Review: The Great Gatsby

I was really looking forward to seeing The Great Gatsby.

Anticipation is what drives audiences to the cinema and is a big part of the success of a movie, because it’s all about numbers in its opening weekend. Well as of May 23 Gatsby’s domestic total has been $100 million over a 14-day release with a worldwide total of $142 million. The opening weekend across in the US was $50 million compared to Star Trek: Into the Darkness which grossed just over $70 million in the following weekend with a worldwide total so far of £189 million.

Is Leo DiCaprio losing his touch, was Gatsby just not what everyone expected or are there more Trekkies out there than Fitzgerald/Baz Luhrmann fans?

Plenty of people who saw Gatsby in the opening week professed their dislike for the movie over Twitter, I didn’t know what to expect but I was hoping for Romeo+Juliet greatness but it just wasn’t that. I think what made me dislike The Great Gatsby was the story, and I could have guessed that when I didn’t like the book after I finished reading it shortly before I went to see the movie.

The book by F Scott Fitzgerald was supposed to be a ‘snapshot of life’ but what I realised I hated more were the characters, each of them had their own flaws which just really grated on the big screen. And to top off my mood even more after wanting to see it in 2D due to a sold out showing we had to pay double to see the 3D showing, just proves why the 2D was sold out because people don’t want to be paying ticket prices plus £3 for glasses and the privilege of seeing a 3D screening.

The glasses always make me tired which is probably why I grew so restless watching Gatsby. I thoroughly disliked Carey Mulligan as Daisy, she’s an annoyingly indecisive woman who just wants to twirl her arms around and show off all the jewellery that weighing her down throughout the movie.

The great gatsby

Leo DiCaprio was effective as Jay Gatsby, his tanned face make up did distract me a bit but he looked handsome and oh so pretty. Tobey McGuire as Nick Carraway was um interesting, I dunno I feel like the movie forgoed the gay character traits to make it a nice straightforward story but in the novel Carraway is clearly gay and I think it would have added much more depth to his character if the script writers had added it in. We could see he was enamoured with Gatsby but the Daisy/Gatsby angle was much more at the forefront.

I think the original soundtrack produced by Jay-Z was the best thing about the movie, and this has to be the first time that I’ve bought an OST before actually seeing the movie. The 3D version didn’t add anything for me personally I think the costumes were glamourous and the party scenes were the gorgeous to look at but otherwise I left feeling like it was over indulgent and lacking.

The Cannes Film Festival premiere of The Great Gatsby was a massive wash out, but Carey Mulligan did manage to forgo her monochrome palette for a blush pink Dior gown with her hair down, and look beautiful with a splash of colour on her lips.

Carey Mulligan in Dior at The Great Gatsby premiere at Cannes Film Festival 2013

Carey Mulligan in Dior at The Great Gatsby premiere at Cannes Film Festival 2013

Great Gatsby Cannes Premiere Getty Images Europe

The cast of The Great Gatsby alongside Baz Luhrmann at the Cannes Film Festival 2013


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