Nail art of the week: Black and white tartan

I think I’m becoming obsessed with my tartan nails, it’s so easy to change the colour way all you have to remember is to keep it simple and neat.

This week I tried out black and white on a naked base. I tend to favour my Herome nail hardener as a base because it gives a slightly opaque colour rather than clear, and I am yet to find a colour like that unless you use a french manicure base.

Using my Barry M nail art pens in black and white, I applied the stripes that would make the tartan. I find it easier to do the horizontal lines first and then you put the vertical on top which gives the overlapping lines.

I also included a different nail design on my forefinger which as you can see is just simply black stripes, I loved the look of this and think the black striped effect would be a great design for Halloween nails and you could even change them up to orange or another darker colour.

For those stripes I did do them free hand but I strongly advise if you don’t have a steady hand to get the trusty sellotape out and cut it into strips and place them over your nails. It may be time consuming but you get a really neat straight design.



One thought on “Nail art of the week: Black and white tartan

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