Event: Northern Bloggers #midsummermeet

I lost my virginity last week.

Yes I can hear you guffawing.

But don’t be getting the wrong idea I lost my blogger event virginity. That is all.

For years now I keep seeing all these lovely pictures from bloggers who have been lucky enough to be invited to all these events that showcase different brands and products.

Well I got my first invite, after recently relocating to Manchester, to the VIP Blogger Northern Mid-Summer Event held at the Walrus Canteen & Lounge in the Northern Quarter.

This was also my first proper foray into the Northern Quarter – or NQ as the cool kids are saying – and I can’t wait to go and explore more!

I just have to say I went to this event by myself, and I walked in and saw the masses of people and *totally* freaked. I felt ridiculously uncool, most bloggers these days like to take pictures of their outfits and themselves and I just don’t feel comfortable doing that all day everyday putting myself out on display. That’s why I enjoy talking about everything else but me…

So it was down into the basement which was filled with stands from brands such as Benefit, Moroccan Oil, Nails Inc, Burts Bees, and EVO Haircare. And on display were The Cambridge Satchel Company bags in an absolute need shade of emerald green and neon yellow, gorgeous Grafea leather rucksacks that I would have absolutely no need for but would look so cool in, Jeffrey Campbell shoes, and Vivienne Westwood scented footwear.

Benefit counter

Benefit counter

Grafea bags

Grafea bags

Cambridge Satchel Company

Cambridge Satchel Company

Mini cupcakes of course

Mini cupcakes of course

Even though I went on my own, I went with the intention of bumping into the lovely Eve of The Sugar Spun Sisters who I went to UClan with and haven’t seen since I left. Eve and her sister Faye have tons of better pictures of the event, as I’m a novice at this my iPhone camera may not make everything look that great!

Eve getting her nails did at the Nails Inc bar

Eve getting her nails did at the Nails Inc bar

Now I’m just going to admit at how wowed I was by the goodie bag that we were given at the end, I was more than happy to have just been invited and came away with a few samples from Moroccan Oil and Benefit. Not to mention the fab contouring make up demonstration Benefit gave, now I know how to look like Kim Kardashian!! But the products that filled the bag to the brim were fantastic, so thanks goes to Hannah over at The Hut Group who organised the event, amazing work!



2 thoughts on “Event: Northern Bloggers #midsummermeet

    • Hi, it was run by LookFantasic.com/MyBag.com owned by The Hut Group. I was just invited by email.
      It might be worth looking for Facebook groups on North West Bloggers or on Twitter

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