Topshop vs. Isabel Marant

Just browsing Topshop, as you do, and came across their ARLENE Western Side Zip Boots (similar style here), now is it just me or are they a near spit of the hugely popular Isabel Marant Dicker boots that every other person in the fashwan world wears?

And to be completely honest I breezed straight past them, it was only because earlier today I was looking at a picture of Kate Bosworth wearing said Isabel Marant boots that I thought well I could just buy them for £62 instead of the £345 price tag the Dicker boots have.

But it just goes to show that we covet the brand and status not the actual design of the product itself, I don’t think I’d pick a pair of boots like this but if I had the money sitting there for me to buy the Dicker boots I probably wouldn’t hesitate. Well maybe if I considered I could buy a Mulberry bag with the money instead…

Topshop's boots on the left and new face of Topshop Kate Bosworth in the Dicker boots

Topshop’s boots on the left and, new face of Topshop, Kate Bosworth in the Dicker boots


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