Book review: Revenge Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger

I watched the movie Devil Wears Prada before I read the original book by Lauren Weisberger. It’s always a bit of a conundrum with book adaptations, has the movie done the book justice, is the book better than the movie, and so on.

For me it was absolutely impossible not to picture Anne Hathaway as Andy when reading the “hotly anticipated” sequel from Lauren Weisberger, Revenge Wears Prada: The Devil Returns.

For all I care Anne Hathaway is Andy, it even puzzled me for a while when I realised her character didn’t have a short pixie style hair do and she wasn’t crying whilst accepting any awards

Andy // Anne

Andy // Anne

Lauren Weisberger returns to her sassy protagonist Andy Sachs ten years after she walked away from her job on Runway screaming obscenities at her former she-devil boss, it’s the morning of her wedding day and she’s having a crazy nightmare about the Devil aka Miranda Priestley aka Meryl Streep aka Anna Wintour.

Andy is getting married to rich media mogul Max Harrsion and has a mean mother-in-law named Barbara and her BFF is no other than Emily Charlton.  They even run a wedding magazine together called The Plunge (ever watched The Inbetweeners? You know what it ryhmes with then) that they dreamed up and launched with the help of investors, namely Andy’s soon-to-be husband.

It all sounds cute and sweet and her life is all wrapped up in a little bow, with a surprise baby on the way.

And it’s interesting to hear how she became friends with her frenemy Emily as Weisberger gives us a quick recap on how they re-engaged at a cooking masterclass, how she met her new husband Max in the Hamptons whilst throwing a party for investors, and how they used Miranda’s name to secure talent for their new venture The Clunge Plunge, a high-end wedding magazine.

But I couldn’t help feeling that it was all too easy, the book is essentially a movie script, and it tellingly shows which I think damages the quality of the book and it’s characters.

Supposedly the ‘Revenge’ part of the book’s title, is the fact that Andy has launched her own magazine where her staff are happy doing what they do and she enjoys writing for the magazine, and her and Emily get to attend lots of glossy celebrity weddings. I did not get that.

I spent the whole book waiting for Andy to get her ‘revenge’ on Miranda. Miranda wants The Plunge and the girls know this is a major coup, they’ve succeeded and have a lucrative contract offered to them by Miranda’s people but there’s one condition – the whole editorial team have to remain intact for one whole year after Miranda purchases them and this is something Andy cannot fathom.

So is this where Andy gets her revenge on Miranda? No. Miranda has her own revengenda.

Not to ruin the ending completely, but instead of getting her revenge on the people she hates she gets betrayed by the people she loves. But the story is wrapped up with the usual Hollywood movie ending – everything happens for a reason and you’ll get the guy in the end. Yawn.

Worth a read just because it’s the sequel to a massively successful book, but I don’t see why Lauren Weisberger didn’t just go ahead and make the movie instead of printing a book.

Revenge Wears Prada


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