Nail art of the week: Feelin’ blue

It’s been a while since I bought new nail varnish colours, and for some reason I always end up buying colours I definitely don’t need. After finally getting round to buying Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat I was dying to paint my nails to see how fast it really dried (very fast). I highly recommend this for people who struggle to not do anything after painting your nails…!

I bought a couple of shades of blue from Barry M’s ever growing Hi Shine Gelly collection, and because it was 3 for 2 in Boots it’s impossible not to take advantage so I also bought a Rimmel 5 in 1 base coat too!

But I came home and realised that I literally have about 8 shades of blue in my nail varnish collection so was inspired to just do a simple ombre on my nails that way I get to use my new nail varnish as well as some old favourites!

From thumb nail: Huckleberry, Sugar Apple, Blueberry, Blue, and Turquoise. Simple yet effective!

blue ombre

Blue ombre nails

And then I also recreated a previous nail art design with two old shades of blue and a simple black accent. Half and half is pretty simple to do just pick the best colour to go as your base and then add the other colour on top and finish off with a black rectangle!

blue on blue

Blue on blue


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