Food: Luck, Lust, Liquor and Burn in the Northern Quarter

I have a long list of places to visit now that I’m living in Manchester, and I ticked one of them off last weekend when I went to Luck, Lust, Liquor & Burn in the Northern Quarter.

A tex-mex restaurant offering amazing tacos, burritos and the best bit Almost Famous burgers. I’ve heard of Almost Famous burgers because their restaurant burned down but luckily they’re still available here and also at a pop up restaurant in Great Northern at the Manchester Beach Club.

My friend and I arrived using trusty Google Maps, and were lucky enough to get seated straight away because a table hadn’t turned up. It was very dark in there to say the least but it created a dirty American bar atmosphere! The menu was already on the table doubling up as a table mat, there was way too much to choose from but the Almost Famous burgers were luring me and I ended up choosing the burger with BBQ pulled pork topping.

Usually burgers come with the prerequisite fries, but here we had a selection of three different kinds of fries, we decided upon the bacon bacon fries. Exactly what you would think – bacon salted fries with bacon bits and bacon mayo. Very salty indeed. My friend chose the chicken tacos which strangely came unwrapped, aesthetically pleasing but very messy!

It was probably my own fault that my burger went cold for talking so much but from what I ate it was delicious, but slightly too rare in the middle for my personal taste! The fries didn’t get eaten purely out of full stomachs.

The meal was perfectly accompanied by Coronas which was an absolute necessity, the bar downstairs also offered an array of tequila and whiskey based cocktails.

Another visit will be made in the near future probably to sample the burritos!

almostfamous coronas


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