Nail art of the week: Halloween Special

I turned to Pinterest to get some inspiration for my Halloween nails this week.

I think it’s more exciting to have mix and match designs for something that’s a fun holiday day, and the build up in the UK seems to be getting longer ahead of October 31st as America infects us with the need to visit pumpkin patches and go on scary hay rides as soon as it’s October 1st!

So a week ahead of Halloween, I chose these crazy designs, each can be played around with and again are kept really simple so you can all try them out if you have time.

The blood drip nail art is my favourite for Halloween and anything remotely spooky related because you can choose any colour you like not just the typical red. I chose to do the blood drip technically upside down but as you can see in the photo becomes the right way. You don’t even really need a nail pen to do this because the drips of the nail varnish can create a great effect, maybe a cocktail stick for neatness will help.

The stripes I added from nail art of the week last week, I think anything in black is quite effective and you just need a steady hand as you can see I went a bit wonky on this one but you still get the idea!

The faces are interchangeable, but obviously best to keep the pumpkin face orange and the Jack Skellington one white, but the fun googly eye face is a good one to do on all your nails as you could do happy faces as well and change the base colour to match your mood!

halloween nails




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