Dylan O’Brien cast in The Maze Runner, plus Teen Wolf Season Three Promo

It looks like I’ve found another young adult series to get my teeth into after finishing the Michael Grant Gone series.

Any excuse to remind people I have met him and he's a good hugger.

Any excuse to remind people I have met him (yes I am crazy) and he’s a good hugger.

Deadline reports that Teen Wolf star Dylan O’Brien has been cast as Thomas the lead from the dystopian book The Maze Runner.

I’ve never heard of this series, but the brief premise is Thomas plays the main character who wakes up inside a maze with no memory of his previous life. Soon discovering that there are other boys who have all been dropped into the maze they live in the The Glade an encampment in the centre.

It sounds Hunger Games-esque purely because they have to survive the maze and the weird half creatures that threaten them. But I think I’m already interested to know what happens especially when there are already four books to get my teeth into.

The movie is to begin filming in May, directed by Wes Ball, it co-stars Skins actress Kaya Scodelario who has been quietly making a name for herself in Hollywood after starring in Wuthering Heights, Now is Good with Dakota Fanning and Emmanuel and the Truth about Fishes with Jessica Biel which debuted at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year. Also starring in The Maze Runner is Will Poulter who we’ve seen in The Chronicles of Narnia, The Son of Rambow and television series School of Comedy.

With a crop of British talent and the very funny Dylan O’Brien taking on his first serious lead role, I hope that it will be successful. If the first movie does well I assume that their contracts will include filming the whole trilogy which to any actor is always a good thing to have in the bag.

Now hurry up Teen Wolf, June 3 is a long way away!

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