Nail art of the week: Galaxy nails

I couldn’t quite find the inspiration I was looking for this week, plus I don’t have any sellotape to hand so i couldn’t do any negative nails!

So I went back into my archive and decided upon a quick and easy version of the galaxy nail.

This is a bit messy, but I think that it has the desired effect.

Starting with a my must have product Herome nail hardener, I like to use this as a base coat because it keeps my nails strong. Then onto a black base coat using a Rimmel one which is pretty thick so only needed one coat, then using my nail pens added a petrol blue, then pink,  a dash of purple, and then some pink glitter to make it all sparkly.

Instead of my usual Herome top coat I went for a new product that I received in my goodie bag from my first blogger’s event held by and that I attended. Orly Glosser  is a topcoat “perfect for nail art and vibrant colours”, I may have not picked the best nail art to get the glossy shine that the product intends so I’m going to try it again with something different.

Orly Glosser

Orly Glosser

Galaxy Nails

Galaxy Nails


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