Nail art of the week: Crazy eyes

After a little break from painting my nails I couldn’t pick what colour to paint them so I basically chose them all.

The usual Barry M nail varnishes mostly from the Gelly Hi Shine range which seems to be better quality than the normal colours, the original collection Bright Pink is really thick and the Ice Cream yellow needs a few coats to get the thick coverage.

I have previously done the crazy eyes look with actual googly eyes that I bought from my local haberdashery but found they were not that practical as they just kept falling off. 

This time after my nails had dried (cheating obvs using Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat) I used my white nail art pen to draw oval circles and then added the smaller black dots on top.

I feel like I repeat myself often when it comes to these easy designs, but it’s such a simple thing to do and so effective! You can even go crazier and give your nails a crossed eye look, because why the hell not?

Try it and show me yours!

2014-09-03 19.49.49


6 thoughts on “Nail art of the week: Crazy eyes

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