Shopping: Zara

So I had a few splurges over the past month online at Zara, I keep telling myself that I just need this and I just need that, but I really can’t help it there’s so many pretty things to shop and buy.

I had my eye on this electric blue suede messenger bag for a while, and it is just a beautiful in hand as it is on the site. I just want to add though and I don’t know if others find this with Zara it’s already fallen apart! As much as I love the stuff there it just can’t seem to hold itself together, maybe that’s due to the rumour of slave labour but who am I to comment on such things when I love the store so much and keep it in business…

Blue suede messenger handbag, £22.99, Zara.

Blue suede messenger handbag, £22.99, Zara.

I also added a couple of other things to my basket including this oriental print combination top, £22.99,  and I’ve been looking for some turqouise jewellery for a while and came across a fabulous necklace (£19.99) which doesn’t appear to be available online anymore. My second haul included a black faux leather peplum top, £22.99, and knitted leather leggings, £25.99, as well as the best pair of shoes that look-like-designer-but-are-most-definitely not nude and coral sandals with a gold heel, £29.99.

Turquosie necklace

Turquosie necklace

Zara shopping haul

Faux leather peplum top // Oriental print top // Combination sandals

Admittedly I forgot that when ordering trousers form Zara, it’s kind of hit and miss. Simply ordering a medium is not an option which I did and found they were more like a size 6 than a thought to be size 10. This has happened before trying on large/extra large just to get a good fit means you leave the store feeling slightly deflated which is typical of every high street store these days when they all have different sizing.

And returns are so difficult for Zara that the easiest way to get your money back on things that don’t fit is to go to your nearest store within 30 days of purchase. Remind me why I love this store again…?


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