Nails of the week: Layered geometric shapes

I saw this nail design on the ASOS Youtube page and really wanted to do it but I didn’t have a nice sheer nail polish to create the full effect.

But then I spotted the Essie shade Pearly White that goes on with an almost silver shimmer to it which turns out is perfect for the layered geometric shape design.

And the perfect tool to create the shapes, an Orly striper brush*, it has long bristles so it’s a lot easier to create a straighter line than with a pen especially for those who have shaky hands. I think I may have overloaded the brush a few times though hence the uneven splodges but which will take some getting used to.

Starting off with a normal base coat to even out my nails was necessary because I found the polish quite thin and the brush strokes very visible. After a thin coat of Pearly White and waiting for that to dry I set about painting my first shape, instead of the black in the ASOS video I chose a dark shade of red from Nails Inc called Victoria.

After that kind of dried (impatience on my part) I painted another thin coat of Pearly White and so on three more times. I know now that I really needed to let the shapes dry fully because as you can probably tell in the final image the red has seeped through as I’ve painted the Pearly White on top.

It was a fun design to do, and an effect I’ve never tried before. I think there’s a lot of potential to create something else with the layered style so I’ll definitely try again.

Because I effectively had about four coats of nail varnish on I needed a really strong top coat to seal my nail art. I used Orly Won’t Chip*, £11.10, which vows to keep your nail varnish chip free for up to two weeks which I think is a steep promise but I’m willing to see how long it lasts especially as my Barry M top coat for £3.99 usually lasts for a week. Tough competition.

Here’s my very first nail art video, bearing in mind all I can really do is video the look after I’ve done it because I only have one pair of hands! See what you think!

And here’s the final look:

layered nails

*Courtesy of LookFantastic

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