Young Adult Books: Hopeless

Hopeless book

Ever since I read The Hunger Games series I became familiar with the term ‘young adult’. It’s the category for books that are not quite young enough for children, and apparently too old for adults.

I forget to class myself as an adult, in my mind I still like to pretend I’m younger than I am which probably attracts me to reading YA books.

They may sound lame to some people, but I can’t not read books and sometimes YA books are so much more imaginative and definitely less serious than all your ‘adult’ books out there.

I recently read a YA book called Hopeless, after literally reading the first paragraph of The Madam Editor’s blog post on it I went and downloaded it to my Kindle, and for 77p there’s no excuse not to buy it and try it for yourself.

It’s a love story (who isn’t a sucker for one of those?!), about a girl called Sky and a boy named Holder.

Sky is a 17-year-old girl about to embark upon her first year in high school after being home schooled by her mother. She has a best friend named Six, and their friendship although only briefly focused on in the first few chapters of the book is as appealing as the love story. Six is leaving to study abroad for a year in Italy, meaning Sky will have to cope with the first taste of public school all on her own.

What is poignantly unique about Sky, and as a 17-year-old in the 21st century, is she doesn’t own a piece of technology. Her adoptive mother Karen, insists she hates in and doesn’t see the need for it, so that’s no television, no mobile phone, no laptop, no internet. She doesn’t even know what LOL means. But Sky doesn’t even let this phase her unlike most teenagers, she is different from the rest and already has somewhat of a reputation by association which she doesn’t let bother her.

As the book unfold over days, we see the relationship with Holder come to focus. As she has a mysterious encounter with him at a grocery store you just know there is more to his personality smouldering good looks. Sky knows it too and after another chance meeting with him she, who never really has found a connection with a boy before becomes enamoured with him.

It is a refreshingly honest yet intense relationship, many could draw similarities between Hopeless and the Twilight novels, what with the high school setting and the mysteriousness of Holder. But it stops there, it is just better and real.

Although a YA book it contains some very hot and heavy make out sessions, including the best first kiss in the history of kisses. Colleen Hooper narrates the book with extra chapters dating back ‘Thirteen Years Later’ which you know are just a major part of the story as it gradually comes to it’s pretty much unbelievable if not slightly over the top climax.

A lot of interesting subjects are covered, but to reveal those would be to reveal they mystery surrounding Holder and Sky’s relationship and just what he knows about her past that even she didn’t realise was there deep down in the recesses of her mind.

I really enjoyed this book, and read it within a few days, an easy read that will have you guessing (in my case incestuously wrong) right until the very end.


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