Book: Before I Go To Sleep #B4IGTS

Woah. I love a good book, one that has so many twists and turns that you can’t put it down and must read more. I haven’t read a book as quick as Before I Go To Sleep since I read Gone Girl last year, but at least this time I can say I was satisfied with the ending*.

The novel, by author S J Watson, was published way back in 2011 and became a Sunday Times and New York Times bestseller, amazing going for a first time novelist who wrote the book while he was working as an audiologist for the NHS.

So I’m certainly late to the game when it comes to this book, but the reason it caught my eye is the inevitable movie adaptation set to be released later this year, starring Nicole frozen-faced-don’t-know-how-she’s-really-going-to-play-a-47-year-old-woman Kidman, former Railway Man co-star Colin Firth and the forever villain Mark Strong.

before i go to sleep poster

As the book is written from a first-person perspective, it is likely we will hear a lot of inner monologue as the main character, Christine Lucas, comes to terms with her amnesia. Every day she wakes up with no memories of the day before and very little memory of her former life before her ‘accident’. She is looked after by her husband Ben Lucas, who every day informs her of who he is, what happened to her, and that he loves her.

I like how the book only really exists because Christine began to keep a journal, and we get an insight into a two week period of her life and how it feels for her to remember her life through her own writing that sometimes she doesn’t even believe she wrote.

Straight away you are lured into the mystery surrounding her husband, Ben, who is he really and why doesn’t Christine feel like she can trust him? Dr Nash, the doctor she is meeting in secret, has a shroud of mystery surrounding him and the attention he lavishes on Christine even though she is only his patient.

As Christine slowly uncovers truths about herself it becomes clear that the people she should be able to trust are those that are the most dangerous.

I highly recommend Before You Go To Sleep to anyone who loves a thriller that keeps you guessing until the very end. It was only a few pages before the end that I figured out what the dark secret was, after trying so hard to guess from the beginning. Because I have a need to solve it so I can brag to my inner Jessica Fletcher.

Go read it now. Or don’t, whatever.


*NB Gillian Flynn has rewritten the end of the Gone Girl for the David Fincher movie. I guess she read my review.


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