she had her wardrobe stolen and bought a cap from a trucker named Bubba.

Kristen Stewart at Coachella

Don’t get me wrong I have nothing against Converse, denim , or slouchy tees but when this is what you consistently wear, it’s no wonder the rumour that not one stylist wants to work with you goes around Tinseltown. I would also hope in the near future that she invest in some dry shampoo or a shower to wash her greasy hair, effort please!

This Stella McCartney look for Paul McCartney's My Valentine video premiere is doing absolutely nothing for her, that skirt is the wrong length the blazer tsk, and that hair needs a good wash.

There are those rare occasions that K-Stew steps onto the red carpet looking an absolute dream, i.e Breaking Dawn Part One premiere in J. Mendel and Roberto Cavalli and there is the upcoming appearance at Cannes Film Festival to promote her latest film On The Road so we could see some really impressive looks from her if she has an uber stylist in her entourage. Fingers crossed we get to see some great Summer 2012 looks.

Also Robert Pattinson scooped best dressed male, needless to say these two are a perfectly matched pair, because according to a Coachella-goer on Instagram he looked like a homeless British guy. How he managed to be placed first I have no idea. Come on Glamour sort it out! I am adding to this because Editor Jo Elvin has just pointed out that it is voted by Glamour readers, I am a Glamour reader maybe I should pull my finger out and put pen to paper next time they do the list because clearly the majority are a bit dim!!

Kristen Stewart in Roberto Cavalli at the London Twilight Breaking Dawn Part One premiere back in November.

Kristen was doing an Angelina way before Angelina was, in J. Mendel at the LA premiere of Breaking Dawn Part One.

The rest of the list is in the June issue of Glamour.

The Hunger Games

I remember why I prefer to travel 40 minutes to a Cineworld cinema than regularly go to my local Bridlington town cinema. It is full of little kids aged 12-14 allowed out to the cinemas for the night in a big gaggle of annoyance.

I like my cinema experience to be quiet with the odd gasp, whisper or laugh not unnecessary chattering for large portions of the movie. It frustrates me so much and more often than not end up having a moan but they always ignore and carry on the little buggers.

Rant over.

I went to see the newest addition to the book-to-movie franchise The Hunger Games, and was squealing in anticipation as I took my seat and waited those painful minutes until the movie began.

For those unfamiliar with the young adult trilogy, The Hunger Games is the first book in the trilogy, set in a dystopian future it sees Katniss Everdeen a 16-year old girl volunteer to take her young sister’s place as tribute in the Capitol’s Hunger Games. An annual event that requires a boy and girl tribute aged 12-18 to be selected from each of the 12 Districts that surround the Capitol, and to take part in a fight to their deaths until one sole victor emerges. The Hunger Games are a reminder to each district that the Capitol can take their children and kill them in response to the uprisings that resulted in the loss of the thirteenth district.

The opening scenes were very different to the book, but worked from an audience point of view as it wove in the Capitol’s Head Gamemaker Seneca Crane who we don’t experience in the book as it is told from Katniss’ point of view. Seneca Crane, played by the brilliant Wes Bentley, is shown in extra scenes with President Snow, played by Donald Sutherland, and in the Games control room which again we don’t know about from the book, a really great addition to the story overall especially when you want to know how the arena is created and controlled.

I think Elizabeth Banks as guardian to the District 12 tributes Effie Trinket was near perfect, in fact she didn’t get nearly enough screen time but with so much story to get through I can see why this happened. Certain scenes were shortened purely to get the timeline moving, but part of the allure of the book are the descriptions of the food on the train that Katniss and her fellow tribute Peeta Mellark (Josh Hutcherson) encounter for the first time and how they react to it, it wasn’t really that clear.

Woody Harrelson as Haymitch Abernathy was great casting, and I was excited to see how he would play the alcoholic mentor to the tributes. I was disappointed with how much he changed Haymitch’s attitude towards Katniss and Peeta, and I think because so much was cut out in terms of scenes they share together in the first book you don’t see how he gradually warms to them rather than all of sudden changing his personality. (Don’t even get me started on the scene where he supposedly suggests the idea to Seneca Crane for two tributes to win because the audience wants a love story – this does not happen in the book. I’ll get over it)

There are plenty of people that are to credit for the fantastic look of the movie, the choices made how to portray the Capitol, the super fast train on the way there and of course the set of District 12, there is only so much you can imagine in your head and it was great for it to see it come alive. The people of the Capitol were absolutely spot on, exactly the way that Suzanne Collins described them in the book, bright, colourful, oddly weird, strange and a bit loopy. The way they see the Games as pure entertainment and barely consider the 24 children going to their deaths.

As we move through the training of Katniss and Peeta, we see more of the other tributes which I never really paid attention to in the books because I knew in the end they would have to die. But it was interesting to see them and how they played their characters, most notably Alexander Ludwig as the ‘career’ tribute Cato and the tiny delicate and adorable Rue played by Amandla Stenberg. Rue is a turning point in the Games for Katniss but once again it was edited down, this in particular annoyed me because her relationship with Rue and how it ends makes Katniss the Mockingjay (something that will be clear in the next movies) and part of why she hates the Capitol and President Snow so much.

I’m just going to be ridiculously picky here, but did anyone else notice Rue say, after she was shot with a spear and lay dying, “Did you blow up their food?”, how could she possibly know that the food could/would be blown up when Katniss herself didn’t even know until the last minute that the pile of food and supplies protected by the careers was rigged with mines? Error.

I’ll move along… A book will never be portrayed exactly how you want it on screen especially when the narration is in first person, ie. Katniss point of view and no one else’s. In certain places the movie benefits from it being a different point of view as we gain extra information, eg Seneca Crane and the control room. But what I miss from Katniss’ narration is her feelings, her personality, her conflict, and her responses, because they are not there nearly enough. Yes Jennifer Lawrence is an Oscar-nominated actress, but there is so much to Katniss I wonder why she skimped on her inner turmoil in regards to Peeta and Gale (Liam Hemsworth). Especially considering how the story and she progresses.

I think in some ways the film relied to heavily on people having read the books and knowing the background of the story, for example the state of District 12 the details of the uprisings only briefly shown in the propaganda at the beginning, how Peeta was always protecting Katniss when he was with the tributes, the unexplained ‘muttations’ they just looked like wolf/rabid dogs, rather than the creations of the Capitol.

(One more point the Mockingjay pin is one of the most important aspects of the books and you aren’t even told what they are or where they came from – a Mockingjay is the offspring of a Mockingbird and a Capitol muttation Jabberjay bird, the Jabberjay’s were a Capitol weapon that recorded conversations of the people within the Districts to seek out traitor’s etc but the people realised what they did and turned them against the Capitol and they were then released into the wild and mated with Mockingbird’s thus creating Mockingjay’s which couldn’t speak but could record note perfect songs if you sing to them.)

I’m going to be really excited to see how Catching Fire works as a movie, there is a lot more to the story and I think we only really touched up on it in The Hunger Games. So I implore those of you who have not read the books to do so, because you will gain a lot more detail and background information that you wouldn’t know about from the film.

I want to see the movie again, to watch it without judging it because I just can’t help it!  Overall the movie is a thumbs up from me, and the £152 million it made in its opening weekend from domestic gross goes to prove that it was a thumbs up from everyone else.

Kristen Stewart for W Magazine

Who is this? Who is she? What has happened to the lank hair, skinny jeans, t-shirt and Converse pumps that has so become Kristen Stewart’s uniform? She has been given an almighty makeover for the September issue of W Magazine, the credit goes to stylist Edward Enninful and to the famed duo Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott. They are so amazing at what they do, that it had to be the photographers that captured the raw beauty that KStew has deep down (deep deep deep down) below. I say I’m not a fan of Kristen because she always seems so unwilling to be a celebrity, this is what she is now and it seems like she is finally coming around to it despite the occasional moody stare.

But these images from W Magazine and the video interview that goes with it, have started to break down the wall of hatred that I built up when KStew stole my beloved RPattz. She looks gorgeous, and I kind of wish that’s how she would style herself when doing red carpet. I can all but wish, I think those Converse are going to be around for a little while longer…

All images from W Magazine, photographs by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggot

That Gucci dress....again

This is similar to the GQ shoot RPattz did a couple of years ago...

Ahh there's the KStew we all know and love...


MTV Movie Awards vs. CFDA Awards

Two awards shows, two very different crowds. But both one common goal, dress to impress. MTV Movie awards saw plenty of daringly short dresses, embellishment, and casual sexiness. The CFDA Awards were all high fashion bang on trend, colour blocking, sheer and silk materials, super tall models alongside the most notable fashion designers of-the-moment.

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