Shopping: Next

As a woman who is addicted likes to shop I have been trying to curb my ways, I’m currently “saving” but then I bet about 99.9% of us are always saving for something. So on an unplanned trip to Kingswood in Hull, which by the way would never be classed as a shopping destination because there are only a few shops, I ended up spending a pretty penny.

Now I can’t be the only person who categorizes their shopping trips, and there are plenty: going out, casual day, casual night, work wear, gym wear, coats, jeans, shoes, specific item shopping that will go with everything in my wardrobe etc…

This shopping trip was really just for gym wear, which when you think about what it’s for it doesn’t count as shopping really because it’s more of a necessity. I managed to find some new running leggings and a new top and have put them to good use already!

I have to admit I used to class Next as a ‘mum’ shop, my mum always wanted to go in and I hated it with a passion. But then as I matured (ugh) and my fashion taste changed I started noticing how much better quality it was than say Topshop or New Look. This trip was no different, after my recent splurge at Zara  I decided that I wasn’t buying anything but walking around the Kingswood store was just to tempting.

I find it interesting how different stores of the same brand have a different affect on me as a customer, for example I visited the Next store in Scarborough and walked around it within seconds bored at its dark, unorganised store, the Kingswood store was airy, light and organised by clothing categories I couldn’t help but pick up several items.

As I walked round and put outfits together in my head, I had to stop myself from picking up more and more. I went through a phase of buying pencil skirts to wear for work, purely so I could wear tights all the time as the climate is so cold inside and out, but I’ve been looking for that pair of black trousers for so long that I couldn’t believe my luck at the ‘ultimate capri pant’. I know Victoria who has a great blog over at Lily loves Lola was looking for a pair of the perfect black trousers and these are definitely mine.

Ultimate Capri Pants, £38 // Laser Cut T-Shirt £25 // Snakeskin Print Blazer £36

Ultimate Capri Pants, £38 // Laser Cut Top £26 // Python Animal Jacket £34

I used my new Zara shoes as an example but I wore these with boots as the cut is just fitted enough to wear with them, and it sounds silly but my feet get so cold I can’t wear ballet style shoes for long without my feet getting ridiculously cold which is another reason for not wearing trousers so often!

My full outfit consists of a white laser cut top (which also came in a lovely cornflower blue) and the best lightweight blazer ever, it caught my eye because of the python print and skinny fit. As soon as I put this on in the changing room I knew I’d be walking out with it all, the perfect work wear outfit and its all monochrome with a nice bit of texture and print what more could you want?!

And just because I couldn’t help myself I also bought another pair of trousers, that are an absolute perfect fit and length and such a nice subtle print. Seriously, Next is my new place for trousers without a doubt.

Black and white checked print pants £38

Black and white checked print pants £38

Side detail: pocket love.

Side detail: pocket love.

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