Trailer: Superman Man of Steel

Man-of-Steel-Official-Poster-Movie (1)

I’ve kept my excitement level firmly at neutral for the latest incarnation of Superman and that of course has a lot to do with the the Bryan Singer Superman Returns of 2006 starring Brandon Routh.

I feel sorry for that guy he took on that role, and the movie just sucked. It didn’t have any impact whatsoever and of course seven years later paves the way for a hopefully better version of the most powerful* superhero to be made (*he’s an indestructable alien with only one weakness this isn’t open for debate).

Man of Steel sees British actor Henry Cavill stepping into that blue lycra suit (minus the red undies) and red cape. First impressions last year when the first promo image was released, was that Cavill was BUFF. He’d put everything into that role including beefing up to resemble a god-like superhero so kudos to him.

The director this time around is Zack Snyder (300, Watchmen, Sucker Punch), and the big pull is the screenplay/story penned by David S Goyer (Blade, Dark Knight Rises and the Godzilla 2014) and Christopher Nolan who is also a producer. You cannot possibly wonder if this movie is going to be bad when Christopher Nolan is attached, his body of work is outstanding and even just considering his work on the Dark Knight Trilogy means he has more than enough knowledge of how to resurrect a superhero and make him intense, dark but heartwarming.

In the trailer we see Russell Crowe as Jor-El Clark’s Krypton father, sending his son to earth where he will “become a god to them”, as their planet is blown to pieces by enemies. Kevin Costner as Clark’s earth father Jonathan Kent, and not seen in the trailer is Diane Lane as his mother Martha Kent. Not forgetting Amy Adams as Lois Lane, who I’m not as excited for hell knows why!

I’m most excited about Michael Shannon (Boardwalk Empire, Take Shelter)  as General Zod, the character can be played in so many different ways and hopefully he will be unlike Callum Blue’s pathetically British Smallville version, which I’m guessing by the trailer he is absolutely not. Yey.

After watching the full length trailer June 14 cannot come soon enough, the story is familiar to me and with flashes of Smallville (I still think that television show did so bloody well for 10 seasons it cannot be discredited for being part of the Superman history!), I hope Snyder, Nolan and Goyer have done the unthinkable and given Superman a new lease of movie life that Bryan Singer failed so spectacularly at in 2006.

Are you excited for the new Man of Steel movie? What do you think of yet another Brit taking over a superhero role in Hollywood? Will it be better than the Superman circa 2006? Will Russell Crowe be the best Jor-El yet?


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