Gone Girl Review

I read Gone Girl a few weeks ago, I’d seen people talking about the book alot on Twitter and heard Reese Witherspoon was attached to the movie project so I thought it must be a fantastic read.

Let me tell you the first half of the book is fantastic. It is fast-paced, heart racing, constantly mind boggling and really gripping. Gillian Flynn really knows how to take a reader and place them into the story like they’re a witness to the crime committed.

Some of the logistics in the book are cleverly thought through, and I raced through the first half with lightening speed, second guessing myself and my TV crime knowledge as to who was the culprit in the disappearance of Amy Dunne.

The obvious suspect is the husband, Nick Dunne, all the way through you feel like he hasn’t kidnapped/murdered his wife but the author places so much doubt on his character and the way he acts it’s impossible to believe otherwise. And when his secrets are revealed you wonder how could he not have wanted to get rid of his wife…

As a reader you are left feeling so emotionally involved that when the second half begins, it is genuinely shocking. Thoughts play through your head like could someone ever really do that to a person, or would you really care that much to want to disappear forever.

I don’t want to spoil the main plot, it’s a vital part of what I think had the potential to become a powerful ending to a book. But it seems Gillian Flynn had a change of heart halfway through the second act.

Honestly I’ve never been more peeved off at a book than this, I mean some crime thrillers you can give them the obvious culprit as the ending or that typical dramatic twist to pull a reader into a sequel or something along those lines. Here Flynn just gives up, she completely changes the character of Nick, he had some balls but he learns he was duped and just basically loses them instead of standing up for himself.

The underlying abuse themes are clear in the relationship between Nick and Amy and I think that Flynn really should have addressed them in the way it seemed like she was going to until her editor told her not too and gave it a sucky over the top ridiculously unbelievable ending.

For those who haven’t read Gone Girl, I would highly recommend it purely for the brilliant first act. That alone could sell millions of copies, but prepare yourselves for a stupid made for film ending. It’s no wonder Reese Witherspoon saw potential in producing this book into a movie it would bring in the revenue but for the book lovers out there who appreciate an appropriate and clever, well thought out ending I’d skip the movie version they’ll no doubt make it even more ludicrous.



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