Was that really Kristen Stewart at Couture Fashion Week?

What. The. Hell.

I could actually give Glamour credit for naming Kristen Stewart Best Dressed of the Year 2013 for a second year in a row after her trip to Couture Fashion Week in Paris.

Gone were the greasy locks, naked skin, rolled up jeans, Converse, and knotted tees in their usual place were Chanel and Zuhair Murad. Invited to the FROW for both the Chanel and Zuhair Murad couture shows Kristen showed two very different but amazing looks.

I’m actually gobsmacked that this is who I’m writing about after not posting a blog for so long.

As soon as I saw Kristen’s outfit at the Chanel show, it was exactly her. Super short shorts and a masculine edge via the tweed Chanel buttoned jacket, smoky eye make up and a slicked back pony. Not forgetting the Karl Lagerfeld-style fingerless gloves, I wouldn’t be surprised if Karl had personally sent her outfit. It really is the best she’s looked in a long time without trying hard at all.

Kristen Stewart Chanel Couture full length

Kristen Stewart striking a smouldering glare arriving at Chanel Couture 2013

Kristen Stewart Chanel Couture smiling

An actual genuine smile from Kristen Stewart arriving at the Chanel Couture 2013 show

Arriving at the Zuhair Murad couture show, Kristen went back to her wavy hairstyle with a cornrow added twist as her locks tumbled over one shoulder. The make up was still smoky but toned down to make the jumpsuit the main attraction. After wearing two Zuhair Murad looks on the last Twilight press tour, it was no surprise Kristen was front row. She revisited the sheer look she debuted at the London premiere of Twilight: Breaking Dawn in London and LA with this black corset bodysuit and sheer lace trousers, even though she was spotted in trainers she managed to squeeze into a pair of heels to match the hint of maroon on her eye make up.

Two fabulous looks, the Chanel one was easily my favourite and I can see why Kristen does dress like a tramp when with friends and not on the red carpet because she’s not working. That’s private downtown time that unfortunately gets captured and she can’t be expected to be dressed up the whole time (well maybe she could change things up once in a while!)

Kristen Stewart Zuhair Murad couture arriving

A smirk for the camera as Kristen Stewart arrives at the Zuhair Murad Couture 2013 show

Kristen Stewart Zuhair Murad Couture

A sexy over the shoulder pose in her Zuhair Murad jumpsuit


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