Beyonce does a Rihanna, cuts off all her hair

I don’t know how to feel about Beyonce removing her weave cutting off her hair.

She debuted her new pixie crop on Instagram with a few artsy images, at first I’m all like oh god what has she done. Then I’m all like, wait didn’t Rihanna just do this?

Beyonce Instagram 2

Beyonce Instagram©

Beyonce Instagram

Beyonce Instagram©

Beyonce may not have gone as far as Rihanna and let her natural curls shine through, she’s still kept it straight and relaxed, but I can’t help thinking it’s aged her just a little bit…

Don’t get me wrong, I worship Beyonce, some might say it’s getting a bit weird. But the new ‘do I’m not so sure of, just because I know that as soon as the next leg of her tour begins she’s going to have that weave put right back on so she can swish and head bounce along to her songs.

But this is by far the most drastic thing Beyonce has done in relation to her hair. Maybe she knew she needed to keep up with her peers and update herself.

Good god, now I know what all Miley Cyrus’ fans felt like when she cut her off. Maybe I will grow to like it if she sticks with it and rocks it like I know she can.

It’s all in the hairography…


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