Red carpet: MTV Movie Awards 2014

There were only three words on everyone’s lips after the MTV Movie Awards last night and that was ZAC EFRON SHIRTLESS.

Behold the beauty:

2014-04-14 07.01.45

Zac Efron shirtless

2014-04-14 11.42.20

Where was I?

The red carpet fashion proved somewhat of a mixed bag as always when it comes to cast members of MTV shows mingling amongst film stars. I also only recognised about 30% of the people walking the red carpet so I’ll stick to who I know..

Shailene Woodley has been a regular feature on best dressed lists recently after her promo tour for new movie Divergent. Her style is known to be very laid back and verging on the lazy (i.e bare feet, no make up), but she’s been knocking it out of the park and this latest Balmain look is no exception. For some this olive leather look may be a bit like marmite but I love the tough girl edge via the belted skirt and gladiator type sandals and that little flash of skin via that knot feature.

Shailene Woodley Balmain

Shailene Woodley in Balmain at the MTV Movie Awards 2014

I normally discount Rita Ora whenever she appears on a red carpet because I just cannot get on board with her style. But this black satin very deep cleavage dress by Barbara Casasola, those blonde tumbling waves and that not-going-anywhere red lip all works perfectly. Well done Rita, and I salute you for ripping off Zac Efron’s shirt.

Rita Ora Barbara Casasola

Rita Ora in Barbara Casasola at the MTV Movie Awards 2014

Of course Jessica Alba does sexy and cute like only she can. Her Piece d’Anarchive crop top is super simple and very easy to replicate on the high street along with her full ball skirt by one of her favourite brnad Kenzo. The mix of citrus and white is so effective with a little touch of monochrome via her shoes, Jessica is working every spring trend to perfection.

Jessica Alba Kenzo

Jessica Alba in Piece d’Anarchive and Kenzo

Chrissy Teigen has been an awards carpet regular this year, being the perfect plus one to her musician hubby John Legend. She either goes full on glamazon sexy or super cute and girly, the latter is what she chose to channel at the MTV Movie Awards in her Ulyana Sergeenko Couture bird print dress. I’m glad that we’ve seen quite a lot of Ulyana’s collection because I basically loved it and love Chrissy in this in spite of the boring shoes.

Chrissy Teigen Ulyana Sergeenko

Chrissy Teigen in Ulyana Sergeenko at the MTV Movie Awards 2014

Another Ulyana Sergeenko Couture creation, this time modelled by Rihanna. Some said on my Twitter feed that it looked like she was ready for bed, and Rihanna is known for doing the whole lingerie look to the extreme but what I love about this particular boudoir-inspired look was her toned down styling. The wavy hair pinned loosely back with face-framing tendrils, the stunning bronze make up and the matching nude shoes just totally worked. Someone else, say Rita Ora for example, wouldn’t been able to resist adding that red lip and making it trashy but Rihanna works it like only she can, this is one of my favourite looks from her in a long time.

Rihanna Ulyana Sergeenko

Rihanna in Ulyana Sergeenko at the MTV Movie Awards 2014

Another major departure from her usual style on the red carpet was Nicki Minaj. I couldn’t believe how amazing she looked with her natural hair colour minus all the bells and whistles she normally sports. Wearing a figure-hugging black Alexander McQueen gown what made it stand out was her McQueen jewellery, are arm bangles going to make a comeback?

Nicki Minaj Alexander McQueen

Nicki Minaj in Alexander McQueen at the MTV Movie Awards 2014

I’ve missed Lupita Nyong’o from the red carpet. She made a bold appearance in a multicoloured Chanel dress at the MTV Movie Awards. I think I only half love it because of the high neck but I think Lupita can pull off anything and those sky blue Casadei Blade pumps are to die for.

Lupita Nyongo Chanel

Lupita Nyong’o in Chanel at the MTV Movie Awards 2014

I adore Leslie Mann’s flirty polka dot Juan Carlos Obando dress. It’s great for this type of event and pairing orange shoes with black is something I absolutely must try this summer!

Leslie Mann Juan Carlos Obando

Leslie Mann in Juan Carlos Obando at the MTV Movie Awards 2014


Images from Zimbio


Jamie Dornan announced as the new Christian Grey

After Charlie Hunnam dropped out of the Fifty Shades of Grey movie, the producers went into re-casting mode and returned to their short list for that titular role.

And as news breaks today that man at the top of that list was the deliciously handsome Jamie Dornan. He is announced as the new Christian Grey playing opposite Dakota Johnson as Ana Steele.

What does everyone think to Dornan as the new Mr Grey?

Personally I think the re-cast is a good choice, Dornan has proved his acting chops in the recent BBC crime thriller The Fall where he played a freaky serial killer against Gillian Anderson’s sexy detective, and he’s already a familiar face in the US television series Once Upon A Time where he played Sheriff Graham/The Huntsman.

And screw it he used to be a Calvin Klein model and is bloody hot (and Irish).

christian grey

If all goes to plan Fifty Shades of Grey is scheduled for 1 August 2014 as a release date! It will certainly be one hot summer!

Ryan Gosling, a god amongst men

I believe when The Notebook comes on television, every girl in the world is reminded just how perfect Ryan Gosling is.

The Notebook

That kiss, in the rain.

Yes he may be playing a character, but when he grows that beard and tears down the house and repairs it. It’s like he’s repairing every broken heart ever.

And when he is possibly the only man in the world to rock the hell out of a three-piece brown Gucci suit, you know that he is a god amongst men.

It gets better than that, by the way, he took his mother as his date to his latest movie premiere for Gangster Squad, which coincidentally opens this Friday and I will be sat drooling over his raw handsomeness.

Ryan Gosling at the Gangster Squad LA premiere, in Gucci.

Ryan Gosling at the Gangster Squad LA premiere, in Gucci.

Eva Mendes, you lucky, lucky woman.

Can Ryan Gosling BE any more perfect?!

If the pictures of Ryan Gosling carrying his best buddy George through the airport weren’t enough to make your heart smile. He’s just appeared on Jimmy Fallon with the cute doggy, sporting a red sock because he has a poorly foot and a head to toe mohawk! Seriously I love you Ryan Gosling and cannot wait for Crazy, Stupid Love!

Ryan and George

Ryan and George on Jimmy Fallon


The lovefest continues

I’m still loving all the attention the Royal newlyweds are getting, Wills and Kate, the Prince and the Princess, oh how genuinely happy they look together. Their tour of Canada was fantastic, I don’t care that each news piece was simply an updated version of the couple’s itinerary for that specific day, I want to know exactly what they were doing and what they were wearing whilst doing so. Kate is so pretty, still on the skinny side but dare I say it may be why she is so easily accepted into the media spotlight, what would they say if she was slightly rounder and less slimline, probably wouldn’t be so kind. Her long locks and bright radiant smile are her selling point, and her carefully planned wardrobe for the trip were put together very well, so kudos to the person who helped her out.

Their tour overseas ended in LA, with a BAFTA Brits to Watch event that saw 42 Brits named as up and comers in their field of entertainment, film and television alongside some of the more glamourous Hollywood A-listers such as Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Lopez, Tom Hanks et al. To be honest I haven’t seen many pictures with the Brits that attended but plenty of the American stars that wanted their audience with royalty. My favourite picture of the night has to be J to the L-O chatting to the future King and Queen. That sentence, seriously who could ever have predicted that “Jenny from the Block” would get to chat to royalty, never.

Jennifer Lopez chats to Prince William and Catherine the Duchess of Cambridge.

Hi my name is J-Lo and this is my ass.

Prince William and Catherine arrive.

Catherine Duchess of Cambridge in Alexander McQueen.

Cat Deeley fighting the Brit corner in pre-fall Christian Dior '11.

Ed Westwick looking super dishy, no bow-tie here but some leather straps. Hot. (Simon Spurr leather dickie ooo)

Dominic Cooper my you're looking handsome. (Burberry)

Blake Lively, and no sight of her boobs or her legs in Marchesa. Lovely dress just not very Blakey. Next please!

I heart Zooey.

Green Lantern Review

I liked Green Lantern, I’m not entirely familiar with the lore of the comic book history so I couldn’t tell you what was right and what was entirely wrong. I’ll tell you what was right Ryan Reynolds, his star has been on the rise for so long always loitering in the background with B-movie comedies and heart-lighted romances now he’s hit the lead actor role and he did well as Hal Jordan.

His comedic style of acting is very similar in a lot of his movies, but it worked in Green Lantern, there were some moments where you had to laugh out loud it’s all about perfect delivery.

What I would say about the movie as a whole is that the beginning was slow, but slow in the fact it was trying to fill you in in the background of the story that an audience may not necessarily be familiar with so it was needed. But then the action seemed to jump quickly into him being the superhero and saving people and then boom the big-baddie Parallax invaded earth after being set free from it’s prison and then Hal Jordan saved the day.

It was almost too easy to guess what was going to happen, but then I suppose you get what you see on the package a classic superhero adventure movie not trying to disguise its purpose, to entertain and see a character come to life on the big screen.

I’ll move onto the other main reason I wanted to see this movie, Blake Lively. Another rising star, from her turn as Serena Van Der Woodsen on CW’s Gossip Girl, to her minor role in Ben Affleck’s fucking awesome movie The Town she is trying to come on leaps and bounds (and by dating an A-list Hollywood movie star ahem). The problem I have as much as I love her, her style, her hair, her legs, I couldn’t help but watch the Green Lantern and her playing test pilot Carol Ferris and seeing Serena Van Der Woodsen with dark hair and a nicer personality. There was no depth to her character she seemed to be an easy on the eye addition, someone to bring Hal Jordan back down to earth (literally) and to play the purpose of someone he loves and cares for so a villain can kidnap and hold ransom. Standard story line.

The villain who I mentioned earlier is Parallax, a former Guardian of the Green Lantern Corps who feeds on people’s fear. Hmm this sounds familiar… J K Rowling are you are fan of comic books? The weird creature that Parallax became was a floaty head cloaked in the skeletons of the people he consumed fear from, a big fat dementor in comic book form (those of you that haven’t read/seen Harry Potter, sod off somewhere else because you won’t know what I’m talking about). To me the villain seemed pretty unbeatable, like impossibly unbeatable, yet somehow the newest recruit of Green Lantern Corps defeated him using the sun and some energy formed into two aircrafts. What? Too easy. Ah well.

I’m not going to say this is the best movie ever, it doesn’t come to par with X-Men: First Class because it’s different and it’s DC not Marvel. I am looking forward to seeing where they go with this because it’s easily a 3-movie franchise. Definitely worth a sequel at least, especially after the genius turn from Mark Strong (one of the most underrated actors there is and he’s British) in the secret scene after the credits. We all knew he wanted the ring the Guardians made to try and defeat Parallax, a ring of pure fear but Sinastro didn’t get to wear it well until he slipped it on and turned his suit yellow… Ooo shocker! Oh and I forgot to mention Peter Sarsgaard, he was good, weird but good.

Blake Lively at The Green Lantern premiere

Everyone knows about the naked pictures, she kind of referred to them on The Today Show very easily saying that no matter what “rumours” come out that she has the support of her friends and family and that’s all that matters. Very clever answer, but let’s face it those piccies as well as her rumoured (because they are yet to officially announce anything) boyfriend Leonardo DiCaprio have catapulted Blake to one of the most talked about celebs of the past month even Reese Witherspoon got a good dig in at the MTV Movie Awards when she said “if you are going to take naked pictures of yourself, for gods sake hide your face!”

Blake in Chanel Couture - absolutely loving the sheer look

Blake and Ryan Reynolds looking oh so comfortable together