Nail art of the week: White and pink fade split mani

Feel like this is my signature go to nail design, it’s so effective and again easy to add something to it to make your nails stand out.

Using white as my base colour and Barry M’s Pink Flamingo as the focal colour, with a make up sponge I applied the pink onto the tips and blended it in.

The best tip I have for using a make up sponge to get the faded look, is to put your selected nail varnish straight onto the sponge rather than on your nail. This way if you’re not as confident when using the sponge at least you haven’t got loads of blobs of nail varnish on your nail you can just build up the colour using the sponge.

Make sure your nails are totally dry before removing the sellotape you used before painting your nails to create the clear stripe, this way you don’t pull any nail varnish off with it if it’s still tacky. It does mean you need a good spare hour to create this look but it will definitely be worth it when it’s finished!

Do you have any nail art questions? Or tips for me? Leave them in the comment box below or tweet me @nlcorner

pink and white split


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