Nail art of the week: Halloween Special #2

So I may have gone a bit Halloween obsessed for my nail art again this week, but there is just so much inspiration and it is Halloween TODAY!

This week I included the Jack Skellington design from last week’s nail art of the week and also a couple of different designs.

I’ve been wanting to do a Day of the Dead nail for ages and I think they are really fun designs, if not a bit fiddly to paint on a nail but you get the effect when you add in the bits of colour but definitely worth practising before you do this for every nail.

Different style eyes are a goofy way to add fun to your nail art, this time I decided to add one which gave it a monster effect with a few bruises.

I’ve seen the vampire fangs a few times when searching on Pinterest and it looks really effective when it’s finished and I like the simple red striped for the lips! And the sparkly spider web didn’t go exactly how I wanted but the idea is there and nothing has to be perfect!

Have a go and add the extra oomph to your Halloween costume!!



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