Best Nail Tip EVER: Glitter polish removal

I’ve just been browsing nail art blogs and came across the best nail tip EVER.

Everyone hates taking glitter nail polish off, it’s like the hardest thing in the world and just takes forever using normal nail polish remover.

Well worry no longer, check out Pretty Purple Polish for the exact how to pictures, but basically instead of using your usual clear nail varnish base coat grab yourself a bottle of PVA glue and whack that on instead.

Paint it as your base coat and wait until it dries clear, put whatever glitter polish on you want and when you’re ready to take it off all you need is a small wooden stick (or probably just your other nails) and pick it off. The polish should just come off in one and there’s no longer a need to set aside three hours to try and remove your glitter for work!

That means all those glitter polishes you have can now be used for the festive season!!

Good luck with the tip, I need to get some PVA glue and then I’ll post my attempts over on my Nails Ahoy page!



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