Empire Magazine reveals 25 original X-Men covers #Empire25

Who would have thought it was still cool to collect special edition magazine covers? I mean Empire Magazine have done something I don’t think any other magazine has done to this scale before.

Releasing TWENTY-FIVE different covers of the same edition. That’s brave it’s not a guaranteed sell like if it was One Direction or something.

But there will have been a lot of logic and thought gone into the process, I mean we all know that Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique #Empire25 cover is going to have the biggest print run. And most likely the newer characters a much smaller run because let’s face it FANBOYS are going to want to get their hands on Jennifer Lawrence naked… Well almost.


The other 25 covers were all brilliant in their own way, even Bryan Singer made his debut as the first ever director to feature on the cover of Empire Magazine. My particular favourite, aside from Mystique, was most definitely Iceman. It may have something to do with my huge crush on Shawn Ashmore but I think he is a cool character.

1013191_588411477906201_415876968_nThe other cover concept I thought was pretty clever was the link between Fan Bingbing as Blink and Booboo Stewart as Warpath, almost as if they were each at the opposite ends of a time portal? Anybody know?

warpath and blink

Which cover was your favourite? See the rest on Empire Magazine


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