What will Jennifer Lawrence wear to the Oscars 2014?

Ok indulge me for a moment, after the success of predicting one Dior dress for Jennifer Lawrence that she wore on the SAG Awards red carpet, I feel the need to delve even further into the possibilities for the big Oscar gown.

Jennifer, who wore a gorgeous sequinned Dior column dress to the SAG Awards on Saturday, spoke with E! presenter Guiliana Rancic about what we could expect for her Oscars dress as well as armpit vaginas. Around the 0:36 second mark, she says: “We have an idea based off a vintage [Dior] dress, which I think is our first choice unless something better comes along.”

And after the Dior Spring Couture 2014 collection showed in Paris today, I have to say the vintage option could be the direction her style team takes. My personal opinion of the Dior collection today, whilst very modern and feminine, there was nothing that stood out as major red carpet worthy. A large portion of the looks didn’t fall past the knee and if they did they were the same old strapless column dresses we’ve seen for the past few seasons Raf Simons has been with Dior. I may be a harsh critic but I’m all about Jennifer Lawrence here. She is a major star and a major face of Christian Dior, will he keep something custom for her to wear or will it be a dip into the vintage archives to rework a piece of history.

And that history from 1996-2011 is primarily that of John Galliano, was it ever clarified how far back you have to go for something to be vintage? Raf Simons has only been at Dior since the Fall Couture 2012 season, that is hardly vintage.

So I thought, I’ve got a bit of spare time on my hands why not head over to Style.com and delve into the archives of Christian Dior from 2000 (as that’s as far back as they go) and see what Jennifer Lawrence’s style team could come up with.

I created a Pinterest board with all the vintage Christian Dior looks that I think have potential not to mention a few crazy looks that have the potential for disaster! John Galliano is known for his creative and extravagant outlook on fashion, wouldn’t it be fabulous to see Jennifer in something so off the wall no one would see it coming?

Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 21.58.40

Could you imagine Jennifer in this very OTT Egyptian-inspired look from the Spring Couture 2004 collection? She would definitely fall over a lot. I really like the Hollywood gown from the Fall Couture 2005 show, sans the feathered cape of course. Another Egyptian look from the 2004 show, I think the train is pretty special. I would definitely enjoy a full length version of the yellow dress from the Spring Couture 2005 collection, I think Jennifer needs to do some colour to compete with Lupita Nyong’o. One of my favourites from the archive is this Joan of Arc inspired nude gown, minus the armour this would be a romantic look for Jennifer.

What do you think Jennifer should wear? Go check out my Pinterest board and get pinning!

vintage dior jennifer oscars

Images from Style.com

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