It’s September already?

Those are the words falling miserably out of mouths up and down the country, and really we shouldn’t be surprised. It happens nearly every year, we sit on the edges of our seats waiting for that moment when the sun will burst through the seemingly never ending run of clouds so we can spend more than a mere minute outside with our loving friend vitamin D.

It never happens and September rolls around with us feeling even more glum than the beginning of the year when we promised we’d give up that thing we LOVE to make us lose weight or to pretend we feel better about ourselves (just remember that time is coming again soon, 17 weeks, don’t hate on me for pointing this out I loathe that time of the year).

BUT, what comes with September, is the start of the television season. You may think I’m crazy but autumn (or fall) is when the country is supposed to retire in front of the box snuggled up on the couch with no sun to distract them, no more balmy evenings but cold and rain to keep them inside to watch the latest offerings on the tele.

And as I’ve mentioned countless times before US television is what matters, although as the cold months draw in UK television is good, one show I’m looking forward to is the Body Farm a spinoff from the very greatly missed Waking the Dead. And all the other thriller, killer drama’s that appear lovingly on my screen.

Every year there are double the amount of programmes on US tv, brand new shows competing with veteran shows, those that win over audiences are the successors some with devoted fans prevail others never last beyond their second or third episode after when viewing figures fail to ignite.

I happen to have a tough schedule this year, with 30* shows currently on my timetable I don’t know how I’m going to manage. My fellow US tv lover has 40, and has just discovered the wonders of a livestreaming channel, and the joy of no sleep whilst watching The Lying Game at 2am in the morning (I do not have the fortune of being able to stay awake until 2am I have to rise at 7am to get ready for work, he currently works from home on his own hours).

Here’s a run down of my list, what I will without a doubt not be missing, what I will be giving a try, and what I think will fall at the first hurdle even though it has made it to my list.

Wouldn’t miss if my life depended on it:

  • Fringe (Fox) – my love of Josh Jackson would never waver (I love you Pacey).
  • Supernatural (CW) – J-squared always have a place in my heart.
  • Vampire Diaries (CW) – Ian Somerhalder, those eyes, that body (Sorry you always play a dead guy).


  • Gossip Girl (CW)
  • Nikita (CW)
  • Family Guy
  • Dexter (Showtime)
  • America’s Next Top Model (CW)
  • Glee (Fox)
  • Game of Thrones (HBO)
  • Desperate Housewives (ABC) – this is the final series (thank god).
  • One Tree Hill (CW) – just getting back into this show after ditching it when Lucas and Peyton did…

New picks:

  • Apartment 23 (Fox) – it has James van der Beek in it, as himself. Nuff said.
  • Hart of Dixie (CW) – Summer is back, sorry Rachel Bilson.
  • New Girl (Fox) – I love Zooey Deschanel.
  • Ringer (CW)- Sarah Michelle Gellar on my screen again, and with a really great show.
  • The Secret Circle (CW) – From the same author of Vampire Diaries LJ Smith, and the man behind both tv shows Kevin Williamson (Dawson’s Creek, Scream)
  • *Terra Nova (Fox) – Forgot that this finally had an air date after being pushed back a few times, big CGI production, dinasours and produced by The Speilberg, I have to give it a try at least. (Sounds a little Primeval)
  • *2 Broke Girls (CBS) – I missed this when making the list, noticed it had Kat Dennings starring who I LOVED in Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist.
  • *Pan Am – I don’t know why I forgot to put this show on the list, an original series following the Mad Men lead it’s set in the “Jet Age”. My only worry is I’ve never watched Mad Men because it didn’t appeal to me so I may lose interest…
  • Revenge (ABC) – the lead returns to the town she grew up in but noone recognises her… no big names. (REALLY GOOD)

    The Ringer

Could fall at the first hurdle:

  • Alcatraz (Fox) – only thing attracting me to this show its from the creators of Lost and has Hurley in it.
  • Charlie’s Angels 2011 (ABC) – I loved the originals, the movies were ho-hum, I’m not sure the gloss and glamour will work in the noughties without making it tacky but I am prepared to be swayed. AWFUL
  • Grimm (NBC) – great idea but is it strong enough to hold up for more than one season when there’s already a show like Supernatural that covers the ‘grimm’ aspects. A possible replacement if SN finishes after season 7?
  • Once Upon a Time (ABC) – same idea using fairytales, but the look of the show could be a let down.
  • Revenge (ABC) – the lead returns to the town she grew up in but noone recognises her… no big names.
  • The Finder (Fox) – this is a latecomer to my list so I’ll be applying last to join first to go if it fails to impress me.
  • Awake (NBC) – another one that I could let go, I just like the premise of living a life while you dream.

On hiatus:

  • Falling Skies (TNT)
  • Pretty Little Liars (ABC Family)
  • Teen Wolf (MTV)
  • True Blood (HBO)

If there are any other shows that you will be watching that I haven’t listed and think it would fit into my schedule then let me know. I like having US tv buddies, discussing the ins and outs of the shows are much fun and can make you go crazy (PLL ha).

*Most recent additions


Pretty Little Liars


The mid-season finale of Pretty Little Liars (PLL) just aired over in the US, and by golly it was a good’un.

But that’s no surprise because every single episode is so brilliant. I have honestly not watched a programme where I couldn’t guess what was going to happen at the end of it. PLL is one of those shows that has me hooked, and I’m going to go ahead and say better than Gossip Girl (that’ll no doubt come and bite me in the ass).

For those unfamiliar with it, PLL is a show based on a series of books by author Sara Shepard the first published way back in 2006 and the most recent in July of this year. It’s set in the fictional town of Rosewood, featuring a clique of girls who drift apart after the disappearance of their ‘leader’ Alison. They come together again when an omnipresent character ‘A’ begins to taunt the girls, Hanna, Aria, Emily and Spencer, about all of their secrets. And trouble soon follows.

The show follows the same vein, and in it’s second season has viewers hooked on finding out who ‘A’ really is. There are so many possibilities it makes for some exhilarating television. Each episode ends with a scene whilst the credits are rolling showing you what ‘A’ is doing, half the time I’m sure it’s a guy but then the storyline beckons to ‘A’ being a girl, it’s nowhere near possible to tell!

For the mid season finale it begins where it will end showing three of the girls in a police holding room after being caught, what it appears, red-handed (or dirt-handed if you so will). The drama builds as we return to the previous hours leading upto the girls’ incarceration. We see the girls each receive a doll with instructions on what they should do if they wish to see their therapist Dr Sullivan alive again, as in the previous episode ‘A’ led them to believe the doctor was dead or at least heading that way with a text stating “the doctor is out – A”.

But as Spencer points out it’s a genius plan, each of the tasks the girls must complete are their deepest darkest desires, although no reason appears as to why Spencer really wants to end her relationship with Toby… Aria must get rid of her teacher-boyfriend’s stalky ex Jacqui, Hanna must ruin her Dad’s wedding even though she has only just rekindled their relationship and Emily, well she doesn’t get anything. Yet.

It seems simple enough for Aria and Spencer to carry out their tasks, and a teeny bit awkward for Hanna who halts the wedding mid-ceremony. Emily’s task meanwhile has surfaced, as she was driving to the ceremony her satnav starts to play up, noticing the doll on her backseat it claims it will take Emily “to her”. Who are we thinking? Logically the doctor, deep down, Alison… We see Emily turn up at a barn with a car running inside, and you immediately sense the danger she’s in after the barn door closes shut but does she take her STILETTO heel off her foot and smash the window to turn off the engine? No she does nothing of the sort, she passes out and just when you she’s going to be the next victim she gets dragged out by ‘A’.

Now this is the part that I think has a reveal in it and probably always has (in the title song), it’s a bit Harry Potter-ish too. As Emily is passed out, well we’re led to believe she is anyway, she sees Alison who tells Emily she always favoured her blah blah and when Emily asks if she knows who ‘A’ is Alison’s reply is “two can only keep a secret if one of them is dead”. So tell me if I’m reading into this too much or in the wrong manner but is Alison saying she isn’t dead but someone else is, and that’s how she is keeping the “secret” or is she still dead and the other person that is actually ‘A’ the person who killed Alison… I’m confusing myself.

Meanwhile the girls have completed their missions and have received an address, the same address where Emily is and find her and wake her up. A shovel is leant against the barn along with a note that says “You will need this” along with some coordinates that must be the location of Dr Sullivan. Only it isn’t, it’s a trap, the girls were set up by ‘A’ and cornered by the police with their hands on the shovel that is revealed to be the weapon that killed Alison. If we go back to about episode eight where Spencer finds (oh so easily) Alison’s postmortem report we see that page five was missing, and noone knows what’s on it but duh-du-duuhhh Jenna and Garrett do.

What’s that you say? Jenna and Garrett are the ones behind this. Oh, yeah I knew that all along, she hates them for making her blind of course it’s them that set the girls up and got them arrested. But wait no that’s way too easy. I reckon they’re acting alone on this part, they were there on the night of Alison’s murder and tried to set Jason up but they didn’t kill her they just moved the body… that’s why they wanted page five’s trace evidence reports destroyed so noone would think it’s them and no way have they been keeping tabs on the girls’ all this time they’re not THE ‘A’ just one of many. **

I mean how does the return of Detective Wilden fit back into this, as Spencer’s Mum points out he has some strong evidence against them, something apart from the shovel? Either that or he’s another NAT member and helped out Garrett and Jenna, maybe that’s what Garrett refers to when he says “this will get you a promotion”… And as another thought on Garrett, he says that Jason’s worked out that he didn’t kill Alison but that he doesn’t know they wrote the note. He doesn’t actually say anything about the killing. (But then again if Garrett waited months to get into the storage room, I’m assuming it was for the shovel, so the police already had it as evidence because Det Wilden even says “We’ve known all along what the murder weapon was”, so they had it and haven’t realised it was taken out of the evidence storage room and the girls were using it? Huh?)

The fact that the usual ‘A’ scene rolls at the credits tells us that Garrett and Jenna can’t be the only ‘A’, when ‘A’ has Dr Sullivan at some sort of roadside diner and the doctor replies with “I’ve done what you asked me to do” and then receives an envelope from ‘A’. At first it seems like money, but Dr Sullivan surely wouldn’t be motivated to do something for money in return, and ‘A’ so easily lets her go she must have something substantial on her that would warrant Dr Sullivan to lie about where she was to the girls and for her not to return to tell them what she had found out.

And then comes the killer hook, as the waitress comes over to fill ‘A’s coffee cup she comments: “How you doing tonight pretty eyes?”. Now if I’m going to read right into this, the way the waitress speaks to ‘A’ it has to be someone younger than herself and it has to be a girl. What person would say that to a guy? Hmm. But then it goes back to the books because if you like to spoil yourself and want answers ahead of the game they state that Mona is the first ‘A’, it fits, but like Marlene King show executive says more than one ‘A’ is a “plausible theory“.


** I’ve just realised Jenna says “she deserved to die like that” which kind of implicates them in Alison’s death…

Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio

I wasn’t sure if it was just a rumour with well placed paps organised by clever PR’s, but judging by these pictures there can be no disputing that my favourite style crush Blake Lively is dating Leonardo DiCaprio. Absolutely brilliant move, Blake a star in television and slowly making her name in movies, dating a Hollywood heavyweight like DiCaprio will definitely catapult her right up to the A-list and is perfectly timed with the up coming release of her new blockbuster movie Green Lantern alongside another rumoured beau Ryan Reynolds.

Looking very close on a boat in Cannes, with Steven Speilberg and his wife and Leonardo's best friend Lukas Haas

*Just to add more fuel to the Blake fire, nude pictures have surfaced. Uh-oh. But you’re not really a celeb until you’ve had a naked scandal, but tut tut, even though her rep has totally denied it’s her despite the oh so uncanny resemblance… Go to dlisted and follow the link.

Smallville: Superboy?

Things are heating up in the world of Smallville, in its tenth and final season rumours are rife that Alexander is not all he seems.

For those of you up to date with season 10, you will be aware that Lex in all his madness, and before he disappeared back in season 8, developed clones of himself and one has managed to survive.

Alexander escaped from the care of Tess (who we have just found out is also a Luthor, convenient?) and tried to kill ‘The Blur’, because he has all of Lex’s memories of deep hatred for the alien, but hit the lovely Martha Kent instead. I won’t go into much detail as it will soon become very confusing, but at the end of the last episode Tess tried to put down the poor young clone and found his skin unbreakable.

Originally, I thought that the young Alexander would mature to become Michael Rosenbaum (who has just been confirmed for ‘Finale’) by the final episode. But then how is it possible his skin is unbreakable? Then I just assumed it was because he was a clone and had extra abilities, but a fellow fan pointed me in the direction of just who Alexander really is…

Superboy aka Conner Kent

Superboy. Yes that’s right, half Clark Kent and half Luthor (the same fan also described the character as the gay lovechild of Lex and Clark go figure) he is genetically modified to possess the powers of Superman and implanted with memories from the evil Lex.

However upon further research it has become clear that Superboy (Connor Kent or Kon-El) is actually a force of good and so would probably in terms of Smallville be on the same team as Clark and his fellow Justice members. How does Lex come into this in the final two episodes? How can Rosenbaum turn Lex Luthor into the devil we all know him to be?

I’d like to thank…

…Style Souk for bestowing a ” Stylish Blogger” award upon my blog. So now I have to reveal 5 things about myself that my lovely readers don’t know about me and to pass on the baton:

So here goes…

1. This may sound weird but I like to collect shopping bags, but only the good ones. I squeal with excitement (inside) when I get my purchases in a paper bag.

2. I have ridiculously dark hair and have always wanted it to be slightly lighter than it is and started to dye it when I was about 12, but now I have to dye it because when it grows out you can see my grey hairs that are dotted all around my hair line.

3. I suppose this isn’t really something you don’t know about me but I currently watch 10 US television shows every week. It would make my life so much easier if I could live in America and not have to sit and wait for them to load but at least I don’t have a full-time job to distract me.

4. I hate Christmas. (Sorry everybody else in the world but I’d rather have Summer again)

5. The most viewed post on my blog is this!

Not amazingly revealing, but to be fair I do blog about anything and everything so ask me any questions you like and I’ll answer them truthfully and honestly as I can!

So I’m passing the baton on to these people below:


What Serena Saw


Charlotte Taylor

An Outlet for Notions


You’re such a nice guy RPattz

I just feel so sorry for Rob Pattinson in this video clip. He just wants to go to wherever he’s going but he’s got a billion papparazzi following him around.

Now I’m a bit 2-sided here, as someone interested both the media and how news is reported I love to hear about what celebrities get up to but this is just awful. To be invaded so much on a daily basis I don’t know how RPattz keeps up this nice guy persona. He’s soooo lovely and cute and pretty and well you know the rest.

Inception Rocked My World

What an unpredictable, mind-altering, beautifully directed piece of cinema. Christopher Nolan literally broke the concept of time with a tiny layer of confusion that got your brain ticking.

Nolan is ingenious. I always enjoy movies that have a storyline that has a sprinkling of truth about it. In some ways the technology could be possible in years to come and the way Inception is presented it makes it all the more believable.

By far the best thing about the movie is the quality of the ensemble cast. I think it’s about time that Leonardo DiCaprio got that golden statuette, for this movie he genuinely lit the screen on fire. The smouldering looks, the chemistry with Marion Cotillard and the fact that his character was so convincingly and constantly teetering on the edge of craziness.

The Extractor

Most people know Ellen Page as the pregnant teen from Diablo Cody’s Juno, but as the creative Ariadne “The Architect” she plays someone able to understand the unstability that DiCaprio’s character faces due to something that happened in his past. (I don’t want to go into details as it will spoil it massively). I do sometimes struggle to take Page as a serious adult actor considering she is so tiny, but she really holds her own especially in scenes with actors the calibre of DiCaprio.

The Extractor and The Architect

My new boy crush (well man) comes in the form of Tom Hardy, “The Forger”. His rugged handsomeness and gravelly voice just made his bad boy character so appealing. His character’s relationship with (boy crush #2) Joseph Gordon-Levitt was light-hearted and funny but still fit within the sci-fi epic.

It kept bugging me throughout the movie what else I’d seen him in and after a quick IMDb check I realised he was in the gritty Channel 4 drama Cape Wrath. It was only on for 8 episodes before it got cancelled prematurely. Then further checking saw he portrayed Charles Bronson in the movie of the same name and looks completely unrecognisable.


Onto Joseph Gordon Levitt, all us girls will remember his dorky cuteness in 10 Things I Hate About You which I’ve seen so many times I have lost count, with Julia Stiles and the late Heath Ledger co-starring.

JG-L disappeared to television, starring in comedy 3rd Rock from the Sun for 5 years, still making movies just not ones that appeared on my radar anyway. But (500) Days of Summer released in 2009 has to be one of my favourite movies ever, and the ever lovable Zooey Deschanel co-starring the film was fantastic.

His character, Arthur, in Inception is “The Point Man” DiCaprio’s right-hand in the world of dreams. I think his character is so complex and deep that Nolan barely scratches the surface, but the mystery surrounding his seemingly tough exterior is extremely intriguing. The slicked-back hair just makes him totally sexy as well.

The Point Man (looking slightly like PeeWee)

I haven’t gotten round to seeing Public Enemies or Nine, so haven’t seen any of Marion Cotillard’s blockbuster films. She plays Mal (although it sounded like DiCaprio was saying Mol) a very deceptive character, this is probably where I became the most confused and to explain it would again spoil the film and purely take too long. She was the most crazy in the whole film, and the chemistry between her and DiCaprio was interesting yet heartbraking.

Cillian Murphy also starred as the “The Mark”, I was a little stumped by his character as he didn’t seem to have much to do. I don’t know how to explain it, but I think he suits roles of the evil nature rather than a victim, I mean those eyes are so scary beautiful and as The Scarecrow in Batman he was brilliant.

Stand-out performance goes to Ken Watanabe as “The Tourist”, the guy who holds all the cards but almost ends up a victim. Take note of the first scene and most things slip into place by the end. Joint stand-out is definitely Tom Hardy and for JG-L I hope that Inception is a launch pad for bigger movies because he is a fantastic actor.

The Forger and The Tourist

As a sci-fi movie Inception may put some people off, but you have to see it to believe how good it is. I waited with baited breath for months hoping that I hadn’t been premature putting it on a pedestal before it had even been released, but thank god I did because it lived far and beyond my expectations and cannot wait to go see it again.