Food: Courgette, tomato and Cheshire cheese bake

I’m addicted to Pocket which I think I mentioned in my previous post, and now I’ve installed it on my computer at work which could be a slippery slope because it’s getting full of recipes that I just don’t have the time to cook!

My co-worker Charlotte, who blogs over at Girl Next Door Fashion, is an avid vegetarian and we do spend a large portion of our day talking about food and all the different recipes we’ve spotted and want to make.

I’m in no way a vegetarian because I love burgers too much but I do find that about 90% of my cooking is vegetable-based and I love collecting new recipes to try out.

You’ll always find my fridge space stocked with my main staples of courgettes, mushrooms, aubergines, halloumi and (obviously out of the fridge) sweet potatoes, that I can always throw together to make something tasty.

The recipe I found for this bake was on the Guardian newsletter that drops into my work email every morning and as soon as I saw the word courgette I was sold.

I went out to Aldi and bought the ingredients I needed: onions, Cheshire cheese, Greek yoghurt, courgettes, eggs and passata. I already had passata and an onion in my cupboard and I chucked in some mushrooms for good measure.

courgette cheese bake 1The method was so simple, and if it’s basically just a vegetarian lasagne if we’re going to be basic. The recipe says to cook and layer it up in a skillet but I don’t have one of those so it was much easier to fry off the courgettes and layer everything in a glass dish as I went along.

I’ve never had Cheshire cheese before and as much as I love cheese I’m a bit weird about flavours especially the strong ones. But I tasted a little bit and it’s quite crumbly but after it’s baked over the egg and yogurt topping it’s absolutely heavenly. 

courgette cheese bak 2

The flavours were so complementary and it was only really salt, pepper and oregano that were the seasoning but sometimes you just need to keep things simple to really enjoy the taste. I can be a bit overzealous when making one of my own concoctions and never end up tasting individual flavours just a lot of cayenne…

I’m impressed with how quick this was to make, as it only need 20 minutes in the oven. I think if I made this again I would probably just give the onions a quick fry as I prefer them softer but if you like yours a little crunchy then there’s no need.

I had a side of green beans with my serving (which I forgot to take a picture of!) and it was just the right vegetable to go with the dish. If you’re looking for something a bit different but still with ingredients you’ve used before this is a great recipe to make, and it’s so goddamn delicious!

There’s more than enough for three big portions, I’m going to freeze some because I don’t fancy eating it for three days in a row like I did with my chili…

courgette cheese bake 3Recipe

4 medium courgettes, cut lengthways in thin slices
Olive oil
500ml passata
2 red onions, peeled and finely sliced
2 tsp dried oregano
Salt and pepper
200ml Greek yoghurt
1 egg
100g grated cheese (Burts Blue and Bourne’s Organic are good Cheshire options, but use any cheese you like)

Heat the oven to 220C/425F/gas mark 7. Brush the courgettes with oil, then chargrill and season lightly. Build the dish in a skillet: start with a good layer of tomato passata in the base, top with a thin layer of red onions, and add a tightly packed layer of courgettes, sprinkled with oregano, salt and pepper. Repeat, and finish with a thin layer of passata. Mix the yoghurt and egg, season, then spoon on top of the passata. Cover with cheese, sprinkle with oregano and bake for 20 minutes until golden.



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