NEW adaptation: Love, Rosie

Cecilia Ahern is a fantastic author, her novels are beautiful stories that truly come to life when you read them and what better way to see the story than in a movie.

PS. I Love You, was Cecilia’s first novel to be adapted into a movie and we all fell in love with Gerard Butler and Hilary Swank as the ill-fated couple. Next up on the list is the 2004 novel Where Rainbows End, or as it was published in the US ‘Love, Rosie’ which explains the movie title.

Love, Rosie has started filming in Toronto, and then will be moving to Dublin for the remainder of the shoot which is always nice to hear when movies stick to the locations in a book. It stars Lily Collins (Mirror, Mirror) and Sam Claflin (Hunger Games: Catchign Fire, Snow White and the Huntsman) as Rosie and Alex, two best friends who grow up together but distance pushes them apart as Alex moves away.

The unique thing about Where Rainbows End is the book is exclusively told in letters and correspondence between Rosie and Alex right from the beginning of school up until when they’re 50. It’s an addictive book, and you will read it in lightening fast time trying to find out if  the two make it through to the very end.

Sam Claflin and Lily Collins discussing the script with Cecilia Ahern (image from

Sam Claflin and Lily Collins discussing the script with Cecilia Ahern (image from

The movie is about Rosie and Sam and whether they will get back in synch with each other after missing so many opportunities as we know life often gets in the way of love but, true love just like true friendship, never dies. It has major potential to be one of those really good chick flicks, and who can’t deny a true romance from beginning until the very end.

The film is due to be released next year, and also stars Jaime Winstone, Christian Cooke, Suki Waterhouse and Tamsin Egerton. If you can’t wait until 2014 I implore you to lose yourself in the book, it will make you believe in love again.


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