Bastille @ O2 Academy, Leeds

Whenever I used go to a gig or concert I always took a lot of photos. Remember how you used to make sure your camera was fully charged and then spends ages snap snapping away. I remember a friend telling me at a Beyonce concert once stop taking photos you’re not watching the actual show.

It’s so true, you’ve paid god knows how much to watch your favourite singer or band and you spend the majority of the time trying to get a video that you can show to your other friends who didn’t go that is firstly grainy, and secondly the worst possible sound imaginable because whilst you can hear the music what you’re actually recording is the screams and people badly singing along.

Then if you haven’t been lucky enough to get seats close to the stage all your pictures are going to be zoomed in with the artist a speck of sparkle in the crazy lighting moonlight. Oh the frustration.

Imagine my absolute utter annoyance at a Bastille gig in Leeds at the O2 Academy, when we were surrounded by phones and cameras recording every bit yet no one seemed to be watching!

I know at one point I said loudly enough for one youngster (oh hi grandma) to hear who was simultaneously recording on her camera and on her Blackberry that she could’ve saved her pocket money and watched the gig on YouTube.

So I may sound like an old lady telling people off but it’s so frustrating, I took my phone out a couple of times to get a group photo and the second because lead singer Dan Smith climbed the side of the stage which always makes a good picture. So rein it in people, enjoy the music, artists don’t travel the length and breadth of the country to perform to lit up screens!

Oh and FYI Bastille were brilliant. After having seen them supporting Two Door Cinema Club back in February of this year, and now seeing them on their own tour is something to be proud of. Particular stand outs were their newest single Rhythm of the Night, Flaws, Laura Palmer, and Pompeii.




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