What will Jennifer Lawrence wear on the red carpet?

Jennifer Lawrence is amazing, FACT. You can’t help but love the girl, she’s endearingly funny, smart and the right kind of sassy.

She knows how to nail it on the red carpet, and with only a few minor hiccups last year she made my best dressed list of 2013.

But what we all want to know is what is she going to wear for her red carpet appearances in 2014 award season?

We know it’s more than likely, pretty much 98%, going to be Dior. But which Dior? She’s worn countless looks from the couture and ready-to-wear collections not to mention a few resort looks thrown in. Is there anything left!

There are some gowns that Jennifer, and Marion Cotillard or Natalie Portman, haven’t worn yet and below I’ve picked a few that I hope to see the loveliest girl in Hollywood in.

My favourite pick for the first major red carpet, the Golden Globes, is a dress from the fall couture 2013 collection. No big train for her to fall over, it’s strapless which she seems to prefer, and it’s still got sparkle. There is much potential for her to go down the gothic glam route in terms of make up like she did for the Paris premiere of Hunger Games: Catching Fire, that is what I’m hoping for anyway! The other gowns on my wishlist are the jewel-toned green and blue dresses, which rank particularly high on my list.

There’s always the option that she may go further back than last season in terms of collections, but so far her modus operandi seems to follow the collections in chronological order. Looking forward to seeing what she wears!

jennifer dior collections-page-001

Images from Style.com

Don’t forget to check out my Awards Season 2014 Pinterest board, where I’ll be charting the best looks on the red carpet!


3 thoughts on “What will Jennifer Lawrence wear on the red carpet?

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