Beauty: MAC Cyber lipstick

You know what I love MAC lipstick. I’d seen this really dark purply/black colour a while ago and thought it looked uh-mazing, but thought that £15 was a little too much to spend, so I wanted to shop around and see if I could find a cheaper version.

I hunted high and low amongst all the high street make up brands in Boots and Superdrug and all the darker colours were really just pinks in disguise. Or the same ‘Beguiled‘ purple colour I have from Topshop.

I knew there was only one option and to complete my edgy look I was going for in my outfit, Cyber was the answer.

And like most dramatic MAC lipstick colours, Cyber is not for everyone. It is a very dark when applied and really doesn’t call for dramatic eyes but if that’s your thing then you could probably go the whole hog! It’s a satin finish, so not matte and drying but just a nice sheen to it.

I think next time I wear it I would love to try out that two-tone lipstick thing I’ve been seeing, Candy Yum Yum would complement Cyber so well!

Here is my full look, my lingerie inspired dress from Zara (£29.99), a pair of Topshop boots that I found on eBay a while ago, and the finishing touch the MAC Cyber lipstick!



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