Rihanna has natural hair cue the backlash

Not an hour goes by that there isn’t a ‘news’ story on Rihanna.

Favourite topics are Rihanna’s lack of clothing, Rihanna’s tardiness, Rihanna’s fondness for smoking pot, Rihanna and he who shall not be named, Rihanna’s hair, oh and Rihanna’s music.

Rihanna’s well known for her ever changing hairstyles so it came as a shock when yesterday she debuted her natural hair on Instagram.

@badgalriri Instagram©

@badgalriri Instagram©

We’ve seen her with curls, and super short hair but it was either a weave or chemically relaxed so what a difference it makes to see Rihanna with her natural curls.

I’ve always strived to get my hair long and perfectly waved, and the celebrities out there that have unlimited access to the best weaves and wigs around strikes me down with jealousy. Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, Rihanna and Lauren Conrad all posses the hair I want, but abut 75% of the time it’s all fake.

I think there’s always a certain sort of pressure for black and mixed race celebrities to showcase their natural hair, but even when they some celebrities get attacked and I’m not ashamed to admit I gave Raven Symone a hard time  when she performed with her natural hair a couple of years ago.

Solange Knowles got a lot of grief when she wore her natural afro with people claiming she needed a ‘twist out’ because it didn’t look right. I bow down to Solange and her confidence at wearing her natural afro she says that her “hair is not very important to me… so I don’t encourage it to be important to you”.

Solange Knowles

Solange Knowles

But Rihanna, the biggest celebrity in the world has gone au naturel, will there be the same backlash that Solange received? Will there be another natural hair debate or will Rihanna inspire her fans to embrace their natural hair and give themselves a break from trying to be like her and be themselves?

Solange Knowles makes me want my natural hair back, but I’ve gone so far over to the dark side of chemical relaxing that the only way to ever get it back would be to shave it and start again – I don’t think I would survive.

Before I found the chemicals...

Before I found the chemicals…




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